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  1. In my opinion, you should grow your vft in bigger pots. They need place for roots and your growing conditions would be more stable in a bigger pot. You should also avoid black pots to keep the roots cool in summer.
  2. You should be careful ... It is well known that same characteristics can occur on different plants. There are many examples of this fact : Alien/Jaw Smiley, Coquillage/green wizard, Kinchyaku/cup trap, so many dentate forms, red forms which are nearly all the same ... Lucien is a well known VFT grower who has already created amazing and original clones. I don't beleive one second that he renamed plants created by others. So please take it easy and stop these childish things !
  3. Great ! Your plants are beautiful ! Congratulations ! Cephalotus are not so easy to grow and it's always a challenge, but when you have this kind of result, it's really rewarding ! :-)
  4. Thanks for the information ! And congratulations for this beautiful work !
  5. Thanks for thé information ! And congratulations for this beautiful work !
  6. Absolutely stunning ! Thank you very much ! Could you tell me how you proceed with the light during nights ? Do you let the lights on in your terrarium when you make a timelapse movie ? Thanks !
  7. It is right that 'Dents de requin' means 'Shark Teeth' in french, but are you really sure that it is really the same plants ? 'Dents de requin' is an old clone discovered by Jean-Jacques Labat and I don't know for Shark teeth. Many dionaea are or look the same and have different names, just because different person 'discovered' them ... They are many examples : sawtooth / dentata, alien / Jaw Smiley, cross teeth / degeneration ... There are so many examples ... And many 'clones' are just typical VFT ... The problem in my opinion is that too many people want to make money with dionaea and are r
  8. Beautiful pictures ! :-)
  9. Gorgeous ! I hope that one day I will find someone to get an Eden Black for me ... So many years that I'm looking for him ...
  10. Thanks for sharing ! Marvellous pictures and great report ! It's a real pleasure to read this ! I hope to see this place and plants from my own eyes one day ! Many thanks ! ;-)