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  1. they spread by spores and gemmae, scraping off top layer and replacing helps
  2. Hi, the forum is funded by the Carnivorous Plant Society, but is not very functional these days with almost all posts being EU plant sales. CP chats, sales and trading have all moved to various Facebook groups. Some of the people you mention are still around...
  3. they may recover depending if they are highland or lowland. really not a good idea to buy tropical plants this time of year though, and most nurseries will not ship in winter for good reason.
  4. I would say it's got better structure and is very open, when I say coir I mean coir chips generally…
  5. they will seed and spread quite prolifically if allowed
  6. you have a real mix up there. front pot looks like Drosera x eloisiana. back left is rotundifolia and anglica plants mixed in the same pot, back right looks like anglica
  7. sphagnum perlite is a good mix for Drosera, I use it a lot
  8. I dont think TDS values from rinsing are helpful, you can get high values from peat rinsings too. Once rinsed its OK in my experience.
  9. Sounds like they are getting powdery mildew. Mine always get this. You can get sprays that help
  10. `The leaf was probably damaged while it was developing, possibly by sap sucking insect but there doesn't seem to be any sign of pests now
  11. I find them very very slow to spread, they grow much more slowly than terrestrial Utricularia
  12. yes a few drops aalcohol in a ziplok bag then squish it around, can take days sometimes
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