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  1. That's a very good growth rate. I think that the production of leaves may be seasonal. I grow many of my Cephalotus under fluorescent lighting and don't get many leaves, but the ones grown on windowsills get more. The ones under fluorescent lights get the same daylight hours throughout the year and the lights produce heat, but the windowsill ones get seasonal variances. Personally, I wouldn't be concerned about the lack of leaves, as the plant looks healthy and to be growing well.
  2. I've tried top dressing of gravel and the moss came through. Im now trying a much deeper top dressing using granite gravel and so far it is moss free.
  3. There are certainly a lot of named clones out there that are not worthy of naming.
  4. You and I share the same likes for that. Apart from my location plants, most of my ceph collection has been reduced to those with unusual pitcher shapes or sizes.
  5. Hi @Bidde, I like the pitcher shape.
  6. I presume the one you have seen is the one that creates a rosette of leaves? If so, then it is not to my taste, however it is unusual and would qualify for cultivar status.
  7. I thought it was from grower Alexander Fisch‎? There's some pictures of it on one of the Facebook CP groups.
  8. I don't think there is such a thing as 'typical' as they can express differing characteristics in differing growing conditions. Also, even seeds grown from the same plant can express different characteristics. I personally think this leads to the plethora of named clones but also why those clones may not express the same characteristics in other growing conditions. The so called dark clones are a classic example of requiring specific conditions.
  9. @Harro, I'm pleased it is growing well for you. Carl
  10. Bananito is a beautiful clone and in my opinion, worthy of cultivar status given its unusual pitcher shape. The dark colouration when grown in conditions conducive to such is definitely an added bonus to this cultivar.
  11. A good recovery and very nicely grown
  12. I would be interested to know if you still use fluorescent lighting. Many growers seem to have moved to LED lighting, so I was wondering if you have or have considered changing to them?
  13. Very healthy looking Cephalotus
  14. I suspect that you are the only one to have 'Bananito' in cultivation.