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  2. I tried to google more info on this to no avail, so I figured it's best to ask. I purchased two Sarracenias from a nursery and one, Sarracenia minor var. okefenokeensis, arrived with all the leaves chopped off, leaving just three 5cm stumps. The other, a leucophylla hybrid, arrived with all the growth chopped off entirely down to the soil level and just one new pitcher - but it was damaged in shipping and the pitcher was near-detached at the bottom, leaving this second sarracenia without any growth as well. I received them a month ago and there are no signs of new growth sprouting, while all my other sarracenias (5 of them) are happily growing around these. My reasoning is that plants need leaves for photosynthesis, and without any growth, I suppose that they will get there, but it will take a long time, especially given that they do not intake nutrients from the soil. Am I worried over nothing? Is it normal for nurseries to chop down Sarracenias so much for hibernation, or should I avoid this one in the future when purchasing Sarracenias?
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  4. Glad to hear your seed germinated. Not that difficult really once you know the technique. Good luck with the new plants.
  5. Mine was doing well until I had to move house last september and it got a bit of a rough ride from which it didn't recover. I've got some new ones started off from seed so hopefully a bit of better luck this time
  6. Hi and welcome to the forum, even if a little late 😉
  7. Awful title just wanted to say hi. Feel free to talk to me for any reason Apparently I registered years ago! In this mail but never posted? I actually was a member here when I was very young, but I don't remember my username from back then. Hope to grow plants again. So here I am, will be lurking?
  8. Usually I catch a whiff now and then but on warm humid days I notice they smell stronger. It is also not always pleasant when many insects are trapped, there's a slight smell of decay mixed in with the honey.
  9. Looks great! I bet they smell nice
  10. Bad news for the neighbourhood insects but my plan for a drosophyllum garden has been very successful. Amazing to see how the seedlings have progressed. Every media type I have tried (with/without peat) has worked but I still feel like pure mineral media has worked better. The only problem with pure mineral media is that they need watering more often (especially in clay pots, almost daily) so they do waste more water. Something to consider as water becomes more valuable every day... proud mom of all the seedlings seen here seedlings in pure mineral media pure mineral media again with mommy plant in the back
  11. Thanks for the advice, I will do the same. It's a relief to hear that this is not necessarily a death blow. Hopefully the Ceph will end up thriving in the new environment after a while 🤞
  12. Hi folks Apologies, this is my error - I hadn't realised that you wouldn't be able to reply to the announcement and although I'd watched that post for replies, I missed the new thread here. Thanks for your suggestions also, we will definitely take these into account before deciding on any next steps. Best Dave
  13. Cephalotus don't like root disturbance and it is quite typical for the pitchers to go soft and to lose some. Personally, when I repot a Cephalotus which has had significant root disturbance, I increase the humidity by placing a bag with a few ventilation holes over the pot. This way the pitchers stay hydrated whilst the roots reestablish.
  14. Hi all, I have a problem with my brand new Cephalotus that I'd appreciate some guidance on. It arrived completely rattled, the clump was separated from the soil, some small pitchers were ripped off, and the soil from the pot was spilled all over the packaging. Despite the trauma, the clump still looked healthy so I rinsed off the soil that was all over the clump with distilled water and then I repotted it. I tried not to push the pitchers or leaves while covering the roots with the soil. However, I soon noticed that the lids drooped entirely, and three days on, there is no visible improvement. Now I'm concerned about the current condition and I'm not sure what I can do to save the plant. Any guidance from more seasoned folks will be greatly appreciated!
  15. Monitoring Venus Flytraps in Florida: Amazing 1-year timelapse About 1500 km south of their native habitats in the Carolinas, Venus flytraps (Dionaea muscipula), propagated from seeds, find a comparable environment in open long leaf pine forest on the property of Bill Scholl in northern Florida. Originally, they relied on occasional wildfires that remove not only dry undergrowth but also the wiregrass that often grows over them. Presently, on Bill’s property, they benefit from controlled burns done by Bill and his burn team to manage the habitat. ften only the parts of the Venus flytraps near the surface are killed by the fire so they quickly resprout in areas cleared of overgrowth, although, where wiregrass is abundant it rapidly grows over the flytraps. In the summer, tropical storms and hurricanes are common with heavy rains that temporally inundate the Venus flytraps. A controlled burn was done on the forest surrounding the Venus flytraps in this timelapse in April, the effects of which can easily be seen in this amazing timelapse over the complete year of 2022. We (Irmgard and myself) edited and produced this film in collaboration with Dr. Stephen Williams (USA), who assembled the timelapse sequences from daily photos taken by a stationary wildlife camera, and Bill Scholl, who did the video monitoring on his property.
  16. H. tatei (Duida) x folliculata (Aparaman) H. spec. Angasima H. folliculata
  17. Yes, don't place it in a tray constantly filled with water. If you want to use peat I'd increase the perlite amount and also use a taller pot.
  18. Without beeing an expert the answer is obvious to me. If it is caused by too wet substrate the solution is to keep it less wet.
  19. How could I solve it? Regards.
  20. These plants are from the seedlings I sold last March and are now flowering. Anyone else had success with these seedlings?
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  22. Root issues most probably, looks too wet.
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