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  1. Very beautiful collection!
  2. jasonkochuni


    Perhaps my favorite red VFT variety... A Young 'SL027':
  3. I agree, Lucien, It's quite a beautiful plant. I will need to do a comparison once my SL027 settles in, as I remember the SL027 has similar cilia. What age is your '015', and would you mind sharing a photo?
  4. Below are a few macro photos. Hope you enjoy... '015' '012' 'Green Sawtooth'
  5. All beauties! Microdent bicolore and the third VFT pictured are instant favs in my book!
  6. Can't wait to see the other pics! Beautiful plants.
  7. Thanks everyone! The Royal Red x Dentate is quite similar to Bohemian Garnet (which probably explains why I appreciate it's traits). You can see a photo of the one I previously had here ... http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=40254 If I recall correctly it clumped quite nicely, so I'm excited to see how this one performs. Steve- Sadly I lost all my cultures a while back, however I just setup a new tissue culture lab. I plan on starting to culture again for fun as I have missed the hobby greatly.
  8. Two quick images of a Royal Red x Dentate vft:
  9. Some time ago I lost my VFT collection and tissue culture work in an electrical fire. I took some time off from CP growing due to the frustration with the loss, and to spend time with my new daughter. Greatly missing the hobby, I have started to collect again. Below is my first step in resurrecting a new collection (quite pitiful at the moment). I recently purchased an Access Cold Frame, and next year I plan on installing a greenhouse next to it. I have also setup a new tissue culture lab for fun. I would highly recommend Access products...well made, and quite sturdy... Hope you enjoy, and thanks for looking...