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  2. Hi Hypno and welcome back!
  3. I also had to face these beasts last month. We'll have to put a grate on the balcony and block the stairs leading to the attic.
  4. Bonjour,  as-tu une liste de prix pour les drosera que tu as en collection ?

    Merci :rolleyes:

    Hello, do you have a price list for the sundew that you have in collection?
    Thank you



  5. hello, I would like to buy the following carnivorous plants.

    Drosera cuneifolia M - 5 €

    Drosera madagascariensis M - 4 €

    Drosera regia M - 8 €

    Drosera adelae  x 2   L - 4 €

    Drosera anglica {Slovakia} L - 5 €

    Drosera x 'Hybrida'  M - 4 €

    I thank you


    sorry for the translation, i don't speak english.
    1. Marek Delincak

      Marek Delincak



      thank you very much for your order. In one day I received 35 orders so it will take some time to process it.  I'm going to process it in order how it came and let you know the availability. Once I get to your order I will write you what is reserved for you and we will agree on payment and shipment.


      Thanks for being patient.



    2. Aquila


      35 orders !!!!
      you are very popular.
      okay. I'll wait.
      Thank you for your answer.
  6. Last week
  7. I have a large pot with a bunch of sarracenia alatas. After this winter I see that they don't look very healthy at all and look very brown'ish. When taking off old leaves it was dark brown instead of white. Also the new sprouts from the crown (3. pic) look like they died off. The summer was extreely dry and was followed by a very rainy but mild winter but near the end of the winter there were sudden freeze drops of -10°C and +26°C two weeks later and then again -7°C night freezes. Might these severe weather changes have killed off the plants? The other sarracenias (purpurea, flava) i
  8. Froideville près de Lausanne. Non je ne connais pas ! C'est quoi son nom?
  9. et tu viens d'où? malheureusement pas de réunion suisse cette année... à propos, tu connais le groupe suisse sur FB? Olivier (La Chaux-de-Fonds)
  10. Salut Olivier, oui romand On est bien deux Vince différents
  11. Salut Vince, es-tu romand? Il y a déjà un "Vince" sur des forums FB. Vincent Fiechter à tout hasard ;-) Bienvenue sur cpuk! Olivier
  12. hypno

    Not new

    Hi everybody. Not new to this forum but not been here for years. After a long illness and having to give up my growing I am now starting from new. Been given some sundew seeds so that is a start. Very happy to be back here.
  13. Hi Vince and welcome. Hope you've got some spare space you're going to need it these plants get very addictive. Cheers Steve
  14. Hi everybody, I have been reading this forum for months. I have learned a lot and I'm looking to discover more about those plants. Initially I'm passionate about cactus but I I have a bunch of Sarracenia and Drosera. I'm currently searching some cold hardy Droseras to add to my small collection. Have a good day and thanks for all the sharings. Vince
  15. No the best photograph, but tries my best... 2 different varieties of darling I managed to save after my f... neighboor used phytosanitary products on them...
  16. Hi everyone. As a Ceph. lover I'm looking for some distinctive cultivars (really interested in Hummer's Giant, Elizabeth, Squad, Bananito, OG Black, Eden Black or Round leaf Big Daddy). I live in Spain, where no one seems to have/sell registered cultivars. I have a nice but non registered Ceph. commercially called 'Cappuccino' that is a really vigorous plant, reaching adult sized tramps in less than a year from leaf cuttings. If anyone here is willing to sell/swap some plants, please let me know. Thanks in advance :) Some pictures. Enjoy :) (The bigger one is Ceph. 'C
  17. hi Alexandre, welcome to the forum/ You have a nice setup there on the balcony.
  18. I haven't had a lot of luck with P primuliflora in the past but the ones have now are doing slightly better being kept very wet. Potted in peat/perlite (1:1) like yours with a topping of live sphagnum in which the plants are sat. Pots are in a tray with about an inch of rain water. Also they are not in direct sunlight. Mine are tiny compared to yours and just starting to put out new leaves. Looking at the grow point on yours it may be salvageable. Hope it will survive. PS welcome to the forum!
  19. My Pinguicula primuflora seems to be dying. I got it yesterday and it came in spaghnum moss and some Styrofoam pieces. I kept it that way and put it under my grow light. However this morning, the leafs looked really limp and after doing some research, I quickly reported it in 1 part peat and perlite. Is there a way I can revive this plant?
  20. no longer exist.. I picked up the last few dionaea Jeroen had a while ago.
  21. I've seen interesting cultivars from the growlist as posted in the site but I haven't got any reply yet thru email. I wonder if they are operational? Saw in their fb page last post was couple of years ago
  22. Thanks ! The best is yet to come !
  23. AllanC


    So suitable for pitchers ? And yes its tapwater
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