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  1. Hola buenas me gustaría comprarle 2 si es posible. 


  2. Very nice plants especially S x Excellens 'Red Top' - congrats !
  3. Wow, very impressive plants. Congratulations !
  4. It's a very nice plant ! What soil mixture are you using for it ?
  5. Wow, be carefull with the hand :). Congratulation, it's a great plant.
  6. Greg, I growing my plants under lamps. I going to try to grow them in my greenhouse but only in the warmest months. Unfortunately we have rough winters in Poland, and during these months they will grow under lamps. Maybe it will help them to produce flower stalk.
  7. Hi, What are you doing that's yours D.Regia flowering ? I growing mine from about 3 years, they leafs are about 25-30 cm long but they have never flowered. Maybe this drosera needs rest to produce flower stalk ? Regards Mateusz
  8. 10 years You are very patient :) Beautiful flower, congrats !
  9. Thanks for that information. What about flowering of these plants? They needs dormancy to produce flower or they can do it without it ? I asking because my plants didn't flowered yet.
  10. Great plants maurizio. Can you describe the conditions in which you growing your D. hilaris ? I have a few of them but they don't want to grow well.
  11. Wow, it's good to know that this drosera needs dormancy. I have a few D. madagascariensis since 3 years and they never tried to take a rest. Can you describe the conditions which has to be provided to correct dormancy of this plant ? I'll be ready when mine droseras will go sleep.
  12. Hi Mati, I left you a MP too :) Paolo

  13. Hi Mati, I left you a MP too :) Paolo