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  1. Oooo the Mikei is stunning! I wish I had one.
  2. Oh no I'm sorry Campanulata seems a bit difficult to keep alive for me.
  3. I considered getting a Hirsuta this year but I don't think I have room. Everything you have seem to grow very well.
  4. Love your Bellii uppers! And also the Veitchii Golden Peristome. Bellii died in my conditions (twice) and Veitchii is struggling with tiny pitchers.
  5. pmatil

    some cephalotus

    In closed environments spraying can encourage mold but other than that light spraying doesn't hurt.
  6. pmatil

    My Cephalotus

    Very nice. That coloration is my favourite, a little bit on the teeth and lid and some in the trap itself.
  7. pmatil


    Hi Swizzy, so you rinse it off after a while ir leave it on? What is your mixture ratio?
  8. Never heard of Cephalotus Big Donk before. What's the origin of that one?
  9. Just that is it intentionally there for you or just coincidence? For me I think the D. Madagascariensis was hiding in the soil I took from a Drosera pot. Took awhile to sprout though.
  10. Tom, you can see my heating system in this post: It uses 12V heating mats mounted on large heatsinks with fans.
  11. Very nice. You also have D. Madagascariensis with your cephs, why do you think that is? I have it too.
  12. Hi Tom, Nice howto! Just wanted to mention, the humidity sensor MAY show a significant offset when exposed to high humidity for long periods of time. It's a feature of almost all capacitive humidity sensors and especially these cheap ones. I have expensive Sensirion sensors (DHT22 is a clone I believe) and even they have at least +/- 5%RH accuracy in high humidity + the offset of 3%RH or so after some time in high humidity. Of course in a terrarium +/- 5%RH is enough. You could have another system to check the sensor in the terrarium for offset every now and then. I myself have not used Pi for my terrarium. I have a similar system, for temperature monitoring only at the moment. I am building RH meters which use the Sensirion sensors (high accuracy) and some day logging the humidity too. My main problem is the humidity controller I use. It develops a 10-15%RH offset which is a LOT. I also have a heater system which is controlled by an industrial PID controller.
  13. I'm seeing improvement in some of my neps after I reduced the amount of RED light. Not sure why, the plants were not burned but were not growing properly. I noticed the same effect in Cephalotus.
  14. I have a cheap 120 mm fan running 24/7 at 12 volts in my lowland terrarium so very high humidity and it has lasted now 5+ years. The only thing I've done is clean the blades once in awhile. I opened it once to check and there was no rust at all or any sign of corrosion. I may be lucky or then it warms up enough to keep condensation off. So those fancy waterproof fans may not be necessary depending on your usage and conditions.
  15. I like your other Amps too! I may get more Amps this year as my terrarium conditions seem to be ideal for them.