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  1. Blocky71

    advice on making a sink minibog Could you buy or make something along these lines making your sink movable?. The extra height would also allow you the bottom drainage
  2. Blocky71

    Heat or no heat?

    I lost my whole collection of cephs in February this year, two nights of minus 11 did the damage. They were outside but under cover. I was hoping for them to recover but alas, nothing this far... Apart from the cephs I've only had a couple of young vft's croak on me over winter. The Sarras have sustained no casualties, even the neglected waterlogged ones outside with no shelter. I'd love a nice green house but can't have one due to my already small garden. If I was to buy a greenhouse I'd choose the higher eve version as they house the taller Sarras better and you have less stooping when in there admiring your beasts. In conclusion I'd agree that having the option to heat it / or a section of it would be a good call.
  3. Blocky71

    New, but enthusiastic!

    Hi Rhys Thats a great start as a lot of people end up with fake seed that turns out to be basil or some other herb..... I've got some seed grown vft's going too, they're about 18 months old now but still very small, it takes 4/5 years to reach adulthood I believe. I was only doing it out of curiosity so am in no rush and as you say the tiny traps are so incredible. Good luck p.s A ceph can be kept outside all year if your winters aren't too harsh and quite a few growers have success on windowsills growing it like a houseplant ! cheers chris
  4. Around a third of my plants are kept outside full time and in the last week or so I've noticed a lot of traps on the vft's blackening and the 'greener' sarras beginning to yellow. It seems a bit early considering we're still averaging around 18 degrees down here in the south. I know it has more to do with the photoperiod which is obviously reducing day by day but just wondered if everyone's plants are doing the same?.
  5. Blocky71

    Dionaea "Chimère"

  6. Blocky71

    Forum problems

    Whizzing along in the South East too. A massive improvement, many thanks
  7. Blocky71

    Shoulda repotted last year (big picture alert)

    Westlands peat Ben......... A bit of a no no for most of us on here due to bad results..........
  8. Blocky71

    CPUK Site Outage August 2018

    Thanks Richard for your time and effort. Sounds like a hugely frustrating week you've had. Go grab yourself a Caffreys !!!!
  9. Blocky71

    £325 - a new record?

  10. Blocky71

    What happened?

    Yeah I was hoping that when it did come back online it would be faster. It was getting painfully slow even before the site went offline. Nothing seems to have changed....
  11. Blocky71

    £325 - a new record?

    Another auction heading skywards........ Nepenthes xKinabaluensis ****VERY RARE****
  12. Blocky71

    Hello .. back after 15 years .....

    My bro lives in crown street, just off the high street. Ian and Dianne aren't far from you over in Neath, you'll have to try and make their next open day..... cheers chris
  13. Blocky71

    some of my dionee

    The vft's are looking fab Fab Are you using deep pots?, I can't quite tell from the photos.. After a bad season last year I've repotted into 17cm deep pots, the plants have definitely improved !
  14. Blocky71

    Fake vft or not

    Especially the blue dionaea seeds
  15. Blocky71


    He's on here as James something and I think his eBay account was northkentcarnivors or similar. Yeah small world, I was at cokes from 2004-2012. Ruxley garden centre used to sell cp's through the summer although garden centre prices are steep. James's plants were well priced and I've got some surplus Sarras and vft's also if you're looking to expand @TeaCake Cheers Chris