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  1. No that’s not the case. Sarracenia are quite happy on a sunny windowsill as long as they get a cool winter rest. The best place for Sarracenia in most of the U.K. is an unheated greenhouse or polytunnel, as you get about 3 months extra growth and higher temps. Outdoors you can grow quite a few species, more in the south, less in the north...
  2. Hi. Yes putting a bit of water in nepenthes pitchers can help shipped plants settle down. Neps are not fussy and almost any plant feed is good at half strength. Standing in a bit of water is ok occasionally If you are away. Or try a tray of sand, stand on that and water sand well to the point of water logging , should last a while
  3. Looks an interesting plant!
  4. Not routinely available in the U.K.
  5. monanthos is very easy too
  6. Scatter more Drosera capensis between problem pots?
  7. Do you know which bisquamata? The ‘Betty’s Bay’ cultivar is free flowering so probably not that. The “normal” weedy bisquamata can often just produce cleistogamous flowers and you will just see the round brown seed capsules, any sign of those? There is a form from Hermanus thatI have been unable to flower myself. Try the ‘Betty’s Bay’, its very rewarding.
  8. If they have their own roots they can be split
  9. Two weeks to go, looks like weather is warming up!
  10. It’s not illegal to collect seed for personal use unless the site is protected like SSSI status (many wetlands are SSSI) but these species are widely available in cultivation so you should not need to collect