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  1. Blocky71

    Top 3 Sarracenia minor clones

    The Antho free minor is a pretty plant but not a particularly strong grower in my conditions . M22 MK If Dede already has this clone then give me a shout @linuxman when you have a division , cheers Blocky
  2. Blocky71

    Garden gate ' illusion ' mirror

    It's not happened yet and we're over 2 years in now.... I've had a blackbird and a sparrow try and fight with there reflection but that's as drastic as it's got !
  3. Blocky71


    There's a fellow in Bromley if I remember correctly, loaksey I think was/is his username. Not seen him about either lately....
  4. You can skip dormancy in the first couple of years with your seedlings so I don't think it matters really when you sow them except that growth will be slower through the winter months. Everyone has their own techniques and I was just dabbling with some spare seed but I was surprised how well they took off..
  5. Blocky71


    Ahhhh, I know Orpington a bit and I used to work at cokes just down the road in foots cray... I'm guessing it's the same fella in gravesend, I've collected some plants from him a couple of years back. He used to always have listing on eBay but can't say I've seen him lately. I'm down in chavvy Chatham
  6. Blocky71


    Oops Dunc, ( when I typed Dunc it autocorrected to Dunce ) I'm relieved I'm not the only wazzock on here ! . @TeaCake Thank you for your commiserations!, I did manage to collect up a fair amount since but looking like us Kenties are in for another dry spell. Where abouts in Kent are you TC ?, there's a couple of us about, my nearest hobbyist is Gravesend. cheers chris
  7. They're all still going well @TeaCake , the vft's are slow to grow from seeds but I reckon I have about 200 baby vft's , the sarras I just plonked in a pot so I'm not going to guess how many there are but they're about 2 inches high now. I cant remember exactly what the containers are but they were either McDonald's or KFC desert containers, ice cream or krushems I believe.....
  8. Blocky71

    First Floor Windowbox

    If there is a decent lip on the ledge you could use a couple of " G clamps " going from under the ledge lip to inside the box.
  9. Blocky71


    Yeah , I have a butt so clean you could eat your dinner off it
  10. Have a look here here Teacake, I did pretty much what your thinking but even later in the year..... click on " a winter window ledge trial"
  11. Blocky71


    Yeah I know...... Its times like this that your anatomy should allow you to kick yourself up your own ass.....
  12. Blocky71


    So after 6 weeks or thereabouts we finally got some much needed rain down here in the SE, when I got home from work and after some heavy downpours I went to check the barrels that had been dry for a month. There was only about 10cm in the bottom of each barrel?, I was expecting them to be half to three quarters full?. After checking all pipes, guttering and divertors for blockages I finally realised I'd left both taps open after cleaning them!. What a pleb I am......
  13. Blocky71

    watering orchids

    I have 2, no idea what they are but they both get a weekly dunk in rain or ro water. I leave mine for about an hour then drain excess off..
  14. Blocky71

    how to propagate sarracenias

    It's usually just done by division Hayley. If you can see separate growth points then you could tip out of the medium, clean up the rhizome and see if one or more of the growth points can be broken of, ideally keeping a decent bit of rhizome with roots, then just pot it on. Unrooted rhizomes will usually take too but is more of a risk.
  15. Blocky71

    Hints and tips for RO systems.

    I was always of the belief that 100 ppm was considered about as high as you could get away with. Recent reading though seems to suggest no more than 50 ppm. I'd also be interested in others opinions.