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  1. This year I’ve seen a similar thing with some temperate pinguiculas from gemmae... they are 1/5 than the ones that I grown from gemmae last year
  2. Hi Fede!!! Nice to see you here!! Che piacere vederti!! Benvenuto!!
  3. Very nice looking windowswill!! It is all clean and perfect!! Well done!
  4. Argo88

    Dionaea "Wire"

    Wonderful plant, Lucien!! Well done!!
  5. The p. gigantea alba produces seeds... in my experience they are a very small amount, about 25/30 seeds (self pollination)... Now I should know if they are viable or not... I must notice a strange thing: For obtain seeds from p. Gigantea purple flower I can self pollinate the plant since 2 days after the complete opening of the flower... in my growing conditions, with my white flower clone, I’ve lost about 6 flowers until I understand that it is ready to pollination later: about 5 days later than the complete opening of the flower!
  6. Very nice!! Well done!!!
  7. Great photos, Jeff!!!! Well done!!!
  8. Argo88

    pings outside now

    Wonderful plants, Ada!!! They are very happy
  9. Wonderful plants!!! Amazing colours!!!
  10. Very interesting plant!! I don’t knew it! Thanks for sharing!
  11. The “compact” Gigantea from seed has flowered just today... here I put some photos... the p. Gigantea alba has divided itself... maybe my p. Gigantea alba is not a sterile clone... in the next days I’ll discover it
  12. It is a very strange weather.. I’m in Udine, near Venice, in North-east of Italy... here the bigger amount of rain is in November... it is a very strange thing that rain a lot in April-may!!!!