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  1. Hi Nigel

    What a pity this brexit !!! , i'de be interested on plants you sell :sad:

  2. That's really awesome. Please put me on the waiting list, if you ever have one available.
  3. Very nice! Could you put me on the list also.
  4. nigel09


    Looks really great Could you add me to the waiting list also??
  5. Thanks, I got it from a couple of year ago.
  6. Hi, Here are some photos of my 004, I hope this may help you!
  7. Very nice, I like it. Will you be having any cuttings available?
  8. Great looking VFT, I really like it!
  9. Congratulations Corky. Thanks Trevor for organising, good competition & a nice bit of fun! Another thanks for Trevor & Killian for donating the prizes.
  10. That is really nice, i like it a lot!
  11. That is really nice! Are all the traps like that?? Another one to add to my wish list. ;)
  12. Great Looking plants Lucien!
  13. Here's my largest trap this year. A Bimbo windows print screen