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    Hi everyone, Recently I had the opportunity to travel to the USA to see sarracenias in situ. I would love to share some photos with all of you. My First location was Greenville Co. in South Carolina. Thank you very much ! Gustavo
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    Hi all, it has been some time since my last post with photos here. I have moved to a new house two years back, built some new growing spaces, improved my lighting systems... There is still a lot of to do (like a greenhouse), but the plants are currently growing fine, which I would like to share. I have three main growing spaces: grow tent with a 220 W led source, used only for the winter (the plants are otherwise in the garden) and two aquariums rebuilt for the plants, one for helis with 90 W led source and one with led stripes, circa 75 W in total. Hope you will like it. Adam The grow tent: Tray with tuberous sundews D. aberrans D. zonaria D. browniana D. squamosa D. hookeri D. erythrorhiza Among others, D. hilaris looks great this time of the year D. esterhuyseniae And flowering P. immaculata on a calcareous rock The aquarium with heliamphoras, they were recently flowering wildely (the aquarium is usually covered, the cover was removed during taking this photo): And the sundew aquarium. Both aquariums are in the basement and I have currently improved them with a cooling... a hose connected to the ventilation of the basement, which constantly blows cool air from the outside into the aquarium. The temperatures vary very nicely with about 25 °C during the day and slightly below 20 °C during the night. Some of the plants - D. chrysolepis, D. camporupestris, D. magnifica, D. villosa, D. spiralis, D. tomentosa var. glabrata... The succulent leaves of G. roraimensis This D. solaris is going to flower soon (but I have never got any seeds from it) D. meristocaulis - small, but growing D. arenicola D. kaieteurensis And D. hirticalyx - I do not know why, but this species stays always green in my conditions, never getting the deep red as in nature. Does it need so much more light than the other species? Or is it the clone which is in cultivation?
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    Some pictures of Drosophyllum 'in-situ' Location: Portugal, Mata da Machada and Santiago do Cacém Date:29/12/2019 and 30/12/2019 New Pictures added from Santiago do Cacém, date: 05/01/2020. Best regards, Cumprimentos / best regards, Nelson José Luís Gaspar Associação Portuguesa de Plantas Carnívoras www.appcarnivoras.org forum.appcarnivoras.org twitter.com/appcarnivoras instagram.com/appcarnivoras facebook.com/appcarnivoras facebook.com/groups/appcarnivoras
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    Some pictures of Drosophyllum 'in-situ' Location: Portugal, Mata da Machada and Santiago do Cacém Date:29/12/2019 and 30/12/2019 New Pictures added from Santiago do Cacém, date: 05/01/2020. Best regards, Cumprimentos / best regards, Nelson José Luís Gaspar Associação Portuguesa de Plantas Carnívoras www.appcarnivoras.org forum.appcarnivoras.org twitter.com/appcarnivoras instagram.com/appcarnivoras facebook.com/appcarnivoras facebook.com/groups/appcarnivoras
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    My offshoot is from Matthias Maier (Green Jaws). As far as I know, he never sold Carniflora plants as rare clones .
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    U. alpina x campbelliana
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    I agree with you !!!
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    Hopefully there'll be plenty for anyone who wants it in a few years. But there again it'll no longer be 'rare' and so probably no longer on so many wish lists!! PS I picked one of this listing, smallest size to keep in my max I'll pay budget, and look forward to seeing what the fuss was about, or not.
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    May 22 (Fri)-May 24 (Sun) Conference, Plant Exhibition and Sale May 25 (Mon) Day trip to the Tegarayama Conservatory Botanical Garden and the Hyogo Prefectural Flower Center May 26 (Tue) Field trip to the local habitats in Hyogo Prefecture May 27 (Wed) Field trip to the habitat of Pinguicula ramosa (Unryu Valley, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture) Registration for the conference and details are now available: http://jcps.life.coocan.jp/ICPS2020/ICPS2020_E.html At our 13th ICPS Conference we will visit the habitats in Hyogo Prefecture (Abiki Marsh and Nishiwaki City) by rental cars from Himeji. D. lunata, D. tokaiensis and D. rotundifolia will be seen there!! Participants of field trip to the habitat of Pinguicula ramosa will travel to Shinagawa by “Shinkansen” bullet train, then move to Kitasenju by train and stay at hotels in Kitasenju. Registration for the conference is now available: http://jcps.life.coocan.jp/ICPS2020/ICPS2020_E.html
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    Early on Boxing Day, we experienced the 2004 Tsunami at Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka. The day before, we had finished a very successful shooting for our film on Borneo Exotics, Robert Cantley’s famous special nursery for tropical pitcher plants. Only in the evening, we had returned from the highlands. After breakfast, it turned out to be a big stroke of luck that our hotel, recommended by Rob, was situated on a rock, several meters above sea level. Only for that reason nobody became injured there. Filmed from the balcony of our hotel room, our documentary shows with original comments how we experienced that force of nature. Yesterday, 2019-12-26, exactly 15 years passed by; therefore, Irmgard and I decided to show our shots also on our YouTube-channel. For those, interested in our videos on Borneo Exotics, we provided this playlist:
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    Very nice collection Tim, thanks for posting
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    Really nice plants! Thanks for sharing.
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    I finally found my password so to celebrate this here are some pictures of tuberous drosera d.rupicola d.zonaria geante d.tubaestylis d.Prophylla d.orbiculata d.Magna X d.erythrorhiza var imbecilla d.Lowrie geante d.Heterophylla d.erythrorhiza d.Basifolia by jp
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    One of my N. [(mirabilis "wing" x ampullaria "black miracle") x (mirabilis "globosa" x ampullaria "black miracle")] has a strange mutation that appears between the wings of the pitchers, it reminds me of the scene from Alien!
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    Update. Bit flattened by all the reason but doing very well. Need to think it the vft a bit. Never been hair with the moss.
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    Sorry you're disappointed with the order. It would be interesting to know who you bought them from. It's a bit difficult to see, but it looks as though you have several of each of the types in those pots. Did they arrive potted or bare rooted? Potted, probably, as they are pygmy Drosera. The trouble with pygmy drosera is that they are so small. A lot are needed in a pot to make a good display. The first thing to do is to re-read the description on the seller's site. If the size and number of the plants you've received matches the description, fine. If not, then a gentle email to the seller pointing this out is perfectly in order. As to the delay, it's worth checking whether the seller was on holiday. It's usual for sellers to put this on their web site with the dates they are away. Best of luck with this. You do have some nice plants there, though! They may well fill the pots as time goes by. These plants will produce gemmae which you can spread around the pot to germinate. Guy
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    Hello, I'll post what happened with my Cephalotus for those who have the same doubts that I had. At the end I let my plant bloom. The flower started to grow in February 2017. Then in May 2017 the flower looked like this: I daily self-pollinated the plant. In July 2017 I got 13 seeds and planted them newly collected. During August 2017 the main plant was very weak and without signs of growth, after this the main plant died superficially because it developed another three points of growth from the same rhizome. Actually in February 2018 the plant look like this: And what happened with the seeds? Actually 3 of 13 have germinated well after aproximately 7 months. Fortunately the plant survived and some seeds germinated successfully despite being a self pollination. Next time I'll try cross pollination with another cephalotus that I bought. Hope you like the post!
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    Time for this to be read again I think!
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    Illegal Plant Trading It has come to the attention of Admin and the Moderators that increasing numbers of illegal trades in live plants are being carried out between forum members. The purpose of CPUK forum is not to facilitate such trades. Illegal trades are defined as those that do not meet legal requirements for plant import and/or export, either in the UK, USA or other territories. Trading with third parties for plants of suspect origin may also be included in this definition. Forum policy is that those caught engaging in illegal plant trading will be immediately and permanently banished, and evidence will be passed to the appropriate enforcement agencies. Please do not make the mistake of considering this an idle threat. We are always reluctant to banish members and consider it the final sanction. However, members have been permanently banned for illegal trading and this policy will be rigorously enforced. Any Sales & Wants posts that encourage illegal trading will be immediately deleted and warnings issued. Such posts are often thinly disguised and Moderators have thus far posted simple reminders of the legal requirements for plant import/export. Our response will be more robust in future. Where illegal trading is suspected, members will be requested to provide further information. Refusal to cooperate will be considered a tacit admission of guilt and reason for permanent banishment. If members become aware of possible illegal trading either now or in the future, please pass your concerns to the Moderators. All such information received will be held in strictest confidence. Why do we care? Primarily, concerns of plant health and protection of endangered species. Phytosanitary inspection is required for good reason. It is all too easy to unwittingly introduce unwanted pests and diseases to new territories. Equally, plants are CITES listed because they are endangered and therefore require protection. More than 95% of Sarracenia habitat has now been lost and other genera like the Nepentheswhere an entire species may only be known from a single location, are in even greater danger. That plant you just purchased on the quiet may have been ripped from the wild. Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated.
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    I really just want to say thumbs up for the admins and moderators working hard on this forum, esp now with the new update. :) Your hard work is very much appreciated and helps us a lot with growing our carnivorous plants. One can never give too many compliments! Thanks guys! It had to be said.