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  2. Personally i never reuse my old mix due to the fact it breaks down over time, which means it loses it properties that it was originally intended for e.g. You have sphagnum and perlite mixed together the sphagnum breaks down and is no longer has good airflow around the roots. Ben
  3. Hello I am wondering what you think of my method to restore old potting mix for carnivorous plants that was mixed maybe 2 or 3 years ago or if you know of a better and more simpler way? I have been using half sphagnum based TEEM peat and half perlite for Sarracenia. I am thinking of removing moss and old roots in the pots and pouring the mix from them into a polystyrene box with holes in the bottom. I could put the box on top of another box of old mix. Above them, I could put another empty box with holes in the bottom so water entering it would be spread evenly over the boxes below. I could then put the set up under a down pipe connected to the roof gutter to flush the old mix with rain water. This could leach and clean the mix of some of the salts. However, I wonder how effective this would be as I heard that many of the salts are chemically bonded in the old soil. After a good few rainy days, I could then put the potting mix in some black garbage bags and spread it so it is only about 4 inches or 100mm high. This would be placed in full sun for a few weeks and the bags sealed in order to solarize the mix to sterilize it and kill any bacteria that could be present because some of the plants in the old potting mix died. Could this possibly work well to restore the mix so it would be almost as good for the plants as newly mixed peat and perlite? Do you know of a better or more easy way to do it? Do you normally reuse you old mix and if so, what do you do to restore it? It could be worth looking into ways of restoring old mix because it is expensive to mix and buy and also not good to take peat from the environment. Regards Richard.
  4. Another project with heliamphoras. 90 X 50 X 60 Armored glass (to protect from heat and theft XD XD XD)
  5. Here are two pictures of the dew close up.
  6. Last week
  7. I can,t see any red in the leaves or dewy glands,so it looks like an alba to me,they are very common and cheap.they arrive in most collections as hitch hikers,posting doesn't, t do drosera,s any favours either,it,ll pick up soon
  8. Well i got this off Amazon and I regret it now. I'm unsure if it's an alba or a standard drosera capensis, as it's got plenty of dew but is white. Having said that there is some colour but in not sure if that's to do with the sun we have been having.
  9. Thank you! Though I am beginning to run out of space in the greenhouse
  10. Here are some of my crossings, I would do others of better quality ;) 1- 2- 3- 4-
  11. That's a nice varied collection you have.
  12. Hi all, I have some updates on my collection, I have got some more plants since I last posted so I thought I would share some of them I have also created my own filing system. SL12 Paradise Bay, FL (L16 MK) (this is from carniplantes74 aka Greg on the forum and it is a beautiful and healthy plant) SL23 Green/White Milton N. Florida And here are some that have been posted before but have some really nice autumn pitchers so far SL05 Purple and White Giant: RT71, Nr. Althea, N Florida SL03 Helmut’s Delight SL01 Schnell’s Ghost: Bruce Bednar Clone, yellow flower, Perdido AL (since my last Schnell's Ghost post, I have verified this is the Bednar plant)
  13. I had a similar experience earlier this year to the thread originator with a large Cephalotus in an 11cm square pot. The plant yellowed, then went brown and died just like the plants in the photos above. It has not recovered from the roots unfortunately. It had rainwater, good compost not too wet and not dry, and I can only think it may have had too much sun or became too hot during the summer although it was in partial but not full shade. Strangely enough, some young Cephs in 7 or 8cm pots that I had bought in the spring this year have all survived without problems and were fairly close to the plant which died but they were entirely in shade or had evening sun when it is much weaker. It does seem Cephs can be a bit tricky to get the conditions just right for them, so I too am interested in any suggestions for the best way to grow them to stop them rotting mid season. Rob
  14. I’m not an expert, but I have a few cephalotus clones... I’ve seen similar things in plants that kept too hot... if it is the cause of the death, the plants will grow again from roots... if Ada is in true (and I hope for you he is wrong, but I know he has a lot of experience and so it is easier that I’m wrong) your plants are dead:-( good luck!!! p.s.: sorry for my bad English
  15. Always stood in water? Very warm over summer? Root rot or sudden die off syndrome
  16. Moruga

    Bog planter.

    Hi Dean, Thanks for the offer of liner,but I don't think the planter I have in mind will need any. I'm like you,been looking into media. I think I'm going to use the peat free mix I've seen in Shropshire sarracenia videos,the plants seem to do well,with the bonus of very little moss growth. I'll probably build mine in a month or so,let the winter weather it in,then plant it up early spring. Good luck with yours too,I look forward to seeing what you come up with. All the best Mark
  17. Does sound complicated Marc! Only joking, going to make one or two here soon and my plans for those might sound a bit involved but not really! I've been having a read here too and looks like there are all kinds of ways of going about it. For me three things, need it to hold water in the summer, drain a bit in the winter if possible and I don't want perlite everywhere. My first is going to be a large terracotta planter lined with pond liner (I have some off cuts going if you need) most of the way up, little hole drilled at this point as a drain. Water via a waste pipe drilled and wrapped in geotextile, will have a stone over the top as a lid that I can move to check and refill water level. Got a plant in mind from a visit to PJ's for this one but I hope to make a larger mixed bed too. Also a few with different media, one peat, one pine bark etc and compare. Anyway good luck and look forward to seeing the results :) Dean
  18. I have another female campanulata in flower! Miss from June was pollinated by ephippiata pollen. Anyone have male campanulata plant, I would like to buy male for my ladies!
  19. Hi I had over 10 pots with cephalotus which have grown really well during the summer but all of a sudden they start dying pot after pot. It starts with the pitcher closing their lids and after a few days yellow leaves emerge and then the plant withers. Has lost over 7 pots now with large beautiful plants. Some Suggestions on What Can Be Wrong?
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