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  3. Hello Jorge, welcome to the forum.
  4. Yes it can be self pollinated, tiny paintbrush from flower to flower when open has always helped
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  6. Any one used clover Irish moss peat what’s it like compared shamrock Irish Moss Peat
  7. Does anyone know if Cephalotus follicularis can be self-pollinated or It has to be strictly crossed pollination
  8. Hi :) I'm Jorge from Tenerife(Canary Islands) I'm 19 and I have been growing carnivorous plants since 12. I'm glad to be finally on this forum and I hope we can share knowledge together Digestive glands Nectary glands
  9. In my early days I think I might have messed up this name can you put me right Sarracenia x Catesbaei S flawed purpurea (SunDC)
  10. In my early days I used an abbreviation (SunDC) can you tell me what company it was getting old now lol
  11. It looks to me as if something is damaging your plant from the top. If it is in the sun, could it have become scorched? - even in the north of England! Maybe try putting it somewhere shadier. If this problem is unique to one plant, I see from the latest picture you have a couple of other plants next to it one of which looks like a Sarracenia, then maybe it could be something in the sap uptake damaging the delicate tips of the pitchers. My suggestion, and I think your only hope of saving the plant is to try repotting it straight away into a compost you know has absolutely no nutrients or contaminants in it. When repotting, clean off all the old compost and soak the roots in clean water for an hour or so to make sure there there are no pests hiding in that area or the rhizome. Good luck! Rob
  12. You have some really nice and big Sarracenia there, some with beautiful colouration and veining Kind regards, Rob
  13. Are all your other plants o.k? did you repot any more at the same time?
  14. Hello Siggi_Hartmeyer, I really like The hybrid Utricularia 'Nüdlinger Flair' (U. alpina x humboldtii) that you suggested above. Do you mind telling me approx how long the flower stems grow? I am looking for a U. alpina with flower stems on the shorter side as I would like to try and grow it in a terrarium 45cm x 45cm x 45cm. Any advice would be most appreciated. Thank you.
  15. After spraying it down with Provado nearly 2 weeks ago, it's still getting worse! The new growth looks healthy and then seems to reach a point where it suddenly wilts and develops black/brown patches at the tip and just stays like that. Really concerned now, should I repot and check for any pests around the roots? Picture is the plant this morning.
  16. Hello, my friend My Sarracenia in cultivation. Enjoys, Valentin.
  17. If You want a lot a plant from Your country, better if You ask on this forum if anybody grows yet carnivorous plants with locations UK (if obtained from legal trade)... let wild plants and seeds in wild!! some days ago in sale and wants section there were uk Drosera rotundifolia seeds.. and if I’m not wrong, there are some UK nurseries that sell seeds with location;-)
  18. Even if they are the commonest carnivorous plants it's always nice to see them in the wild. Theorically (for what i know) is forbidden to collect plants, seeds and parts of plants in the wild. I don't know if in the UK exist a specific authority for these matter as here in Italy.
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    Hello C Greer, welcome, don't fight it, you are on your way getting hooked !
  21. at my house right now white form with a leave of summer more than 20cm a record for me in culture jeff
  22. Hi C Greer and welcome to the forums. Many questions - ask away! I dont think you will find a more knowledgeable bunch on CPs than here. Hope you have a lot of space they do get very addictive. Cheers Steve
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    Hello from London. I have many plants and many more questions, very few carnivores at the moment but planning to change that.
  24. I may be going back later in the year; I'd like to try to get seeds but can't find information on the legality of collecting seeds of common wild plants. The Drosera look more compact and red than the variety I have at home.
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