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  1. There are various events that will be held in the summer. What dates are you going to be in the Netherlands ? The Big event will be held. just next door in Belgium at the end of June namely the EEE 2020
  2. Welcome ,, i grow mainly VFT's too.
  3. Nice collection, I have a Nep Miranda taking over my house.
  4. Ok good to know. I have them in an unheated greenhouse and let them do their own thing.
  5. You mean normal or smaller than expected ?
  6. I'll have to plant a few trips to the uK this year for sure.. Unfortunately i never have enough money for plants and never enough space
  7. Seeds ( typical but labelled as parentage origins ) planted 25 february 2018 .. so almost 2 years old. Shown for sizing is a € 1 coin. Is this the expected growth for their age ? Thank you in advance !
  8. Lee Chamberlain


    I think these are aphids on my dionaea . Magnified 10 times. Saw them just in time.
  9. Hi Fabrizio.

    I saw on a very old post that you had quite a few Dionaea FTS.....

    Would you perhaps have some for sale ?



  10. Good looking plants. What medium mix are you using ?
  11. Thank you. I'm sure I'll find something at the EEE.
  12. Ordered and received a few Dionaea from Sabrina.

    From ordering to receiving ,,, great service.

    Plants all good condition as advertised.

    Highly recommend seller


  13. Will be at the EEE 2019 I'm particularly looking for a DM Wally , a stable cheerleader or pom pom & GJ variations of dionaea. Lee