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  1. danl82


    I got mine thank you Chris, look lovely and healthy. Looking forward to spring now
  2. danl82

    My Cacti...

    No problem, that second plant isn't densely spined enough to be spinosissima, also the flowers are bit different between those species.
  3. danl82

    My Cacti...

    1st photo Mammillaria elongata 2nd Pilocereus sp (sometimes these are hybrids) and Mammillaria backebergeriana possibly ssp ernestii. Both of these pots are likely made up of individual plants that were germinated and planted together in clumps.can be seperated out when its time to repot. 3rd Hamatocactus setispinus should flower easily if happy in the summer. 4th very likely an echinopsis hybrid (there are more of them for sale than actual species) has a lot of ribs so maybe close to e. mammillosa or similar. Flowers will help most here. 5th Mammillaria rekoi Last one is a ceroid species seedling, which I've seen before but the name escapes me right now. As it gets bigger it's features will become clearer and easier to id.
  4. I haven't touched my plants for quite a while due to some ill health. They've stayed out all winter and hadn't been trimmed at all So I just started to repot and tidy them up at the weekend. Out of 3 trays so far I'd lost 2 small sarra's one rotted and another had dried out. Otherwise everything seems to be okay, will start the rest of the trays next weekend.
  5. danl82

    Drosophyllum progress

    Glad to see he's still going so well, mine are in between the first flush of flowers and have new ones on the way. From my experience they seem to put their all into flowering and fruiting so I think this is why this seems to be their "delicate" time. I have found that just making sure they are watered correctly and having ready access to food ( these plants are so greedy, as you've no doubt noticed) should be enough. Have you picked up on the honey fragrance of the plant yet? If the air is still I can often smell it when I walk into the garden, let alone get close to the plants. I didn't get around to sowing more this year, I have seed from my own and a different source sitting at home, tempted to do a late sowing but with the very dry weather and limited water around I may wait till next year now. When I've germinated them ( including your one) I just sowed them direct into their pots with nothing else done to them. They didn't all germinate immediately, some were a couple of weeks behind the others but there was more than 90% in the end.
  6. danl82

    Where's my rain?

    I am desperate for rain here, my plants have had to have a drink of (pause for dramatic effect) tap water! Ah the horror. It was either that or dry and crispy plants. I do work in a lab though and will get some ro water to tide me over. But I'm disappointed, we were suppossed to get rain over the weekend but we got nothing, just wind.
  7. danl82

    When will my sarracenia open?

    What plant is it? Is it a leuco or leuco hybrid? The pitchers look like they're developing, they should open soon but they won't be big. By next year it should hopefully settle down and put out some bigger pitchers.
  8. danl82

    'Daniel Rudd' revisited

    Thats good to know, I had wondered if the genuine article had been lost to cultivation.
  9. danl82

    'Daniel Rudd' revisited

    Okay, now we know there is an imposter (at least one) that circulates as this plant. Any chance anyone is actually growing the real thing? There doesn't seem to be any decent pictures available anymore either.
  10. danl82

    How poisonous pitcherplants are?

    Sarracenia flava at least has been shown to produce coniine, one of the toxic compounds which is found hemlock. Not sure if other sarra's produce it but I wouldn't be surprised with the extensive gene flow between them. Coniine is toxic to humans but I believe you'd have to eat a LOT of pitchers or lick the nectar of a lot of them to get a sufficient dose to notice. Given how many rotting bugs are in the pitchers on mine, I don't think I'd fancy eating any
  11. danl82

    What plant is it?

    Perhaps not a named cultivar, it certainly looks like a nice s x mitchelliana.
  12. danl82

    Drosophyllum progress

    Looks good, my outdoors one survived entire winter outside except for one night where we had a very hard frost (spent that night in the garage). Starting catching too but only just starting to show signs of growth.
  13. danl82

    Do you recommend repotting?

    If anything the humidity sounds a little high. What conditions was it under before you got it? Just how big is it?
  14. I have a single pot of cephalotus which I risk uncovered, there is another two pots which I moved to the cheap growhouse just in case. My uncovered one is amongst my sarra pots and so gets a little element of shelter from the taller pots around not much though. That plant has been outside for 3 winters now and is doing okay.
  15. I have several binata forms (binata, two types of multifida, dichotoma, dichotoma giant and also a 'marston dragon') outside and they all survive. They die back but come back from the roots. This year the winter has mostly been mild and they already started sprouting about a week ago. I have all species of sarra plus multiple hybrids, darlingtonia, cephalotus, drosophyllum, drosera filiformis and temperate pings outside without problems. I decided to put my vft's in a cheap growhouse just to try to encourage them to get back into growth a bit quicker this year. They were outside last year and were okay but a bit slow to get going in the spring.