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  1. Exposition from 8.30 to 19.00 in open Greenhouse
  2. As I wrote in the post I haven't plants available for sale or swap for this year. I have only 2-3 plants each clone I will insert on the waiting list who asked me. next year ... sorry
  3. Hello Tony, I can assure that the plants are healthy. As written in the post, their characteristics are always evident in the last 2 or 3 years and present on their divisions if they are not too young. I waited this confirmation before showing them; It is not serious growers if you are not patient ... However, it will be a pleasure to publish more photos later. Paolo p.s.Thanks Alexis,Lucien and picol
  4. They are beginning to highlight their special characteristics my clones, which for the second (and some third) year have proven stable. They are derived from crosses between selected clones and a subsequent "irradiation" of the seeds. (please do not ask further information …) These are their characteristics: - Venus "Axe": It 'obvious and fortunately successfull the cross between Spider and Microdent clone. After the first spring leaves start leaves characteristics reminiscent of axes . On top of an erect stalk the trap is narrower at the top and wider at either attached to the petiole and the teeth are very short and almost absent at the end of the season. - Venus "Fiji Iguana": its characteristic is the creped petiole, evident in younger traps, teeth are irregular as the type Beelzebub, but especially the green and white spotted traps. Erect form. - Venus "Waves": The "swaying" dionaea. In the adult plant all the stalks have a wavy edge. The border is irregular even in the traps, where the teeth are short and irregular. Habit semi prostrate. Availability from the end of the season or next year AXE FIJI IGUANA WAVES
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