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  2. During the last months I tried not to aggressively promote our flagship application Dr.Explain in this blog. I’d like the ISV Kaizen Blog to be not an advertorial but a collection of simple tips and tricks useful for most of ISV and mISV. This post is an exception because today we have a good news. Indigo Byte Systems officially released Dr.Explain 2.6. There are about 25 new features and enhancements in the new version. So, I’d like to tell you a bit more about the Dr.Explain today. What is Dr.Explain: Dr.Explain v.2.6 is an innovative software documentation tool. It sounds boring, doesn’t it? So … What benefits will Dr.Explain bring to your ISV business process: Thanks to unique technology, with Dr.Explain you can produce attractive and professional looking help files just in a few hours. That would otherwise take days to create them manually. The Dr.Explain captures windows, dialogs, and forms from live application, makes screenshots, and automatically adds interactive references to all controls. You have not to spend hours annotating your screenshots. Focus on your content - Dr.Explain will do all the tedious work for you. The program can produce CHM, RTF and HTML help files with annotated screenshots, live menus, cross-references, and navigation from a single source file. You can read more about Dr.Explain and download a free trial on. What new benefits does the version 2.6 bring to users: Let’s name just the most important: * Better recognition of Delphi and other programming languages controls * Many usability improvements * More Hot Keys * Better keywords management * Optimized output routines There are 25 new features in the update. I think you may also be interested in the Dr.Explain featured reviews and user testimonials. One more good news from Dr.Explain Nowadays, Dr.Explain and True BoxShot run the mutual discount program. If you order either Dr.Explain or True BoxShot software you will receive discount for the second product. Now you may add two useful products to your ISV toolbox and save money. From Kaizen point of view, Dr.Explain will save many hours of your valuable time that you may better spend on product development and promotion rather than on boring documentation writing. The tool will easily pay for itself on the first project. Summer sales slump or a chance to boost your software business? During the last weeks I saw several posts on various ISV and shareware forums where people complained that their sales had decreased and that summer is the worse period for software business. Overall, I have to agree that in summer the business activity goes down. Nevertheless, summer offers a good chance to boost your software business in the long run. Let me explain … This is not only the number of orders that is decreased in summer. The volume of support requests usually goes down also. While you have less support job you may focus on your projects solely. Devote this time to planing, software development and improvement, market research and trends analysis for ui ux design. Summer is a good time to leisurely prepare and test a new product or a new release of your existing product to launch it in September or October when the business activity rises again. Like Christmas, summer is a time for savings As many businesses (And what about you?) try to keep their falling sales on a certain level they often setup special discount offers for summer months. Thus, it’s a good chance to buy business tools (software, SDKs, scripts, libraries, etc.) or to order some professional services (design, testing, copy writing) with significant discounts. Think about tools that you will need in future but it might be cheaper to buy them now. Your news seem more significant against the summer lull. If you have a news that might be interesting to your potential customers then don’t wait till Fall. Send your press release now. Because the flow of corporate news is not so big in summer your press release will more likely get in front of an editor than in any other period. Even a message about a minor version release may appear in the top news section of a huge portal or a magazine. Announce in summer to reach your market on the peak. Big paper magazines have a long publishing cycle. If editor picks your news for publishing or for a featured article writing then it will be printed in several months, usually 3-6. Therefore, if your send your press release in summer then it may appear in October or December issue of the magazine. Your message will reach the market right in the most active period. That will be great. These are just a few evidences for the idea that summer is not a bad time for software business. Try to use the summer slack with the most possible effectiveness for your ISV business but don’t forget about the rest.
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  4. Got my pack on Saturday. All good so thanks. Just need to change my name as it's wrong. O'Keeke
  5. For centuries, fences in one form or another have been used to contain, restrict movement and separate animals. But sooner or later, animals overcome most of the obstacles intended for them. With the advent of electricity, it became much easier to keep animals: it became possible to bring a non-lethal, but still sensitive electric charge to the fence. My brother and I decided to use a regular fence so as not to cause discomfort to the animals. We had to look for a gateway company to solve this problem at an affordable price, because they didn't want to pay, but we didn't want to create new problems on our heads. That's why a family friend advised us to call . They fixed the problem for a few days.
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  7. I just spoke to the enquiries officer and they forwarded your enquiry on to the seedbank manager. I'd appreciate it if you wait for him to have time to reply to you. We're all volunteers doing this in our spare time and I know he only has one free day a week to work on CPS stuff. Many thanks.
  8. My H. Minor is starting to flower!!! This flower has Self-pollination?
  9. ci sono informazioni su cephalotus Jason's Arks?
  10. This why its my fav carnivor plant.. the amount of insects it can catch in a day is amazing ..which is probably associated with this strong scent it has
  11. Sundews? I have Sphagnum cuspidatum.
  12. Bonjour, j'ai ces dionaea adultes de disponible, un échange vous interesserez il contre des dionaea que vous proposez  la vente?





    Clone 004


    Flaming lips


    Switzerland giant

    Rabbit teeth

    Akai ryu

    Fine tooth x red clone 2

    Red shark teeth


    Bonne soirée 


  13. I have four flower spikes but this is the first one to open so should look good in the coming week.
  14. Thanks. For terrestrial utricularia so far I have had no problems (knock on wood). For epiphytic utrics from orchinoides complex I am not so sure. None has died yet, but is soo slow that I think it is possible to do better.
  15. That also depends on the water and the species to grow. For nephentes and soft tap water I see no reason to do anything. Br Magnus
  16. Can you not flush it through/rinse with safe water? 3 different buckets filled with rain/reverse osmosis/distilled water and check the tds of the water whilst the sphagnum moss is in there until you get a low reading?
  17. We've all had problems with the growing of these plants at one time or another. That's how humans work by learning from their mistakes. We are then told how to do it properly via research and asking questions. Good luck with your bog garden
  18. Do you mean dead or alive spagnum? Br Magnus
  19. I bought spaghmum moss, but apparently the seller used tap water.,... o_o I didn't even know that wsa possible.... Is there a way I can make the spaghmum safe to use for carnivorous plants ? ? ?
  20. Hi guys, today I bring you a strange phenomenon that I found with this species and this form in particular: I bought the plant this summer, with location Pedra do Sino, Rio de Janeiro. I repotted it in pure live sphagnum, and arriving at August 20, 2021 it gave life to the floral scape. The strange thing is that the flower does not look like that of this shape, and I do not understand if it is a factor inherent in the variability of the species, or a clone obtained from seed that perhaps has pulled out recessive genes, or even a hybridization. The fact is that at present the developed flowers do not have the lower lip D: If they can help you, I will give you further details and approximate measurements: Flower, long, from the calyx to the end of the spur: 1 cm Pedicel, long: 1.7 / 2 cm Floral stem, long: 32 cm Number of flowers: 9 Sun exposure: shielded but abundant Current temperatures: 28°C - 20°C Water level: Always high, almost half pot Vase: normal, dark, small 7 x 7 x 10 cm approx. Have any of you observed the same phenomenon? What do you think, it's not layer as a flower? Photo Gallery here: U. longifolia f. bonsai {Pedra do Sino, Rio de Janeiro} - Photo Gallery Best regards, Capt. Alessandro
  21. I have the narrow leaf and alba but the mini rosette is very nice to look at.
  22. Interesting! I am finding capensis, and some of the rosetted ones quite attractive.
  23. Hmm, that is right. I have been around for a while not thinking about introducing myself. Magnus from western Sweden. Been cultivating carnivours (successfully) for two years. Previous attempts failed due to lack of knowledge. Now I have enough for some cultivation, but lots left to learn. I have several hobbies all about my passion for nature. As a covid project I started a Youtube channel. Today I released my first vid about carnivours: Please let me know how I am doing. As spring arives I will try to built an outdoor carnivours bog. If it is ok I will share as I upload here. Br Magnus
  24. You should consider getting a purple LED strip light instead. It promotes plant growth way better since this color encourages chlorophyll absorption, photosynthesis, and growth. The perfect LED light color should have more red and blue and smaller amounts of green and yellow. I got the ideal light strips for my plants from, and I highly recommend them. They look and feel like excellent quality, and they helped my plants a lot. If you think about getting them, consider the waterproof ones. They hold way better and last longer than usual ones.
  25. @Richard Brunn just updating you about my undelivered seed order placed on the 22nd August, I have used the contact link you supplied which should of gone to the Enquiries Officer. It's now a week later and I have still yet to hear or receive anything. If I'm jumping the gun abit then I do apologise but I thought the Enquiries Officer would of acknowledged or known something by now. Do you have any other suggestions to what I should do now? Many thanks, Lee
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  27. I like D. adelae for the long leaves and some of the Australian pygmies for the flowers.
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