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  1. After 6 months my (29€) AMTRA TDS readings started to alarm me. WHAT'S HAPPENING TO MY PLANTS ?? I had at this time under strict control, a bog with underlaying LECA balls well rinsed and cured for one months. but you never know... better be safe then sorry.. After one month, suddenly I started to get reading over 200PPM , I quickly flushed it, believe me .. I was fast "!!! Just to be there again after a few days. Then, not only on that pot but also randomly from other as well .. Well, I started to doubt my eyes. Then I decided to believe them, called Amazon... sent it back and got reimbursed. Bought a similare model 3 time cheaper (9,30€) and with the difference bought some foliar fert. It's 4 months I dont have anymore strange readings!!! ( and yes, the bog never has to be flushed again.)
  2. For my first "Revive" test I used Trixie as well as it was the cheapest option on Amazon: https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B002YJW382/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 82PPM before being carefully washed in Ro. And that's the result in 6 weeks ( it arrived August 10th - picture from Sept 29th) It started growing in less then 12 days. Now I'm testing BessGrows NZ but it take forever to restart growing. Only some green sign after 4 weeks :-(
  3. Same question here: URL is on sale, while partly still working ..... No idea what's happening
  4. I bought Dioneas from them last month. The order was ... one Maroon Monster + one Trev's... Bad luck happens, and the parcel was delivered 10 days later and dropped in my Mail Box. It stayed in full sun for 5 hours before I got a delivery notification on the phone. As a stance, nobody cares to ring the doorbell for a parcel. The Box was really strong and well insulated internally with plastic bubbles... ..... nonetheless, it was 44° internally when opened, I tested it with an infrared probe. Potted them immediately, I was nearly crying, so beautiful plants were nearly cooked :-( But the plants shredded some cooked traps and started to throw out new leaves after 3 days! Just to say the quality of what they send you... Sturdy plants full of health and vitality !! You can find them in front of the bottom row. Photo of 3 days ago, and the day they arrived. These are the TWO plants I paid for, they filled 3 pots, and they have now fully recovered - that's less than 15 days d8o88yt2.bmp
  5. Thanks for your wonderful philosophical explanation. Being a practical man: have you some "concrete" options, like links, or you do prefer to continue on an ethereal discussion? On that side: I want to know what's good keeping 1 pound of a product you'll use 1 ounce in 10 years !!! PS: In the USA you find a lot of Re-pack sellers, isn't that really strange ???
  6. Simple search on Ebay found two sellers: one Belgium the other Italy. Both selling repacked for less the 10€ with shipping. Any experience from these re-pack kind of sellers?? Thanks Alain https://www.ebay.it/itm/294310759086?hash=item448649caae:g:ygQAAOSwcThhCSWu https://www.ebay.it/itm/393594076930?hash=item5ba408ff02:g:VrYAAOSwDvphTgXl
  7. That's a first for me..... anybody got that ?? "rose" ate 8 stink bugs* in one weeks while doing flower as well. Now the seeds are mature and all bugs digested, it started to generate a huge amount of new fresh leaves Not sure it relate thought !"! * Stink bugs = Nezara Viridula
  8. Thanks Lucien !! That's a fantastic specimen I've received ! WHITE TRAPS and a beautifull plant attached to them !!!! I'm Happy !! ( Equobia too )
  9. Lucien je suis intéressé - do you send to Italy?
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