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  2. Welcome Mel, You are now past the point of no return !!!
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  4. Hi Mel, welcome to the forums I hope you will enjoy your time here and find plenty of useful information. "collection expanding rapidly" yes heard that a few times before
  5. Hi all, My name is Mel, I have just joined CPUK. and I am some looking forward to learning from you all. I live in Dorset and I have a small collection and this is expanding rapidly. Look forward to talking and learning from like minded folk.
  6. Hi Gaz, The good news is that the grow table and lid arrived today, the bad news, its pouring with rain. You have given me something to think about re water levels.Hopefully I will get time at the weekend, to sort something out. I will of course post some pics once I have sorted it.
  7. Hi Aldad, it sounds like you have a plan and it's always good to experiment and find what works best in your own conditions. Would you be able to tell what level the water is in the mix? You could rig up some kind of level tube or syphon perhaps, or just poke a finger in but it would be good to know to what level the water comes as VFTs aren't usually grown totally flooded. So, in that case your lid will come in handy when it's chucking it down with rain for days on end. Other growers do grow them outside all year round and I believe they have good results but I don't have much experience of that. You might need to get some advice from them as some plants will survive happily outdoors in our climate for years but they may not necessarily thrive. At least outdoors you can be sure they will get their dormancy. Good luck and post some photos with your final setup.
  8. Hi Gaz, yeah I have trays which would work. I was intending to keep the VFTs outside all year. I could seal the drainage holes and top the whole thing up with peat/vermiculite as I have a good supply. Although if you think that gravel trays would be a better option, I will try that. The unit does have a clear perspex lid, which I thought could be used in place as a cold frame.
  9. It states on the website that it has drainage holes which could be a problem as your medium will dry out. Do you have anything you could put gravel trays on then just put an inch or so of (rain/distilled/RO) water in to stand your VFT pots in?
  10. hi Aldad, welcome to the forums. Sounds like you're getting quite a collection there. Post some pictures when you have time. I hope you find your time on here informative and enjoyable.
  11. Hi all, I'm from Lancashire and am fairly new to growing Carnivorous Plants, coming to them quite late in my life in my 60s. Apart from the usual VFT as a kid, I have very little experience of growing these amazing plants. About 2 years ago I bought my first sarracenia from a plant nursery in Norfolk, I was hooked. I was fortunate to visit where I purchased several sarracenia, VFT, Drosera, which I planted outside, thankfully these came through the Winter. I have added to my collection by purchasing more sarracenia, VFT, Drosera, as well as a Nepenthes Ventrata, 3 tropical Pinguicula (kept in my shower room), 1 Pinguicula Grandiflora, and several urtricularia. You could say I have got the bug. Hopefully I will learn more about the various CPs from you guys. I am hoping to purchase VFT DCXL and B52 of course.
  12. Hi I am new to growing CPs and need help/advice please. I do not have a greenhouse yet, so am growing VFTs outside in NW England. Currently in pots of 50/50 peat/perlite. I am considering purchasing an Elho Grow Table and Cover. Would it be ok to fill the grow table up with growing medium and plant VFT directly into this? Any help/info/advice please.
  13. Hi. Yes putting a bit of water in nepenthes pitchers can help shipped plants settle down. Neps are not fussy and almost any plant feed is good at half strength. Standing in a bit of water is ok occasionally If you are away. Or try a tray of sand, stand on that and water sand well to the point of water logging , should last a while
  14. Propag8

    Hi everyone

    I've already sourced purple ambush using this site and it's on it's way. Awesome.
  15. Hi For obvious reasons I had to cancel my usual June open day here in Paignton. Together with the cancellation of my usual half a dozen garden club talks and the cancellation of this years RHS shows I am feeling very deprived of the opportunity to talk CPs and meet other CP enthusiasts. So what I thought I’d do is to have an open garden for the next three months so if you would like to drop in during this period you would be very welcome. I have 3 greenhouses, cold frames and mini bogs all stuffed with CPs. I have lots of plants available for sale at bargain prices or for swap. You will have to maintain social distancing so I will have to limit numbers on each day. Please contact by PM or email to [email protected] if you would like to come. Dennis
  16. Hi propag8 and welcome to the forums. I'm sure that there will be members here who can assist with your quest. Cheers Steve
  17. Hello, my female lowii x ventricosa is flowering soon. When you have a flowering male or stored pollen -please PM me with photos of your plant. The resulting seeds are split 50/50. My favourite mate for my plant would be a N. campanulata or something with teeth (hamata, edwardsiana, villosa or macrophylla) The flowering plant is hanging at my window and does not has any pitchers on it, but i own this clone multiple times (with pitchers) . Next are some photos of the flower and some upper and lower pitchers. N. lowii x ventricosa female flower N. lowii x ventricosa lower pitcher N. lowii x ventricosa upper pitcher greetings, Jeremiah H.
  18. Yes, you can cut everything brown
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  20. If all of my leaves are dead, should I cut them all off?
  21. One way you could reuse your CP mix could be if you were growing epiphytic cacti or succulents I suppose
  22. Open up a pitcher filled with insects and you'll find it's very wet in there.
  23. I always save my old cacti and succulent mix when repotting. In the past, when I have a bag full, I've then sieved it to separate the grit etc which I then reused. The fine stuff was either spread on the garden or donated to the chickens to use as a dust-bath. This year, due to the lockdown, I simply added more loam based compost to the bag of stuff that came out of the old pots, mixed and reused. I wouldn't consider my old CP mix to be much use for any of my succulents as it would be too water retentive. My non-organic Ping mix should be OK unless it had added lime. I don't generally add fertiliser directly to my cacti & succulent mix pre-potting but, instead, fertilise when watering (at the appropriate intervals)
  24. I have just started some seeds. Fingers crossed
  25. I have been wondering if I can reuse soil for my succulents. Seems to be that as long as I add some cacti and succulent fertiliser to it, should be ok to re use. Also seems to me that I could use my old carnivorous plant mix for succulents if I add fertiliser. Can anyone tell me if I'm correct?
  26. Hi all, is there a confirmation about this quoted post? I don't think that it's always true. Actually I've a drosera pulchella with two floral stems: one has a flower with four stigma and the second one with three stigma.
  27. No apology needed, we're all just trying to help the OP with his plant problem
  28. My mistake - sorry! I've used it on sundews before with no problems, but not worth taking the chance if it could cause problems. Provado is usually my first choice.
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