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  1. Thank you Mark, that’s most kind.
  2. Think we’re the first nursery anywhere to offer this baby:
  3. Always the self publicist, the range grows as the yearly propagation effort progresses. I’ve some new S. psittacina plants soon as I work through those, but in the meantime here’s the site:
  4. Hi All, Whilst I’m in Australia until about the 12th September, I’m posting daily updates of plants we find on my Facebook page: Feel free to have a look. Regards Nigel
  5. Definitely needs more light!
  6. They can be red in intense light. The lack of new leaves is due to the plant spending its energies on producing two flower stalks. I remove mine (from most Drosera) and they grow better for it! Nigel HC
  7. See it at the shows sometimes. Ignore them, their ignorance will remain long after you’ve forgotten about them. Nigel HC
  8. Hi All, Dennis, Roy Cheek, and myself attended Adrian’s funeral yesterday. It was great to hear the eulogy, delivered by Adrian’s cousin Nikolai Tolstoy (I knew there was a family link there somewhere), spinning yarns of his years with Adrian. The tiny church in Barton St David was full, the sun was shining, and there was a gathering in one of Adrian’s favourite haunts, The Quarry in Keinton, afterwards. A touching, and deeply personal tribute to a man, who for me and many of us, was the introduction to this remarkable group of plants. Nigel H-C
  9. May have been mine on the box; it were filmed one evening. Nigel H-C
  10. Nobody seems to have mentioned Chelsea on the forum, unless I’ve missed it somewhere. The Society and myself were awarded silver-gilt, and Hampshire CP and Wack’s Wicked Plants we’re both awarded gold. Regards Nigel H-C
  11. I shall have more in the spring/summer. I have a number in progress! Nigel HC
  12. They’re all mature sized divisions. I use 9 cm square pots for the Sarracenia. Nigel H-C
  13. Don't worry! It's the UK CPS the article went in. It also went in the December 2013 Plantsman, one of the RHS magazines. Message me your email address and I'll send it to you. Regards Nigel H-C
  14. It's working now. I used Imgur and now they show: Cheers NIgel
  15. Just a test... Nigel H-C