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  2. @Tropfrog Ah, that makes sense. Thank you.
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  4. In november in uk I am not sure it will produce dew without artificial light. Come spring I am sure it will. Br Magnus
  5. ada

    rare cultivar?

    I know Alexis, kids are off school all over the world
  6. Here's how the plant looks today. Much healthier in terms of growth, but there's no fly-catching-stickiness!
  7. Thank you. I'll do a bit more research, I'm lucky enough to have some time before committing. Mark
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  9. I just had the plant for 6 weeks. So maybe the blooming was triggered by the conditions in transit? Anyway. It is in a seed tray with clear plastic lid. Like those ones sold for young seedlings. It sits in a few mm of water. So proboably high humidity and stagnant air. It is placed in my basement where this time of the year is 15-16 degrees. The old t5 aquarium light used proboably raise it a few degrees during the day. This is just a temporary setup as I am building a rack with 4 terrariums with better light right now. Today the flower looked like it was ready so I tried to s
  10. What about the coconut coir that comes with the unit? Is it safe for use with carnivorous plants? Some of the advice I've read on coconut coir indicates that it should be leeched in rainwater for a couple weeks before using with carnivores! I don't know if this is really needed though. Has anyone used it with their biorb for carnivores?
  11. Hello averyone. After several years i’d like to share my experience with Nepenthes indoor. If your winter is cold like mine is (i live in north Italy and here isn’t rare to reach -10 celsius or less) i’ll hope my little tutorial could be helpfull :) Every october i need to move my plants indoor, years ago it was easy with few plants but it was more difficult every year and right now i have lots of plants and i decided to buy a little greenhouse and turn it into a GIANT growbox. soooo first... you need space! i bought a 2,5 x 2,5 m esagonal greenhouse that costs like 80€
  12. Lovely! How are you keeping it? Temperature, light etc. Guy
  13. Hello I have done a few grow tanks before using reflective from my local hardware store. It allways comes with a sticky surface and is applied with water with a little soap in. This time I got real mylar foil. There are no sticky surface. So how do i attach it to glass for an even and smooth surface? Are there any recomended glue? Br Magnus
  14. Guy


    The pygmy sundews in the greenhouse are all forming tiny gemmae. And I mean tiny!! Can they be left to do their own thing, or will the gemmae need removing and planting? Thanks. Guy
  15. Lucky you! In my country the polycarbonate are more expensive than glass. I use polycarbonate anyway. It is far superior in my climate because it hold the heat of the day longer into the night. The greenhouse is built primarily for food in summer and for overwintering less hardy plants in winter. My sarracenias is still seedlings and I dont have anything to compare yet. But I am quite sure it is beneficial to them. Br Magnus
  16. Hi All, I'm looking into getting a greenhouse and have found that polycarbonate is a great deal cheaper than glass. My only concerns are what effect it has on sarracenia, and does it fade to a less clear state,causing it to allow less light. Would I be better off going traditional and having glass? Mark.
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  18. They all come from different places, say within 50 kms, so there is variation in the appearance of the habitats. I'll go through photos and see what I can find.
  19. Hello i want buy gemmae from D. Citrina and other Pygmy. Thanks Guiggui
  20. Maybe not for me to answer. But in uk something like 80% of the population is in 8. Most of the others in 7 except for very few in 6. If you are in 8, I am sure you can take advises from anyone in uk. I am in 7. So far I have only overwintered sarrs hybrid seedlings in unheated greenhouse. Which would correspond to 8. No problems. Br Magnus
  21. Hi, @Steven68 I think in the JD william catalog. I noticed since the quarantine started many are now gardening.
  22. Hi, how are you ? :)  how much fulva you have for sale please? kind regards

    1. Petr


      Hello, 4 plants


    2. Petr


      I am fine, thanks.

  23. Could I use a big undrained concrete trough as a bog garden? If I can, the only problem would be where to put it and how to move it. I live in Texas, so should I put it in full sun? I’m afraid the sun will literally incinerate them.
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