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  1. Might be easier if I just send you the newsletter. Can you message me?
  2. The September newsletter was emailed out about 10 days ago
  3. We are still desperate for new committee members as requested in the latest newsletter.
  4. Presume you don’t have a greenhouse? Leuco does prefer a warm and sheltered position
  5. Phil means that some of the stuff sold as sphagnum is not sphagnum. Some sellers have no idea what they are selling and label any moss as “Sphagnum “
  6. Yes I use coir extensively and have been peat free for 25+ years. The “best “ coir is bought certified salt free from some suppliers like Canna or fertile Fibre. You can also rinse in soft water, couple of rinses can work wonders, doesn’t have to be a long soak
  7. Well mine never flower, summer is too short. Drosera flowers often only open for a couple of hours around noon on sunny days, so you may just be missing them
  8. No need to be outdoors
  9. CANCELLED. sorry mostly my fault, got a lurgy and lost my voice, and this would finish me off Harlow Carr CPS weekend 7-8 Aug 2021 Members free any volunteers to help welcome
  10. Not had much luck on coco peat, but grows ok on coir chunks for me
  11. Leave them, quite a few people cultivate them to provide food for plants, also to eat detritus and fungi
  12. I had a plant do this once , cause was broad mites
  13. They are globular springtails, harmless.
  14. My open day this year is planned for Sat 3rd July 2021. 12-5. All welcome. Plants for sale and refreshments available.