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  1. Thanks for the info! I will probably leave my plant potted until the growing season and then see if it still grows happily.
  2. It has died back a lot recently. It had to be put outside last year for a cochineal infestation (as far as I could tell). Didn't seem to be harming the plant as it was growing very well, but the little things started appearing all over the walls. While it was outside it died back. Have brought it back in to avoid the colder weather. Pot size is about 8 inches. 10 years has just gone by with it looking happy plus I was always wary to uproot.
  3. Well, it's had the same soil for maybe 10 years now. I thought it might be good idea to change? But if it is better to leave it if it is happy I will do that
  4. Hello, I have had a cephalotus growing in the same pot, same soil for many, many years now. It has separated a few times and seems happy enough, but I was wondering if I should repot it for better care and how/when I should go about doing this for best results? Many thanks for any advice.
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