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  2. It is introduced according to this: "Drosera filiformis is disjunct in the outer Coastal Plain, from Nova Scotia and Connecticut to Maryland, southeastern North Carolina, and Bay and Washington counties, Florida. The species has been reported from South Carolina, but no specimens from there have been seen. It is introduced in Caroline County, Virginia, and Preston County, West Virginia, and possibly other localities peripheral to its range."
  3. Hi Eric, are you sure, that there are no natural populations of D. filiformis in Virginia? Christian
  4. Hello, from that list only D. capillaris x intermedia tends to go dormant in winter (and should be kept cold during that time). D. affinis is a tropical species and does best if kept warm year round. D. slackii is from South Africa where winters get cold, but in most cases without freezing temperatures. The just stop growing in winter. D. burmanii is an annual, but if you keep it very warm with a lot of light it will continue to grow. The only one that can withstand (a bit) frost from that list is D. capillaris x intermedia. Christian
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  6. Hello friends , i'm looking for buy Maxsea in EU/Spain But only available in usa and shipping are terrible expensive do you know any website for buy in eu a normal price? thanks you!
  7. Mark G


    Hi everyone, I've just joined the group. My main interests are Nepenthes and Sarracenias and I also have some Dionaea. Neps are doing well on a windowsill with an overhead full spectrum led growlight and I've got several Sarras (species and hybrids) plus a few trays of seeds just sown in an unheated greenhouse. Garage full of moss peat and perlite and plenty of sphagnum in wet trays in the garage. I imagine that's all very familiar! I've read Peter D'Amato's book cover to cover over lockdown and have got quite hooked on CPs. Very very interested to sow some Nep seeds, so looking
  8. Annette

    Green Aphids

    My Drosera Alicae is covered in green aphids and it is looking quite dull, I would like to know what is the best insecticide for this plant and how to apply it
  9. It’s been rectified today. It was just mobile device browsers. But we want everyone to be able to access the site properly.
  10. I'll be interested in how you get on as my other half wants the bungalow roof done but I've dug me heals in... how long would you run it for? I do have a water but on the greenhouse and the pending new potting shed coming next month.
  11. Benzalkonium chloride is a common disinfectant and I’ve used it to disinfect pots. I would want to let it run for quite a while before using the water though
  12. Dear friends, can you give me your contact information? I'd like to order some clones from you
  13. Tropfrog


    Mobile Phone on Android here. Switching to desktop mode will make the messages visible.
  14. Hello, I have asked the company about it but not had a response. The website for one of the cleaners/biocide they say is used has a COSSH sheet - here is a snippet from it: Hazardous ingredients: QUATERNARY AMMONIUM COMPOUNDS, BENZYL-C8-18-ALKYLDIMETHYL, CHLORIDES EINECS CAS PBT / WEL CLP Classification Percent 264-151-6 63449-41-2 - Acute Tox. 4: H312; Acute Tox. 4: H302; Skin Corr. 1B: H314; Aquatic Acute 1: H400 1-10% Persistence and degradability: Biodegradable. Bioaccumulative potential: No bioaccumulation potential. Mobility: Read
  15. RobH


    - May I suggest you ask whether the problem occurs with a web browser or with a mobile phone. I have no problems accessing the forum through a desktop PC and web browser - Chrome while I believe some people have reported the problem when using a mobile phone to access the forum Kind regards, Rob
  16. I've asked for that to be looked into by our web developer. Hopefully he'll be able to sort it, as I agree it's a pain in the butt.
  17. I'd like to welcome Marcel van den Broek to the moderating staff of CPUK Forum. Marcel is eagle eyed for spammers and I'm sure he'll do a great job helping to keep things clean and tidy. Thank you for your service, @Marcel van den Broek
  18. Hi @ada and everyone who posted here. I've literally only just noticed this. I'm going to rectify that by setting a notification up for me when someone posts in this particular part of the forum. My inbox is always open, too.
  19. Richard Bunn


    I'll sort that out. Somehow. LOL. I'll add it to my to-do list.
  20. You are right it happens only on my phone not on the desktop or desktop mode. Many Thanks Max
  21. Hi All, Newbie here with some photos etc of my S.Asbo from Southwest CP last year. I wanted one for ages and took the plunge, I wasn't disappointed at all, even though it cost me £50.00. I hope you like the photos as it seems (from my googleing) that there is little information out there on these.. (7) 'Sarracenia Asbo' Trumpet Pitcher Plant - YouTube (7) Sarracenia Asbo unboxing - YouTube Enjoy. Regards, Chris Staffordshire, UK.
  22. Alexis


    We can barely ship anything in or out of the UK now, let alone plants which require photosanitary certificates!
  23. Hello friends i'm testing indoor whit this setup Led: Timer: i'm make 12h Light on and 12h Light off the seeds are 3 Droseras and 2 VFT and y add 1
  24. It has been like that on my phone for a long time. Workaround: go to the three dots up to the right on your screen. That is settings for your browser. Switch to desktop mode and you can access your messages. When you are done you can switch back.
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