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  1. Hi, I'm interested in the Dionea Blanche Hermine and Chimère and they told me I could ask you, do you have?

  2. It may be seasonal
  3. Hello Carboni ardenti Petit papillon LB Naja Demogorgone Sinusoïdea x012A Damballa
  4. Nessun cefaloto disponibile
  5. Hai messo troppa perlite nel tuo substrato
  6. this cephalotus is dead, no more ambiguity
  7. Montecore Green phalanx Pompom Demogorgone Dambala
  8. Dionaea 'Blanche hermine' Dionaea "Naja"
  9. Bonjour,  as-tu une liste de prix pour les drosera que tu as en collection ?

    Merci :rolleyes:

    Hello, do you have a price list for the sundew that you have in collection?
    Thank you



  10. Hello Lewis Aurora borealis is not yet available Kind Regards Lucien
  11. Siema

    Nie masz jeszcze jakis fajnych roślinek ;) 





  12. Hello We must wait for spring, the plants are dormant Regards Lucien