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  1. The photo focus is amazing. Stacking technique?
  2. Sorry this has happened. I hope you 2 can come to a agreement. Was the package inspected locally at customs? Sent from my SM-N920I
  3. Im not siding anyone but i think how david counted the plant can be 1 large or 2 young. As for missing plant. Liked i mention before above. It happeb from time to time. Either he forgot or maybe failed inspection or what so ever. I won't say he has the best attitude on business but just on the " can communicate " level. He do have alot of different plant to offer. For everyone. Ordering from david will have to be prepared for surprises. Have free plants and expect some missing. Slow but will deliver. Sent from my SM-N920I
  4. That's very nice Dieter. The tubaestylis, rupicola and erythrorhiza over here show a little activity.
  5. 24 OCT 15 : Heavy Updates D Adelae : The little one has grown too much, its time to remove before it suffocate at such a tiny hole D. Andromeda no.7 : New plant has rot and form new leaves, Looking good still D. Erythrorhiza: The tuberous sundew has send up it's new form More tubers awakening P. Moranensis Hybrid: 2 pots that has been struggling through the heat D. Prolifera: My latest addition. 2nd attempt. The first one couldn't take the heat. Hope this one can. Byblis Liniflora: Has be growing taller and taller at 45cm from base of pot! N. Rafflesiana: The latest pitcher has darken, and producing sweet nectar. N. Hookeriana Tish Np 14: First pitcher after potted up, took about a month or so to stabilize N. Ampullaria Green : A new pitcher is opening up 20 Oct: Opened up nice and green N. Campanulata: Flower!! What a Joke N. (Lowii X Campanulata) : New plant arrived! Pot it up really quick and cut off what I think I should N Bicalcrata: The fangs grew longer N. Ampullaria: When I first got it on 1st july. Now it surprised me with 2 ground pitcher. Looks like it has been there for a short while. The lids looks freshly opened and there were moss around the top and I had already remove them This was on the right, well formed While this on the left looks a little deformed N. Gracilis : At my mum's place has been growing very well: There was this tiny spidy on top
  6. I opt for white lights too, pleasing on the eyes and photographing. I use a mix of warm and white. At the height of 35cm, I would advise a minimum of 3watt per diode. They give out heat so take note. My reference on the 3watt diode led setup near the end of thread. http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=54092&view=findpost&p=376161
  7. Go ahead and try. Been getting plants from him and recently we had a MO. He just got all the legal documents ready so happy that he will be sending out soon.
  8. Some more photos of Nepenthes ... Nepenthes Viking latest pitcher Nepenthes Bicalcrata new pitcher Nepenthes Rafflesiana new pitcher 19 Sept Nepenthes Rafflesiana : the same pitcher grew 24 Sept, getting comfy among the amps Nepenthes Viking Basal Nepenthes Ampullaria New pitcher hiding under shade Nepenthes Ladyluck Nepenthes Ladyluck : newest pitcher just opened it's lid Nepenthes Campunalata : Starting to take off slowly Nepenthes Miranda basal finally put out it's first pitcher Nepenthes Ampullaria Green : New pitcher Nepenthes Hookeriana : latest pitcher just opened Nepenthes Gracilis : Jumping spider been hanging around, sometimes hiding in the pitcher waiting for ants/gnats Nepenthes Gracilis : Didn't fall in The jumping spider (salticidae) hanging around the lid of the pitcher when I saw it. It's been in and out around the opening catching ants/gnats, like a buffet treat. The spider was careful and didn't fall. It has secure it's web on the peristome before going inside to do it's killing.... here's the video... Best viewed in 720 or 1080 hd and full screen. (option at setting icon bottom right of video)
  9. Sounds good.I think thr aquatic one will be better if they are both producing the same intensity. But even with the 2 same set up on my 2 tier rack. The plants color up differently . The bottom shelf seems to get redder. Sent from my SM-N9005
  10. Thanks! I find it rather unique too! Thanks! I am using LED for now, 3watt per diode setup, warm and cool white, with 1 or 2 blue, not particular in the spectrum. just random buy over ebay and china website. http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=54092&page=2#entry371596
  11. I've noticed some nice pitchers developing in good colors. These plants are new in my care and they really brighten me up. Glad I've been poisoned into Neps ha! Nepenthes Viking (Tish NP 13) From my friend has color very nicely. Here's the development. 28 Aug 15 06 Sept 2015 Nepenthes Lady Luck : Nice color on this young pitcher Nepenthes Rebecca Soper : Biggest pitcher on the right so far The leaves remain bronze greenish or bronze maroon.
  12. Thanks! My lights are controlled by timer and I tap the camera's power supply to the same timer. Sometimes when I think there is much changes to take note. I manually let the lights on for 24hours. Thanks you for viewing my work. I am really honoured to have people appreciating them :) Much appreciated :)
  13. 30 Aug 2015 : Time lapse of a Nepenthes pitcher grow.... Ever since I gotten nepenthes a few months back and seen pitcher forming. I am very curious how they grow. I've decided to make a time lapse video project on one of the N. Rafflesiana. After a week or more. I've capture the footage of 1 and been working on the video. Well it's done now. here's the video... Best viewed in 720 or 1080 hd and full screen. (option at setting icon bottom right of video)