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  1. Guy

    Deep VFTs

    Decided to repot all the VFTs. Goodness me--there's now dozens of them in pots! Hadn't realised they'd produced so many offspring. Seemed a shame to throw all the little ones away. What do most people do with these babies? Guy
  2. Guy

    Deep VFTs

    Thanks. There are about 10 of my VFTs which have become covered by moss over winter. The rest are OK. I'll get those 10 repotted and hopefully all will be well with them. Guy
  3. Guy

    Deep VFTs

    Over winter the moss on lots of the VFTs has grown really well! This means the VFTs are now a couple of centimetres below the surface. They are all waking up and beginning to put new traps out. Should I repot them so they are nearer the surface, or will they be OK? Thanks. Guy
  4. Thanks for all the help and advice. My heater must be a really old model, even though it was only bought last year. The thermostat controls both the fan and the heating elements. So, no continuous operation for the fan. However, a bit of fiddling with the wires in the unit and the fan now runs continuously, plugged into a separate supply, and the heating elements are still controlled by the Inkbird. The fan seems fairly weak, but I'm hoping some small air movement is better than none. Guy
  5. Hi Rob Very useful reply, and I think you're right! Mine is exactly that model, but it's controlled with an Inkbird thermostat. This gives very accurate temperature control and a nice digital read out. But, of course, only supplies power to the unit when the Inkbird comes on. Tomorrow, when it's light, I'll plug the heater straight into the mains and see what happens. Thanks. Guy
  6. Thanks Dunc That's exactly the heater already sitting in my greenhouse! It's great for keeping it frost free, but the fan in it only comes on when the heater is on. What I'm looking for is something with a fan on all the time and the heating elements coming on as necessary. Perhaps the simplest answer is to get an ordinary fan to continuously circulate the air and leave the current heater to keep the greenhouse frost free. Guy
  7. Afternoon all. My new greenhouse has served me well during the summer. The number of plants in it has increased hugely and, despite thinking differently when I started this hobby, there are now about 100 CPs, plus some cacti and succulents. You said it would happen, and you were right! Today, though, I've discovered a nasty attack of Botrytis on several of the plants. I haven't allowed the plants to dry out, humidity has been at >95% and the temperature has been all over the place. Down to 5°C, up to 22°C. Perfect for Botrytis I've now discovered. Stupid me. Didn't think through winter care well enough. I bought a small heater to keep the greenhouse frost free and didn't think beyond that. So, a couple of questions. Firstly, should the infected plants be thrown away, or is there any way of saving them? Secondly, can anyone recommend a suitable fan and heater for my 6ft by 8ft greenhouse? I'd like something where the fan can stay on all the time if I so choose, and the heating will come on and off as necessary. This lovely thing is on Amazon, but at £200 is a bit pricey and seems possibly too big for such a small greenhouse. It does have the facility for an 'always on' fan with heating cutting in and out as necessary. All advice gratefully received. Thanks. Guy
  8. The sooty deposits are most likely a fungus growing as a result of some sort of insect feeding off the sap in the leaves. The Provado should kill any pest. It even claims to be effective against scale insect. It should be possible to see the insects, though, before the sooty mould appears. A magnifying glass might help. If you can't see any insects then it's possible the sooty deposits might be Botrytis mould. A fungus which loves damp air which is fairly stagnant. Not much can be done to get rid of this. Some advice is in the link. Hopefully the two links above will be helpful. One difference between the moulds is colour. Sooty mould is black (ish), Botrytis mould is grey. Guy
  9. My plants have been in it for a couple of years now. I mix it 50/50 with Perlite. You may have a preference for a different mix. Guy
  10. Sorry not to have got back to you earlier. On holiday June 14th to 29th then didn't see your reply. I didn't do anything fancy. Just sprayed everything from a distance of about 12" using the ready made stuff from a garden centre. The pitchers seem OK. A few are a bit malformed, but that's the same with some others which live outside the greenhouse and didn't get sprayed. As to spraying earlier, I wouldn't spray until you can see greenfly. No point in using the spray if there's nothing for it to kill! Guy
  11. Following the really helpful advice on here I've just bought a few cacti from my local garden centre. Just under £24 for all of them. Some are rattling about in their pots. I know watering too much isn't a good idea, but what should I do with them now to keep them healthy, please? Hopefully you cactus experts will know what these are. If you don't, then I can let you know. Odd names cacti!! Thanks. Guy
  12. Hi Dan What should you start with? Anything you like! My passion is Drosera and Utricularia. But there's also loads of Venus fly traps, Pinguicula and Sarracenia in my greenhouse. Plus some other stuff! The greenhouse. When you say temperate do you mean frost free, or local ambient? My greenhouse is also 6 x 8. I have 3 large water butts. I think they're 210 litres each. Last year's drought panicked me. I was buying RO water from my local aquarium shop to keep the plants going. I only had one rainwater butt last year! So, which of the huge variety of carnivorous plants appeals to you? Guy
  13. Might even have some S. minor in its history. Whatever it is, it looks like it would benefit from splitting and repotting! Guy
  14. Are you sure it's a VFT? Where did you get it from? Guy