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  1. I’ve seen cephalotus carniflora from garden center grown under leds to become all black, like the one in this e photoes It doesn’t seem to me Eden black
  2. Please, don’t reply to so old posts... you can write a pm to those cpforum members to ask informations;-)
  3. Yes, better outside... what species is it? Protect it from direct rain and let the substrate only humid but not too wet;-)
  4. I agree with Ian.. the plant is making hibenaculum.. wait a little until the leaves start to dry and than you can remove the dry ones;-)
  5. Hi, Dimitar! Of course, your plant is wonderful!!!
  6. Very interesting and beautiful plants... thanks a lot!
  7. Hi! I’d let all like it is now... when the plant make a stem and become high it makes this kind of roots that fix it to the soil;-)
  8. I totally agree with you!!! I haven’t a greenhouse or a good sun exposition (due my job I must change home every 2/3 years) so the black or giant clones in my growing conditions are just like typical ones... but Cephalotus with distinctive pitcher shapes (as Dudley Watts and its wonderful peristome) are very well looking even in my poor growing conditions;-)
  9. Wonderful plant, in my opinion one of the best clones!!! Only a question to people who grow (or know) it: is it true that it isn’t a vigorous clone and it is very slow growing and very difficult to riproduce from leaf pulling? A friend that has grown it told me those observations, but I don’t know if he had a bad division that never has grown well for him! Thanks a lot Mobile for the link and congratulations to Dimitar that has registered this wonderful clone
  10. Wait for nepenthes experts answer... it seems to me sun or light burn.. does the sunlight is stronger now on your windowswill?
  11. Roraimae is true... but it hasn’t a location;-)
  12. I think you can do it just now;-)
  13. If you cut a leaf and put it in live sphagnum in a plastic box closed (with temperatures about 20 degrees) it should work in around 15 days... the box mustn’t stay at direct sunlight;-)