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  1. @mobile I would like to know how this experiment ended up. In particular, what do you think about sea salt and Cephalotus? Did you see any difference?
  2. Hi growers, I am selling Dionaea Dents de Requin, and, as I was asked for differences between that plant and Shark teeth, I went to CPPhotofinder to look carefully for differences between the two plants. Here, I discovered that "Dents de requin" is the french name for "Shark teeth". I really don't understand why a plant should have TWO different names, if it is Shark Teeth, please keep that name, instead of frenchify or anglicize it. I grow Dionaea "Diable rouge", and I call it "Diable rouge" and NOT "Diavolo rosso"...... (just an example, I'm not referring to Lucien with this post) So many times I see wrong names in the Sales and Wants area (I remember "red holland" and "sawtooth rouge"), and I think this bad behaviour should be stopped otherwise errors will be perpetrated forever by costumers that will sell your plants in future. It is any growers' pride to have a well organized and precise growlist, do your researches on ICPS website and CPPhotofinder (names here are almost 100% correct) before filling in your new acquisitions in your growlist. I hope you understand this and you will try to warn and correct any wrong name you see.
  3. prized

    Dionaea Red Pluto

    My plant doesn't show the fused trap neither.. But that's normal for it, it usually show the characteristic in late season only.. Can you post a photo of your plant/traps?
  4. Godo to know there is a new white clone :) I have some selfpollinated seedling from Variegated #2 and few of them are white. I hope they are stable
  5. Is this my Variegated #2?
  6. prized

    SD Kronos

    These are HUGE!!
  7. Beautiful plants Lucien!!! Crokogan is from Julien?? Or it is your clone?
  8. Hi all, it is about 1 month I'm trying to contact littleshopofhorrors owner by mail, but I never get an answer. I'm using the mail visible on top of their page... Anyone has a different contact information? thanks in advance
  9. Good to see so many plants! I like them :)
  10. The only problem travelling with plants in EU, is bypassing Switzerland :) You don't need papers if you travel by plane, but you have to pay attention to Switzerland if you travel by car!!
  11. I often think to that too... In my opinion, ALL cultivar MUST be reproduced vegetatively only, despite it is stated or not in the description. It should be a standard rule for every new registered cultivar, except if you are registering a "group name". Look for example at what happened with S.l. Schnell's Ghost, where all green&white leucos with yellow flower, can be labeled in the same way... How many different' 'Schnell's Ghost' are in cultivation right now?
  12. Yes, but I never meant that Phalanx or that B52 looks always the same as SD Titan, each month, each year. I was just saying that I wouldn't be able to recognize SD Titan in early spring, if grown together with B52 and Phalanx...that's all... Probably my poor english didn't help me a lot in the explaination so I will end up here. Thanks for sharing your monster Steve!!! Wish I could grow it one day and see the differences by myself.
  13. And you want me to take your photo as a term of comparison?!?! With a plant grown indoor for a month, then outside, then repotted, with only 5 leaves!?!? Just LOL.......from my low experience, where I see this picture that looks exactly the same as SD Titan (both with strong teeth, curly leaves, compact prostrate growing and probably same trap size)
  14. That's is exactly what you are can't say that I'm not experienced if I tell you that lat winter MY Phalanx was exactly like SD Titan (except for trap size), but it's ok, I'm surely not experienced enough, so don't worry ;) I have Dioanea "La grosse a Guigui" 2012 Largest trap competition winner, that in my conditions only grows at 4-4,3cm, while the best trap in 2012 was 5,2cm....what does this means in your opinion? If you state that SD Titan always produce 4cm long (and longer) traps, while in my conditions would produce 3-3,5cm traps, maybe it is not as titanic as you could think. I have seen Tritons with 4cm traps (yeah, 4cm traps) and I bet very few people can do the same...why? Growing conditions, that's it. I was not referring to your picture but at those in the first post on this thread. How long is it out of dormancy your SD Titan?