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  1. Ciao Alfonso Hai un taglio? Distinti saluti Lucien
  2. Dove hai trovato questa Dionea? 😉
  3. Hi Peter Red microdent is the preliminary name of Red micro teeth, it does not exist With Microdent I created Red microteeth thee, Diable rouge, then Red micro teeth giant, and Chicot, and the last LB Wire (Red cup trap erected) I attach the photos
  4. Dionaea Pink panther (Half of 2018)
  5. Caro Jasmine Non disponibile ad oggi. Lucien
  6. Hello everyone LB T-rex nain LB Petit papillon LB Red dentate pygmy
  7. Hello I have Aurora borealis without the white traps, only one with the white traps is my mother plant. And yes I ship to Italy
  8. Red cup trap is a dionaea selected by German Stefan Lenßen Galaxy is a dionaea discovered in the stock of a Dutch garden center by the Dutchman Gert from Araflora.
  9. I have had this plant for 3 years and no white traps have appeared.
  10. Hello Lee I have a White tiger Venus flytrap, but it is not stable.
  11. Although in full sun and cold this cephalotus remains green.
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