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  1. Guy

    Fake vft or not

    Try here, lots of choice Guy
  2. Guy

    Sarracenia Gluttony

    Nobody puts them on a diet in the wild! Just let them do what they do. Think of all the goodness they will be absorbing. Guy
  3. Guy

    Dead Darlingtonia

    Those are last year's leaves. It's juthatip soper. This year's leaves look great. Twice the size and beautifully coloured. Being new at this I didn't know whether or not to cut the old leaves off. So I played safe and left them on. Guy
  4. This was perfect when I bought it at the Hampshire Carnivorous Plants open day less than a week ago. It's now being steadily nibbled. Perhaps there are micro rabbits in the green house! Nothing else is (yet) having this problem. All advice gratefully received. Guy
  5. Guy

    Dead Darlingtonia

    A short while ago a huge Lilac tree shadowing my greenhouse was seriously cut back. There's now lots more light and warmth in there. And my two pots of Darlingtonia have died! Everything else is flourishing. Was it just too hot for them. Max temperature got to about 38C Thanks. Guy
  6. You've discovered my strong point--leaving things alone! Thanks. Guy
  7. My water butts are smelling rather rich! Not much in them now, of course, despite a 5 minute thunderstorm an hour or so ago. The water coming out of them is a bit frothy as well. Something is going on in there! Do I need to be worried or will this rain water still be OK to use? Should I put something in the butts to stop anything growing? Thanks. Guy
  8. Great idea, but this will be freestanding in a corner of the garden. Guy
  9. Thanks for the help and advice, very much appreciated. Linuxman. When you say 'high eaves', do you mean the ones with a curved roof as opposed to ones with a triangular shape? Can't tell what yours is from the photos. Deltatango, the problem isn't the budget (within reason!) but the space. My 4 x 4 plastic greenhouse nicely fills the available space. 6 x 6 which could probably just be done, would require some reprofiling of the lawn edge. Mind you, 6 x 8 isn't much bigger, is it. Just practicing here for a conversation with Ann! Thanks for Went to the Hampshire Carnivorous open day today. Came back with 10 more plants. Ann was very keen on the miniature Drosera and a P. cyclosecta. There is hope! Guy
  10. Guy

    What would be right for this set up?

    Wow, these are fast growers! First flower showing today!! Guy
  11. Somehow I thought it would come to this--it's time to buy a proper greenhouse! When I started with CPs there were just a few which I put in an outside planter, having been assured they were winter hardy. Sure enough, despite freezing solid for several days, they all came back. Except for a P x wesser. So then I bought a little 4ft x 4ft plastic greenhouse. £36! And, somehow, more plants arrived. The plastic greenhouse barely survived the winter. It's cover is now held together with transparent Duck tape and the frame is wedged upright against a handy lilac tree using a length of angle iron. To quote my wife "it's all a bit amateurish, isn't it?" It's time to get a proper greenhouse. Your advice is needed. The first bit of advice will be 'get the biggest you can'. Sadly, this will be 6 x 6. So advice about the 'house itself is needed. Polycarbonate or glass. Horticultural or toughened glass? Straight onto a soil base. or bolted onto a low brick wall? Perhaps sunk into a concrete surround? If it's sitting on the soil how do I make sure it won't blow over if we get strong winds? My little plastic one has tent pegs all round it and half a dozen bags of builders sand holding the base down (see my wife's comment above!). Bare soil inside or a concrete floor? Or perhaps some of the synthetic flooring some greenhouse companies sell? Just been looking at this one. But I've no idea if it's any good or not. All advice gratefully received. Thanks. Guy Edit What about louvres and windows? Should I have them? Should they have automatic openers? Forgot to ask this in the main post.
  12. Guy

    Capillary matting

    Just been looking at the Hampshire carnivorous plants website before visiting on Saturday. P.cyclosecta is available and looks lovely! The advice is to grow it on capillary matting. So, a couple of questions, please. What happens if it's grown in a tray half full of water? Which other Pinguicula are best grown on matting? Thanks, in advance. Guy
  13. Hmm, soapy. Wouldn't want to use that! RO from a local aquatic shop seems the best bet in times of a rain shortage. 14p/L from my local one. Guy
  14. It's worth getting a TDS meter to check before using the tumble dryer water. They are fairly cheap and are easy to use. Guy