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  1. First characteristic pitfalls
  2. Dionaea "LB Wire" New A selection Lucien B. And his little
  3. Pinguicula gypsicola
  4. lucien01700

    New dionaea

    LB Red dentate(New dionaea of the year 2018)
  5. lucien01700


    Hi Fabrizio Beautiful dionées bravo
  6. Hi Lee I use 50 peat, 30% perlite and 20 fine sand for capillarity
  7. Eden black (origine JJL) Big boy Dudley watt German giant Carnivore giant Eden black (origine JJL) Pascal giant Eden black bouture
  8. Giant clam Alien Erectus Bloody nurse Mutant 1343/1 Crackers WB4 Basmati 013 Carnivoria LB fused Red micro teeth Viridis
  9. Pompom: hoping that the seeds reproduce the pompoms Cheerlaeder
  10. Received all my plants.
    Good sizes and an extra dionaea.

    I highly recommend Lucien

  11. Hi

    Im interested in

    Angel wings and Red cup trap

    Are they awayable?

  12. Open trap, we can see the two colors
  13. The name of dionée "Camouflage" already existing, although the plant no longer exists I had to change the name of my dionée. She is now called "Chimère".
  14. I confirm, it could be a red mite attack. Look at the magnifying glass if small red dots are present on the petioles.