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  1. gardenofeden

    Moss id

    no, no good for CPs
  2. Fred you misheard, he like "DARLINGS" :) nice crop though!
  3. Personally I would not use anything like grafting putty. Leave the wound to heal naturally or dust it with sulphur powder.
  4. That’sa good price for a plant that size
  5. My open day this year is Sat 2nd July 12-5. Lots of plants for sale from me and many other visitors, plants you won’t get at garden centres and at cheap prices. Wacks is also open that weekend and is nearby. Fangfoss nr York. All welcome. Thanks Stephen Morley
  6. No date set for the AGM. Likely to be in May. We have a new membership Secretary and are working hard to get the database sorted and member backlog addressed before the AGM , thanks Stephen
  7. What’s wrong with sandersonii? It doesn’t self Seed. Subulata and the weedy bisquamata are the ones to avoid.
  8. Hi bill. I use approx equal parts sphagnum Moss and perlite
  9. Yes I know someone who heated coldframes with heat cables
  10. Yes they do look like capensis, nothing like rotundifolia