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  1. Argo88

    P. agnata - colored variety

    Very very nice plants!! I love plants growing from seed!!! Good luck!!! Please tell us how red will be the new seedlings;-)
  2. Argo88

    Uknown Green house pest

    Thanks a lot, Stephen!! I don’t knew it... so it is definitively a fungus gnat!!! Thanks again and have a nice day;-)
  3. Argo88

    Uknown Green house pest

    I don’t think so.. it makes a “silk net” and grows at about 1,2 cm... I think it is of the same genus of fungus gnat... but You have a lot more experience than me... If You tell me that fungus gnat larvae too make a silk net, it is of course a fungus gnat;-) thanks for the reply:-)
  4. Argo88

    CPUK SSL Certificate

    Thanks a lot!!! Great job
  5. Argo88

    Uknown Green house pest

    Hola Roberto!! Que tál tus plantitas? Espero que todo sigua bién con ellas!!! Desde ahora hablaré Inglés, de manera que todos entiendan mis palabras;-) This is the pest that grows in my sphagnum pots... today I’ve seen one in a pure river sand pot too (in which I grow my temperate pinguiculas). It seems very similar to fungus gnat larvae (I think they are of the same genus) but it grows more (I killed some of about 1/1,2 cm). It make like a silk net in the sphagnum and goes on the top of substrate in the night...when it is bigger the silk net seems more similar to a bright liquid, like when a snail walks...I’ve never had this pest in the pots that stay always in direct sunlight... please if anyone know this pest tell us it’s name... I often kill it with bacillus thurigiensis
  6. Argo88

    new leucopylla clone

    Very interesting plant, well done
  7. Argo88

    Growing (highland) Nepenthes in the windowsill

    Only a question: in winter I’ve got in my home minimum temperature of 12 C... is too cold for nepenthes truncata, nepenthes robcantleyi and their hybrids or they can grow quite well?
  8. Argo88

    Growing (highland) Nepenthes in the windowsill

    Thanks for writing Your experience
  9. Argo88

    Growing (highland) Nepenthes in the windowsill

    Hi! Can You post any photos of Your plants? Have they developed good pitchers? I’m very interested in Your experience, thanks... please, tell me another thing: does Your nepenthes keep direct sunlight? And what is Your window exposition (North facing, South, West or East)? thanks
  10. Argo88

    My Cephalotus

    Great plants well done!!
  11. Argo88

    Nepenthes capture and digest mice

    Very very interesting!!! Excellent reportage!! Thanks a lot!! Now I know the power of the biggest nepenthes pitchers... It is really amazing!!!
  12. Argo88

    CPUK Site Outage August 2018

    Thanks a lot, Richard!!!!
  13. Argo88

    some of my dionee

    Really amazing plants!!! Bravissimo Fabrizio, veramente splendide!!! Complimenti
  14. Argo88

    Dionaea leaves turn brown

    It could be a spider mites attack ...
  15. Argo88

    Pinguicula filifolia

    Really beautiful and well grown plant!!! Well done p.s.: I’ve wrote You an e-mail last Saturday