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  1. Hi Natale!!! Beautiful shoot!!! Very happy for you Best regards, Serse
  2. Hi! pinguicula x Tina is very easy to grow, but you must know some things... it is a mexican pinguicula and it needs temperatures between 5 and 35 C... so you should cultivate it indoor in colder months... It needs a lot of light but not very strong direct sunlight, but it is not a problem for you If you grow it with orchids... I suggest you to grow it in a mineral substrate (pure sand for acquarium, pure volcanic lava or mixed mineral soil). Water: always 2/5 mm in the tray when it has carnivorous leaves. When it has non carnivorous lives it is like a succulent plant
  3. Wait for an expert, but it seems to me the hybrid you have said;-) ! I don’t think it is a pure lowii!!!
  4. Hi Rob! Thanks a lot for your help and very useful photos!!
  5. Thanks a lot, Darwiniana and Rob! I only grew drosera spatulata “Ahipara Gumfields, Northland, New Zealand” and it had longer and narrower leaves, so I’ve tought it couldn’t be a spatulata ... maybe another spatulata form or tokaiensis as you say!! ;-)
  6. Good morning! A friend bought a genlisea and in the pot has born this sundew. It grows in a terrarium. my friend think it is only a very common spatulata. It is very very slowgrowing plant and I think it could be a South American sundew. Could you help me in identification? I’ve only two photos of the plant. Thanks a lot!
  7. Thanks a lot for your answer!! Anyway your English is better than my Have a nice day, Serse
  8. Good evening! I’ve red different opinion about drosera hamiltonii, if this plant is self-fertile, if it needs hand-pollination or If it needs cross pollination to produce seeds... has anyone in the forum direct experience in producing drosera hamiltonii seeds? Thanks a lot! Serse
  9. Hi Lucien! I’ve seen just now... nice shape
  10. Amazing plants, Dimitar!!! thanks!
  11. Follow what Magnus has said to you, it is perfect! Only a thing: If any seeds don’t germinate this spring they could do it the next spring, after the second stratification... so don’t throw away the pot with seeds that haven’t germinated;-)
  12. Well done!!! I hope it is possible! Make me know If you have success;-)
  13. Hi! If you have only a pot you can use a white spectrum lamp of 6000 k in a desk lamp... I bought it for 3,5€ in a chinese shop;-) If you prefer a little more professional lamp, there are growlights for indoor culture... This is the 3rd winter that I grow indoor my truncata and it continue to grow (very slowly due to the low temperature) and make pitchers;-) The violet light is a growlight, that you can see envolved in cellophane... ad you can see my indoor growing point is not well looking, but it works;-)