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  1. delete post.. i see he logged on so ok i guess

  2. Hello Marcel

    Do you perhaps know if  EEE 2022 will be held this year ?

    Thank you in advance


    1. Marcel van den Broek

      Marcel van den Broek

      Sorry, So far no takers :sad:

    2. Lee Chamberlain

      Lee Chamberlain

      keeping my fingers crossed... thank you


  3. PM sent


    1. Lee Chamberlain
    2. Lee Chamberlain

      Lee Chamberlain

      Hi Thomas..

      Maybe you missed my PM - Payment via Paypal made on Monday 28 March

      Let me know when the plants have been posted.



  4. Thanks Lucien. So it reverts and stays that way ?
  5. https://www.diflora.it/international-order/ Check diflora.. they do have P certs but for a minimum order
  6. https://cpn.carnivorousplants.org/articles/CPNv50n4p224_231.pdf https://cpn.carnivorousplants.org/articles/CPNv50n2p87_91.pdf Maybe of interest !
  7. yes it is due to low light intensity..
  8. I'm looking for Dionaea FTS Etna and GJ White Tiger ... any idea where i could source them in the EU ?
  9. https://www.rosliny-owadozerne.pl/forums/topic/16780-20211120-capensi/ -
  10. http://www.omnisterra.com/bot/cp_home.cgi?name=dionaea&search=cultivars This site is already quite up to date regarding the origins of various dionaea cultivars
  11. Hi welcome An irish online shop if you are interested https://www.vftshop.com/ Regards Lee
  12. Growtents .. if you get permission from the boss to take over a room maybe an option ? Windowsill plants do quite well.. pings and dionaea
  13. I started with one plant.. small greenhouse.. then a bigger one but kept the smaller one too. Added benches with double shelves.. A couple of plants outside for a bog effect.. Some in stands cause they look nice.. ect
  14. As mentioned.. an osmosis unit or a water butt is also very useful
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