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  1. Montecore Green phalanx Pompom Demogorgone Dambala
  2. Dionaea 'Blanche hermine' Dionaea "Naja"
  3. Bonjour,  as-tu une liste de prix pour les drosera que tu as en collection ?

    Merci :rolleyes:

    Hello, do you have a price list for the sundew that you have in collection?
    Thank you



  4. Hello Lewis Aurora borealis is not yet available Kind Regards Lucien
  5. Siema

    Nie masz jeszcze jakis fajnych roślinek ;) 





  6. Hello We must wait for spring, the plants are dormant Regards Lucien
  7. Cephalotus follicularis "Boot form" Its name is due to the curved shape of the pitcher, shaped like a boot Cephalotus which grew alone without input or external purchase. The pitcher is smaller than the cultivar 'Bananito', the central veneer is narrower.
  8. Hello Lee I still have one aurora borealis available Regards Lucien
  9. Do this before January 1 before the brexiters blockade.I might not take the risk of sending plants to UK
  10. The journey is too long, about a month for the USA