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  1. gardenofeden

    Western Australia 2018

    Wow, fantastic pics!
  2. gardenofeden

    BLACK Sarracenia

    Looking good Mike! Now just breed a bit more of the flava shape in....
  3. gardenofeden

    Upward growth, why?

    It’s clone and time of year. Many clones produce flat rosettes in spring and more upright leaves in summer. However some clones only ever produce rosettes and some clones only ever upright....
  4. gardenofeden

    Hints and tips for RO systems.

    Am about 300ppm here
  5. gardenofeden

    Hints and tips for RO systems.

    DI not required IMO, I get 9ppm TDS without one on a basic 3 stage. Adding another membrane increases the pure water to waste ratio.
  6. gardenofeden

    CP Events - July & August

    If anyone is available to help on 11th 12th Aug at Harlow Carr please let me know. Even an hour or 2 manning the CPS stand would be helpful
  7. gardenofeden

    Sarracenia flowers but No pitcher's?

    Flowering often delays pitcher production
  8. gardenofeden

    Couple of Piggybackers

    The drosera looks more like nidiformis, not intermedia. The 2nd plant is a willowherb, remove it ASAP
  9. gardenofeden

    how to get rid of moss

    I don’t think flooding will have any impact on the moss
  10. gardenofeden

    Identification, please?

    I’m sure BCP sold these as burkei “possible hybrid”
  11. gardenofeden

    Terranium plants

    Some of the larger utrics like humboldtii, alpina & longifolia would do well
  12. gardenofeden

    Red Spider Mite in the middle of winter, out of nowhere.

    Many populations of spider mite are resistant
  13. gardenofeden

    Maxsea fertilizer 16-16-16

    Liquid seaweed is not a fertiliser, it has very mild fertilising effects and provides trace elements.
  14. gardenofeden

    Red Spider Mite in the middle of winter, out of nowhere.

    Never had spider mite on neps, but I would have binned it too. Better off with a proper acaricide, you can get small quantities off eBay, like Floramite as imidacloprid doesn’t really touch them.
  15. gardenofeden

    Granite Grit

    I use grit and or perlite with melcourt, doesn’t really matter. Usually perlite as it’s easier to get.