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  3. Picavorus

    How many water butts?

    I’ve 1 x IBC, 4 x 200l waterbutts, and 3 x 150l bins, plus 12 x 25l drums that I can store water in, and still ran out this summer
  4. With winter coming I'm going to be moving my VFT out from my windowsill tank (a recent purchase to protect my n. x Bill Bailey and cephalotus from drafts and radiator heat over winter) and into my cold frame over winter. This means there's going to be a space in the windowsill tank which needs filling! I'm lately really quite into nepenthes robcantleyi and the amazing hybrid with n densiflora has really caught my eye. Any thoughts on whether this could be suitable for life on a windowsill? For reference, day temps in the tank have been 30c in the recent coolish but very sunny weather we've been having. I haven't yet measured night temps but the tank is kept next to a window which is usually somewhat open to keep airflow going. Thanks for reading!
  5. So I'm using Robert Sacilotto's famous "Summary of Measured Tolerances" as a guide to correctly germinating some Nepenthes seeds. I have two trays of peat (NZ LFS type) with seeds resting on top, and today is my first day exchanging the water with fresh water after the first week following sowing. I was rinsing my germination trays with distilled water (pH 7, EC 2, TDS 1), and measuring the conditions of what drained out. My peat rinsewater has the ideal pH of 4.8, but my EC reading is 30. I understand we want that below 25 for the best Nepenthes conditions. Does anyone agree, or, for seed germination, is an EC of 30 from drained peat water acceptable? It's probably logical to assume that the EC reading is the same, or possibly higher, in the actual germination medium. Update: Additional rinsing brought the EC down to 12-16. My instincts tell me I have salts in my LFS that are leaching out slowly. I'll just have to rinse more frequently to keep the salt from killing the seeds. Hope my mini-experience is helpful to others :)
  6. Last week
  7. PS I have three (2 big, one a bit smaller, can't remember the litres) for a 13 x 8 g/h plus lots of CPs outside. No where like enough this year so my RO was running overtime. Previous I've JUST managed - saved by a storm.
  8. You'll always have one less than you actually need!
  9. Chimaera

    advice on making a sink minibog

    Thanks for that; good idea.
  10. Blocky71

    advice on making a sink minibog Could you buy or make something along these lines making your sink movable?. The extra height would also allow you the bottom drainage
  11. bilou68

    Pogonia ophioglossoides

    PM sent
  12. Chimaera

    advice on making a sink minibog

    I have an old Belfast sink that I want to make into a minibog. It previously had herbs in it and never did well because I could not get the drainage good enough so those have gone. A couple of questions though: Siting. It is super heavy and has to go on a paved surface and the only places available have different shade issues. One has only got full sun from 11.30 till dusk at any time of year, the other (which I prefer) has sun for much of the day in Summer, but from Nov-Feb when the sun is low has no sun due to shadow of a fence. Are either of these OK? I assume the latter is better because the shade period is during dormancy. Drainage. I am not able to attach drainage to the drain outlet as I cannot raise it up; there is an overflow but that is high ups one side. Can I avoid bottom water getting stagnant by watering (in Summer at least) through a pipe that leads down into a sand layer at the base of the compost, so putting oxygenated water into the bottom and hopefully pushing stagnant water up and out. Species. I am planning on S. flava, purpurea, and their hybrids at the back and a range of small some cool climate Drosera, P. grandiflora and maybe a wild-type VFT or 2 at the front. I would like to put in a Darlingtonia (that sytuggled in the heat off the greenhouse) but could that get too invasive. Thanks Charlie
  13. Koen C.

    My Sphagnum

    Time to update: My collection is still growing and I made some pictures today from my older plants and added their names under the picture. You can find them on this link and navigate with the arrow to find my other pictures (about 20). There are some really interesting species, like S. cuspidatum growing really wet in nature, some species that can handle higher pH values than others, some that can cope with shadow better, and some that grow really compactly and handle droughts better. Feel free to ask questions. Best regards and have a nice day!
  14. Plantsman89

    How many water butts?

    Have have one 1000L IBC tank and three 210L butts on my 12x6. I still needed to use an RO system this summer. To be honest get as many as you have room for, you can never have too many.
  15. How many water butts does everybody have? I've got a 20 x 8 feet greenhouse going up and just need a rough idea how many butts I'll need to buy!
  16. I know coco coir and tree bark are both used in certain CP mixes - just wondering if anyone has tried any sort of nutshells at all? I have a rather large stash of walnuts at the moment, so I'm wondering if they could potentially be used to create an airy substrate. Maybe as part of a nep mix.
  17. Blocky71

    Heat or no heat?

    I lost my whole collection of cephs in February this year, two nights of minus 11 did the damage. They were outside but under cover. I was hoping for them to recover but alas, nothing this far... Apart from the cephs I've only had a couple of young vft's croak on me over winter. The Sarras have sustained no casualties, even the neglected waterlogged ones outside with no shelter. I'd love a nice green house but can't have one due to my already small garden. If I was to buy a greenhouse I'd choose the higher eve version as they house the taller Sarras better and you have less stooping when in there admiring your beasts. In conclusion I'd agree that having the option to heat it / or a section of it would be a good call.
  18. The greenhouse is now up with my meagre collection of plants in it. Plenty of room for loads more! I think a 2kW fan heater would give me peace of mind that nothing will get too cold over winter. Plus it will act as a fan without heat if needed during summer. This one looks good. Guy
  19. Hey guys, Was bulking up my nepenthes collection and looking for some specific species unavailable currently in the UK (having already ordered and had a great experience with Matt over at Hantsflytrap). Turning to the EU, I decided to try a few smaller suppliers in addition to Andrea Wistuba and Roraima. I found, run by Michal Parvanov. So I sent an email asking about delivery to the UK, availability, etc. To my surprise, he was very responsive, fluent in English, and I felt he was rather helpful with shipping arrangements - even threw in a freebie (Genlisea Flexuosa). I'll have to drop by his nursery for a visit if I go to Slovakia! Anyhow, the plants arrived quickly, sent bare root (+sphagnum) as standard. The leaves looked healthy with traps present on the plant, and a good tangle of roots on all of them. I often find that if the sphagnum ball itself being live a good sign of good conditions at nursery. I've attached a couple photos for reference: After unwrapping from box/bubble-wrap: A young tentaculata (BE-3192, Murud Sarawak), starting to show some of the ovular openings expected in latter life. A burkei (BE-3254) with two growth points present. And finally the young Genlisea Flexuosa - this is a first for me, so will be looking into cultivation tips. For the time being, it's going into my lowland tank. Cheers all, and happy weekend! P.S. I was looking for N. Ramispina - unfortunately he'd just sold out! Don't suppose anyone has any idea if there are any suppliers for it?
  20. Ryan0988

    Sprouts or mold

    I got these sarracenia seeds a couple of months ago on. None have shown signs of growth expected two which have white nuds. I have tried multiple times to grow sarracenia seeds in the past and seen growth like this beforehand but they never really did anything. I was wondering if this is mold or have the seeds sprouted
  21. Fabrice Reolon

    A sea of flowers: branched B. filifolia.

    ouchhh congratulation for this baby !!!!
  22. N-A


    Thank you! The biggest flower in Pinguicula I have has it!
  23. carambola

    A sea of flowers: branched B. filifolia.

    Marvellous! How old is it?
  24. carambola

    Stylidium debile dormancy?

    I fear that it's giving up the ghost, especially considering it's so small still. Stylidium grow in parts of Australia where it's fairly warm and doesn't really get cold. I've read that, by and large, they can survive temperatures down to -10C (not sure what that would be in F), but you should understand 'survive' the way you would in "humans can survive for two weeks without food": you/it probably won't die, but you/it will be in terrible shape, and this is only taking into account fully mature and healthy humans/plants. Stylidium debile (and many other Stylidium) luckily grows like a weed, so if this one doesn't make it, you can get a new one (from a cutting, or even from seed) and try again.
  25. Richard Bunn

    Stylidium debile dormancy?

    Mine stays in the unheated part of the greenhouse all year round.
  26. My boyfriend is keeping this near a window that he keeps open during the night. We live in New England where it's getting cold. I'm worried it's getting too cold during the night and it's dying, he thinks it's going into dormancy and it's fine. Anyone know? Please solve our debate! (Awful picture I know, but the leaves look dry and are a light brown) Thank you!
  27. Siggi_Hartmeyer

    A sea of flowers: branched B. filifolia.

    Our large branched B. filifolia provides a sea of flowers.
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