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  1. I used to wait until they looked like they were going to fall from the pods
  2. My guess is another slackii, maybe from a root growing close to the surface , have to wait and see
  3. I think you'd be better off without the bell jar, I grow mine open to my house humidity and temps all year round, lowest humidity upper 20's but not often , average humidity at a guess between 40 and 50 ,they grow and flower well enough but I have them under Flo lights but am sure a sunny window would be fine ,adjust them with a bag and increase hole size and I reckon no jar required
  4. I don't know much at all about tuberous drosera and grew these d ramellosa from tubers last season, I dug them up recently to see if any daughter tubers had been formed , they hadn't but the original tubers now seem to look a very strange shape though significantly larger ,any idea if this is normal
  5. Hello and welcome to the forum
  6. Yes it can be self pollinated, tiny paintbrush from flower to flower when open has always helped
  7. This thread might be worth a look, I read this thread a couple of years back and decided to get a plant , it has survived freezes if kept pretty dry
  8. I would suggest you secure it somehow , they blow over very easily and that's a nightmare, I have a few and found out the hard way, I have concrete blocks on the very bottom shelve , you could do this and place your pots with seeds on top as you don't need height. Totally agree with Ada , two seasons and then cover is screwed by UV , I still think they are worth it though
  9. Good news, welcome back
  10. That's the sound of success my friend :-)
  11. Think colchicine is used by gout sufferers , so if you know someone with gout
  12. Some seriously impressive plants , stunning
  13. A topic here They make shamrock peat ,
  14. No one reads the sun, they look at the pictures
  15. I admit I've never heard of it but like the vivid red colour , looks to have relatively large flowers on short stalks? Would be a bonus my book , thanks for sharing the pic
  16. Looks like n. Diatas?
  17. Tap on your username at top of page , then tap on account settings, then you'll see a signature option , tap that and sorted....that's in desktop not mobile
  18. corky

    silica sand?

    When using something new I always test it out on a sacrificial sundew just to make sure , but then I always have loads of spares normally where they shouldn't be growing
  19. corky

    silica sand?

    If it's sold specifically for pool filters it should be good, you could add vinegar or anything acidic to test it , if it fizzes its not good
  20. Mobile how big are the largest pitchers on your plant , nicely grown plant but is it staying bonzai?
  21. Big difference in colour too , good to see a substantial difference in clones
  22. I agree that something wrong if that's ten years old, but that could be a number of things and not necessarily solved by a repot, but if that's a twelve inch bucket its growing in I'll take it all back