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  2. You can buy ready mixed compost online from or
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    Pygmy Drosera

    Hi Rob, From my experience of growing pygmy sundews, they tend to last for about 3-4 years, producing at least 3 sets of gemmae over their lifetime. My most prolific pygmy is Hyperostigma, a lovely species with big, copper coloured flowers. Hope all is well, Billy
  4. Hi all, Just wanted to share this Drosera rotundifolia I found growing on Bodmin moor in the UK. They were once more widespread here, but following a recent expansion of the A30 road, a long strip of the plants were destroyed, along with some bog orchid species. This photo is taken of a population that grows about 200m from the road.
  5. Hi all, I just wanted to share a gorgeous flower from my Drosera hyperostigma. I find that this pygmy grows really well for me on a windowsill with LED grow lights supplementing the natural light.
  6. Hi, when should I split my Catopsis berteroniana pups? Thanks for your help. Pictures in attach.
  7. Has anyone used a soaked brickette as used in stoves for burning as a peat medium as I can only buy peat in 40 litre bags ?
  8. Hi!! This was my heliamphora, that I gave to a friend when I changed home... it is a nutans x heterodoxa, and I bought it with only two adult pitchers in a garden center at about 13 €...I think it could be the same plant... it is a very strong hybrid;-)
  9. Hi, sold to me more than 3 years ago as being nutans, but I have some doubts, can you please identify this plant. Pot 15 cm diameter. Thanks.
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  11. Hi all, I'm looking for some where buy Ceropegia cuttings that are not C. Woodii. I've bought some from Paul Shirely in the Nederlands but the postage is prohibitive. Does anyone know of anywhere in the UK?
  12. Nice collection, I have a Nep Miranda taking over my house.
  13. At first this floral stem caught my attention as it had branched in 3 or 4. But it seems that now the flower sepals have been modified to generate those leaves with mucilage. Interesting mutation here.
  14. Sphagnum likes wet conditions to grow well,ceph grow better in more free draining compost with more peat in the mix but not kept too wet I find,just damp is best,at least in my conditions.
  15. I see. Thx again for your comment. Will wait for spring to repot to a larger one. For cephalotus, hard to have Live Sphagnum Moss grow together... I can grow Live Sphagnum Moss in stand alone conditions....
  16. I thought it had been repotted,this would explain the boost in growth with some fresh compost and a few more nutrients.
  17. Thanks a lot... my cephalotus aren’t very colourful because I live in a flat when there isn’t very direct sunlight... just 3/4 hour in summer and no a single minute from November to the end of January... the colur that you have seen is due to low temperatures about 3/4 C ... if the temperature goes below 0 C, cephalotus pitcher (and leaves too) become wonderful coral red:-)
  18. Thx for advise. Yes, I grew it indoor as I have no consistent sunlight here. Your pitch looking good and red....
  19. Yes, the plant grew indoor with DIY greenhouse and full spectrum LED. For the past few months, Avg. temperature is about 20°c (in HONGKONG) and lowest is 15°c. I applied humidifier 10 minutes at 9:00am and 9:00pm after Sept. I misunderstood leaf is pre~requisite of pitch. Now, you correct me. Many thx.
  20. Good eye! Yes, it came with two small branches. I separated into two bigger pots. One of them dies after. Another grew into the current one.
  21. Donde podría conseguir la dio aea súper nova
  22. A 90 watt draw MarsHydro SP250, with the transformer and heat sinks outside is enough to raise the temperature of a well insulated propagator 140cm x 50 x 60 by about 20 degrees . Hope that helps
  23. Tourist attractions Castles (including Himeji castle) Shinto Shrine Temple Festivals (It may change your impression of Japanese people.) Traditional Japanese inn
  24. Has the first plant been repotted? It looks a different pot to me from the first immature pitchered plant you showed.
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