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  4. Hello everyone, I wish to share with you some photos of a bog garden I made in my parents-in-law's garden. It is located in south center Poland. Hardiness zone 6B. Last autumn there was -15°C (5°F). Basically all plants lived through that including D. arcturi. That peat bog is in its third year after building. In some places it is too wet and Sarracenia produce phyllodia more than pitchers, so the soil humidity is the key factor for nice pitchers. Of course direct sunlight is also super important. I am experimenting with species, that might be hardy like U. dichotoma and U. monanthos and
  5. Thank you again Dennis.. the information you have given me has relieved my worries. I’m still very new to the hobby. Thanks for the offer of some of your Sarracenias. I will send you a private message.
  6. Hi, I ordered these plants a while ago and received them last week. They were doing really well, but I have a couple of concerns. I have them on a South facing windowsill and occasionally open the window. I keep them in a tray of deionised water and top it up regularly. I took them outside today to get a bit more sunlight, but I noticed what looked like a mealy bug trapped on my Drosera capensis, I removed it and saw another one after checking. I also noticed that it has significantly less dew than a few days ago, so does my Drosera aliciae. I also have two small Sarracenias, on one, I
  7. Hello, my name is Chris. I am new to keeping carnivorous plants. I've had these for only a week, and I'm not sure if they have a problem, I've read many care guides on the internet. I'll make a separate topic for this and any help would be really appreciated.
  8. Hi again Jay unless you live next to a cement works, lime stone quarry, gypsum mine and the like which makes your rain hard, it is extremely unlikely that your rainwater contains calcium, magnesium carbonates, bicarbonates or sulfates. Your TDS meter is detecting other minerals washed from your roof - non of which are likely to affect your plants. In the wild CPs do not get absolutely pure water. It will typically contain peat particles,, other vegatative detritus and minerals leached from the surrounding soil and will be on the acid side of neutral. I have more sarracenia than I
  9. Thank you for your help Dennis, As regards the water, I’m not using tap water . Ours reads a shocking 240 ppm I meant the rain water collected in the water butt from our roof ranges from 115 to 135 ppm In this case , will I need to use distilled water instead?
  10. Hi Jay you don't need a TDS meter to tell you that Brighton's tap water is too hard for most CPs. A few years ago hardly anyone (possibly no-one) used them. Since then their use seems to have been copied from the USA. Collect as much rain water as you can. Even is sunny Brighton it rains regularly and any other dissolved solids washed from your roof will quickly settle out and in any case they won't harm your plants. You will need a back up supply of soft water and there have been many discussions on the forum on how or where to get it. The alternative would be to move t
  11. I would like to make a bog pot .. about 50 cm wide by 25cm deep. Would it be ok to have drainage holes in the bottom and stand the pot in a large tray of water? My reason for wanting this method is so the water would act as a moat to stop slugs I’ve noticed also the TDS of the water creeps up quickly over a week to about 130 ppm is that something to be concerned about or does the soil in the pot filter some of that out,?
  12. Growtents .. if you get permission from the boss to take over a room maybe an option ? Windowsill plants do quite well.. pings and dionaea
  13. Fortunately there’s no room in our small garden for a greenhouse. Now I’ve done the expensive bit of buying a selection of different specimens I’m hoping they will grow so I can divide,take cuttings of flower stems etc. to grow more plants so that my only expenses will be the soil.
  14. I have bought some Coco Peat to repot some of my carniverous plants and experiment with.. I would like to also try and cultivate some Sphagnum moss. Has anybody had any experience with trying to see if Sphagnum will thrive as a top dressing on Coco Peat please?
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  17. this cephalotus is dead, no more ambiguity
  18. Potrebbe avere a che fare con il queen mary?
  19. Alfyo

    Uc davis

    one of the strongest and most vigorous clones in my collection
  20. Alfyo

    Big boy

    from your photos and those of Dimitar .... I can conclude .... that mine is the original one too ... they have similar facial features .... many others I have seen do not look anything like these
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