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  1. I would suggest not misting them. I grew mine quite dry more like succulents
  2. The society is struggling with less than 50% effective committee members
  3. well I like coir as it is weed free, acid, low nutrient and the chips can be re-used. It's not without environmental impact though. Melcourt is arguably more sustainable, and with less transport issues, but a bit inconsistent at present. For more info visit the FB site I set up which has some more detailed info Peat Free Carnivorous Plants UK | Facebook Stephen
  4. I have use both extensively. I prefer just neat coir chips these days, but the melcourt works well too, get better rootgrowth in the coir
  5. or air layer the upper part and when rooted cut off as in (3) above....
  6. We are very thin on the ground in the committee. Ron is doing seed orders one day a week i think and is slowly tackling the backlog
  7. Might be easier if I just send you the newsletter. Can you message me?
  8. The September newsletter was emailed out about 10 days ago
  9. We are still desperate for new committee members as requested in the latest newsletter.
  10. Presume you don’t have a greenhouse? Leuco does prefer a warm and sheltered position
  11. Phil means that some of the stuff sold as sphagnum is not sphagnum. Some sellers have no idea what they are selling and label any moss as “Sphagnum “