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  1. Could I use a big undrained concrete trough as a bog garden? If I can, the only problem would be where to put it and how to move it. I live in Texas, so should I put it in full sun? I’m afraid the sun will literally incinerate them.
  2. Could i grow a nepenthes miranda on a southern windowsill? If not, I could put it on a small table farther away. Is 40% humidity high enough? My ventrata's thriving.
  3. Does it have to be humid for the colors to show? I have humidity around 45 percent most of the time... I’m definitely not lacking in sunlight!
  4. Jeez... it took him that long to get used to his home
  5. Sarracenia “Big Rip Off.”
  6. I see white flecks on the pitchers; not aphids. I forgot what they’re called. Probably just use a safe pesticide
  7. Would gerbil turds work?
  8. Remember this: wet feet; dry ankles