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  1. Argo88


    I have the same problem
  2. Just caught... still alive;-)
  3. You said the true another time... but I help my luck: I grow a single species of Mexican pinguicula: pinguicula gigantea good night, my friend!! I hope in future to see some photos of your other pinguiculas
  4. My bigger pinguiculas gigantea catch them... Gaz says the true, but pinguicula gigantea have the peculiarity of both sides of the leaves (upper and down) with glue... young giganteas, anywhere, don’t catch them;-) In these pictures you can see a recently divided plantlet that is big enough to catch a winged aphid with the down page of the leaf;-)
  5. Hi Gaz! Your gigantea is beautiful and very healty... now it only need time to becomes bigger and bigger;-) Thanks a lot! I’m sure that your the rest of season will grow well for you! In my conditions p. giganteas start blooming at the end of winter and to divide themselves just after the first flower... but as you have said, we are growing this plants in very different conditions, and I’m not sure my way is the best: my plants could be only older than your;-) have a nice day!!!
  6. Hi Gaz! at the beginning of spring I catch bugs for them... but now they hunts a lot alone!! When they are big they catch a lot of preys... and they have a very big tray... it helps them increasing humidity and attracting mosquitos.. when they were little I fertilized them, but I don’t make it from years... when the old leaves died, if fertilized they make a lor of algae in substrate. I water them with tap water that stays for two days in a tray before using that... I think they appreciate calcareous water ;-)
  7. Pure river sand... but they do well in pure volcanic lava too... only I don’t use it because I haven’t a greenhouse and here there is a lot of strong wind... volcanic lava is too light and the pots fall dawn
  8. Hi! I grow drosera roseana and drosera pulchella without greenhouse and cover;-) there are also quite easy hibryds of pigmy sundews... better if you wait 2 months: in autumn starts gemmae time;-)
  9. Hi! They grow in a North/east facing windowswill... they have a lot of light but never direct sunlight;-)
  10. So they will divide next year!!!;-) yes, they are easy to propagate by leaf pulling, but from division they often make the flower the next spring;-)
  11. Hi Gaz! I’m fine, thanks! p. gigantea is a little slow growing, but it grows;-) Two days ago I divided mine... I post a photo for you... on the left you can see on the top the purple flower and under it the bigger one that is white flower... on the right you can see the divisions, they are rooting just now...
  12. Hi Gaz!!! How are you? My pinguiculas are making bigger leaves, and yours?;-)