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  1. gardenofeden

    CPS Planta Carnivora

    Also explains why I cannot find my membership card!
  2. gardenofeden

    CPS Planta Carnivora

    Ah well that explains it! thanks for the reply Dennis
  3. gardenofeden


    Ha ha you’re not wrong David! I think I went to one at Reading once....
  4. gardenofeden

    CPS Planta Carnivora

    When was the most recent Planta Carnivora edition? Top of my pile is spring 2016, have there been any since?
  5. gardenofeden


    Ok for those in the south, and convenient for the committee I’m sure.
  6. gardenofeden

    The Carnivorous Plant Society - AGM

    Mind you, I don’t remember the last time I had a newsletter or journal either, perhaps I’m not a member any more....
  7. gardenofeden


    Nice and central!!
  8. gardenofeden

    The Carnivorous Plant Society - AGM

    I don’t remember getting a membership card....
  9. In my experience, ‘Dudley Watts ‘
  10. gardenofeden

    CPS Issues

    I thought that anyone dismissed for “bringing the society into disrepute “ had to be given written notice and a chance to appeal?
  11. gardenofeden

    CPS Issues

    Dunc, I agree that the discussions should not take place on Facebook. The Cps post is however extremely personal and not helpful to the situation! I am happy to facilitate discussions twixt the committee and the “rebel alliance”.... Adrian, not being part of the discussions relating to the options for the society, the way it was explained to me was that we were not fulfilling our legal obligations as a charity, and if we did not want to be a charity then one option is to reform as a non-charitable society, a suggestion I believe, no more....
  12. gardenofeden

    CPS Issues

    Adrian, there’s no money in it for anyone, all positions are voluntary as I’m sure you know. I believe that Annette is still technically chair of the committee, as the correct procedures were not followed to remove her. She is also still a Trustee.
  13. gardenofeden

    CPS Issues

    Well there are definitely 2 sides to every story! Being one of the people Annette appointed as a Trustee I would have to say that Annette gives a very different account of the issues to the version given above! The push for change to modernise the society and comply with Charity Commission regulations has not just come from Annette, but also some current and ex committee members!
  14. gardenofeden

    Variegated Cp's?

    I have a variegated ‘Bill Bailey ‘
  15. gardenofeden

    Western Australia 2018

    Wow, fantastic pics!