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  1. Received all my plants.
    Good sizes and an extra dionaea.

    I highly recommend Lucien

  2. lucien01700

    Dionaea "Chimère"

    Open trap, we can see the two colors
  3. lucien01700

    Dionaea "Chimère"

    The name of dionée "Camouflage" already existing, although the plant no longer exists I had to change the name of my dionée. She is now called "Chimère".
  4. lucien01700

    Dionaea leaves turn brown

    I confirm, it could be a red mite attack. Look at the magnifying glass if small red dots are present on the petioles.
  5. lucien01700

    Dionaea "Chimére"

    Hello I did not understand the meaning of your question.
  6. lucien01700

    Dionaea "Chimère"

    My Chimère takes a good turn. Alternation of green and white on petioles, leaves and traps. Chimère Ghost who starts to bleach
  7. lucien01700

    Seed grown Dionaea

    Tobias the best
  8. lucien01700

    Best time to re-plant

    You can plant by dividing now. Do not disturb the dionaea in dormancy. Regards Lucien
  9. lucien01700

    Dionaea "Chimére"

    The same
  10. lucien01700

    My Pinguicula gypsicola

    J'ajoute environ une pincée d'argile granulée pour un pot de 7x7. Du sable # 3 environ 4 pincées, et le reste du pot de sable rose concassé fin et moyen (désert de gypse, ou concrétion de calcaire)
  11. lucien01700

    My Pinguicula gypsicola

    Thank you Richard! My substrate is composed of sand N ° 3, peat, aqualite, granulated clay for the cuttings For the mother plant the substrate is composed of sand, sand cat litter and gypsum in the form of crushed "sand rose" Cuttings
  12. lucien01700

    My Pinguicula gypsicola

    Pied mère dans le gypse It changes green salads
  13. lucien01700

    Dionaea "Chimére"

    Mutation of an existing dionaea
  14. lucien01700

    Dionaea Feather Tooth

    I acquired some Stéfan plants, but I do not know this one.
  15. lucien01700

    Dionaea "Chimére"

    Hello all Plant resulting from a mutation of 'Blanche hermine'