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  1. Hey do you have one for sell.
  2. Yes this is very nice cultivar and mine isn’t as big but make the white traps though.
  3. Oh cool another Spanish grower, Hello from Marbella :woot: 

  4. Nice Photos, I'm glad Cheerleader growing nice for you.
  5. Very Nice Photo of RMT Giant can't wait to grow one.
  6. AM Mirror X Mirror 1 Werewolf SL Seedling (real clone) AM Medusa EM Black Trap Red Cupped Trap Siberia Gremlin Louchpates B52 T. Carow 2 Space Kinky Wave Fire Mouth FTS Maroon Monster Trev Red Dentate Umgekrempelt
  7. Yes Matt I love FTS Mirror x Mirror, I have a couple Mirror x Mirror seedlings from last year, one of them produces flanges on both sides but look to have more color. Cheerleader is awesome but we need to figure out it growth habit. Next summer I will have a Pacman, Red Micro Teeth also AM Medusas when I return back to the states.
  8. Yes I'm using 100% sphagnum moss, since I change over my plants have been growing great in it.
  9. WB4 FTS Mirror X Mirror Wacky Trap Cheerleader Umgekrempelt Predator Red Micro Teeth Pacman AM Medusa Green Wizard A2
  10. Thanks for all the nice comments and I will add you guys to the list.
  11. Nice and heathy looking dionaea like always, really like the BCP Kamil 1 & 2.
  12. Very nice looking plant like always, wish it was stable.
  13. antoinemoore

    Shark mirror

    Look very promising, does it make the mirror charteristc on all traps.
  14. Well done! Great looking cross. Put me on the waiting list.
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