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    Some Autumn colour on my Cephalotus. Dudley Watts Black Cephalotus Follicularis, One year old Leaf pullings 2PB Triffid Albany Black Big Boy
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    Got as Hummers Giant in Autumn colours. I love it.
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    Hi, like last year, I want to open a thread, where all people can post their pictures of winter-growing sundews. I'm hoping for a brisk stake and would like to start with my tuberous sundews. This year I tried to simulate an Australian bush fire and here are the first results as fas as they came out. Nearly all the species which are flowering early in the season are in bloom and there are species that I have had for years and now bloom for the first time and then really vigorously. Here is an example, one of my D. collina pots. I have D. collina tubers for some years but they never flowered and see what happens this season: Here is a picture of a D. obriculata pot. Out of the 3 tubers that I received about 2 years ago, 5 tubers have now become and as you can see all are blooming or better will bloom. Here is another picture which shows D. bulbosa: Another species that last time had flowers about 5 years ago is D. erythrorhiza. Look what happens after the treatment I described above: The next one is D. tubaestylis. They are flowering every year. The last one today is D. aff. bulbosa "deep red form" which will bloom in some days. OK, the thing with the "deep red" needs a little bit more. and here because it is in my opinion really beautiful a detail of the photo above. If you have some wintergrowing Drosera please do not hesitate to take a camera, a mobile phone or what ever to take some pictures and post it here or in another tread. There will be at least one person, who will be happy to see them ;-). Cheers from Berlin Lutz
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    Thanks, I will present pictures of my plants, but unfortunately much more rarely than before Nepenthes ampullaria
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    Just done mine - could be decades!
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    Hi and welcome to the forum.
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    I had two plants from Kamil. One was in smaller 10cm pot in more humid and hotter part of gh with nepenthes - this one died due to rot. I have every day 2x 10min misting in this part of gh. Second one survived. During hotter days I kept her on the floor under the bench together with regia. Now it sits also next to regia on the bench. Planted in simillar medium as regia, topped with sphagnum, 15x15x15cm pot. I think lots of light, humidity, loosen airy substrate, and not too hot climate is the key to success. Saing this, my plant doesn't look the best but I think it finally acclimatised.
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    You'll always have one less than you actually need!
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    Time to update: My collection is still growing and I made some pictures today from my older plants and added their names under the picture. You can find them on this link and navigate with the arrow to find my other pictures (about 20). There are some really interesting species, like S. cuspidatum growing really wet in nature, some species that can handle higher pH values than others, some that can cope with shadow better, and some that grow really compactly and handle droughts better. Feel free to ask questions. Best regards and have a nice day!
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    Well, it's been a while, but I thought I had to share that one. I was a bit emotional when I got the package, I must confess. And here were are: I'm already falling in love with the crown of hairs: The plant is super healthy: Indeed Gert, indeed! Now is time to grow that beauty! Hopefully it will go well.
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    Hi... Here three beautiful new stamps!!!! From Serbia (2017) Aldrovanda Vesiculosa From Malaysia (2018) X2 Nephentes
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    My Eden Black in the autumn Eselt - create listing ebay Eselt - Best Multi channel listing software
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    Yeah I know...... Its times like this that your anatomy should allow you to kick yourself up your own ass.....
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    Another sheet... From TANZANIA issued on 2013
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    Here a beautiful sheet from BURUNDI issued on 2012
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    Noticed this a few days ago, all on the same stalk, one even caught a fly.
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    Hi at all, a little update: Cheers Natale
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    I started these around 3-4 weeks ago from a leaf i cut from my broad leaf capensis, just to see if i could manage to grow them. I didnt take any pics after just taking the cuttings as i wasnt sure they would take. And after around a week they've grown to this. But what it doesn't show is there appears to be a new plant growing from one of the stems in there as well.
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    Being repotted in orchid pot...
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    Heres mine Eselt - alternative zu Ebay turbo lister
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    Honestly I don´t think that five seeds are worth sowing them IV. Mostly you need much more to succeed with only a few of these for there are many deaf ones in a pod. Failure-rates in sowing neps are too high to get at least one seedling from only five seeds. So I´d suggest sowing them by yourself for the low amount isn´t worth the efford of sowing them IV and IF they will germinate at all they´ll also do so under regular conditions. My own experience.
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    Hey, Sorry for not having seen your question earlier. In case, here is an old sketch: Two pumps, one chiller, and a fan coupled with a heatsink. Basically, I had the chiller cooling down the temperature of the water. Then, the cold water (ca. 7°C) was pushed in the heatsink to subsequently cool the air down. Thanks for your interest snowwy but unfortunately, not yet. Due to demanding life events, I stopped growing carnivorous plants for a whole year. I started from scratch again last October. I'll introduce my new setup and plants as soon as it is worth it :).
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    I crossed my large burkii (not Chipola) shown in the thread above with a flava atropurpurea a few years ago: Sarracenia purpurea burkii x flava atropurp by gardenofeden67, on Flickr