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  1. lucien01700

    Dionaea 'Lézard vert'

    It takes beautiful pinkish colors inside the traps in addition to the fused teeth and crestations on the petiole.
  2. lucien01700

    LB Gigantéa

    The traps measure 47mm
  3. lucien01700

    LB Gigantéa

    The new fashion is to put two letters before the name of the cultivar like FTS, or GJ or VC now there is LB. LB Gigantéa
  4. lucien01700

    Seed grown Dionaea

    Schöne Dionaea Tobias, schade, dass wir sie nicht bekommen können
  5. lucien01700

    Dionaea just bought, inappropriate/dangerous potm

    Transplanting into a larger pot is more than recommended, for two reasons Roots must be rinsed with rainwater, garden plants are full of fertilizer. The plant will benefit best in a pot or the roots do not soak in the water. A good substrate of peat and sand and or perlite will favor its growth. Now it's up to you!
  6. lucien01700

    'Crippled' Dionea

    Pyrestrine is very effective against aphids, I use a systemic product to prevent recurrence
  7. lucien01700

    'Crippled' Dionea

    It seems to be an attack of insects, aphids or mites
  8. lucien01700

    Dionaea "Chimère"

    Just to say that I tried a section of the rhizome to cut for breeding. I now have two "Chimera". The plant The cutting
  9. lucien01700

    Dionaea "Chimère"

    Who said she was not stable? I have not managed to reproduce but I do not despair. Many people died but they had a name, Herr Crocodile
  10. lucien01700

    Dionaea "Chimère"

    More and more beautiful Rhizome divisions do not seem to reproduce the plant, it is likely to be unique.
  11. lucien01700

    Dionaea 'Cheerlaeder'

    Cheerleader makes pompoms in spring and autumn
  12. lucien01700

    Dionaea 'Alternance'

    Dionaea 'Alternance'
  13. lucien01700

    some of my dionee

    Hello Fabrizio Beautiful plants, bravo
  14. lucien01700

    Dionaea leaves turn brown

    Red spider mites do not like water. If you do not have specific insectide spray the plants with rainwater. Lucien
  15. lucien01700

    Dionaea "Chimère"

    Open trap, we can see the two colors