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  1. Im very concerned about my Vft’s. These last few days in The Netherlands the temperatures have stayed under 0. A few days averaging around minus 7. My pots are all frozen and look dries out on the top. They were standing in water a few mm high. Should i bring all my plants indoors and let them thaw, currently in my small green house that is heated and at 0 degrees. Usually before this big freeze temperatures were constant around 5 degrees. I have wrapped ground sheeting around the greenhouse. Advise please please . I wont be able to sleep tonight.
  2. Ordered dc-xl and maroon monster from Nick. Packaging good and plants look very good exactly . Delivery very quick . Thumbs up. 

  3. Lee Chamberlain

    Paypal payment request.

    I saw one of the member here at CPUK was selling VFT's so i sent them a PM asking if VFT scarlatines were available. Included my private email adress to make communication quicker and for me easier. I received a paypal payment request 1 hour later. Just a paypal adress no other info apart from the sellers name and in the post "" 2 scarlatine "" I haven't' had any contact with the seller , have no information regarding the vft's , size ect of even a photo. Find it a bit strange. What's your take on it ? Im not going to even consider paying .. .feels very wrong. Lee