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  1. Thanks both. I'll try using the cat litter but, as you've said, as part of the medium, not all of it. Guy
  2. Over the last year or so I have become interested in Bonsai. One of the highly recommended 'soils' for growing them in is molar clay, easily available as Sanicat cat litter. The little trees seem to be doing fine! Has anyone tried growing CPs in this? I'm particularly thinking of the Mexican Pinguicula, which Triffid nurseries recommend growing on crushed Tufa rock. Would molar clay be an OK alternative? It seems to be good for cacti and succulents! Guy
  3. According to the care info provided by Triffid nurseries, crushed Tufa rock is ideal for Mexican Pinguicula. Oddly, they don't sell it! Easily available from ebay etc. What's the view from Pinguicula experts here? Tufa, or other substrates? Thanks. Guy
  4. This is my first year with a greenhouse. I've never wanted one before, but getting interested in CPs prompted me to buy one. This morning it was very frosty down here in Dorset. The greenhouse dropped to 3°C. This is the lowest it can get, as there's a heater in the greenhouse which is set to come on at 3°C and go off at 5°C. It's been a beautiful day and the temperature in the greenhouse is now just under 28°C. This is with the two roof windows open, the floor vents open and the door open. This is a huge temperature variation over a very short period of time. It'll probably get cold again tonight. How well do CPs cope with this huge variation? Guy
  5. Ebay is more buyer than seller focussed, sadly. Offering a refund should be in your favour, I wish you the very best as you work through this. Guy
  6. From Mexico, it would seem. Where did you send the gemmae? Try Googling orchissss. Stuff appears. But perhaps it's a different orchissss. Good luck. Guy
  7. Thanks Richard I'll get an order in. Guy
  8. Advice, please, someone! Guy
  9. Hi Alexis Great set of photos. Looks like it was a lot of hard work, though! Bet you can't wait to get some staging in and start filling it with plants. Guy
  10. Thanks Rob. It sorted itself out! Guy
  11. Why can I only see the top bit of the pictures? All the rest is just a series of coloured or black and white horizontal zig zags! Guy
  12. Someone on here is selling lots of different sorts of pygmy Drosera gemmae. Despite a hunt round the internet it still isn't clear to me whether this would be a good time to buy and sow them. I only have a frost free (minimum temp 3°C) greenhouse. As you can probably tell, this is all new to me! Thanks. Guy
  13. Thanks again. Definitely warmer down here in Dorset than in Sheffield, so perhaps things will start a bit earlier. As to the stratification. Not sure how it will work out. The greenhouse has a heater which keeps the temperature to 3°C as a minimum. But, on a lovely afternoon like this, the greenhouse is up to 15°C and one of the roof vents has opened. This is my first attempt at growing from seed. If it doesn't work then a rethink will be needed for next year. Guy
  14. Blimey-April/May? That's a long time away.
  15. Thanks gents There's no sign of any germination yet, so perhaps they'll be ok. I'll certainly keep a closer watch on them now and make sure they don't dry out again. Guy