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  1. The greenhouse is now up with my meagre collection of plants in it. Plenty of room for loads more! I think a 2kW fan heater would give me peace of mind that nothing will get too cold over winter. Plus it will act as a fan without heat if needed during summer. This one looks good. Guy
  2. Guy

    Forum problems

    Well done, that treasurer! It's going even faster than it used to--I think! Guy
  3. Guy

    Forum problems

    Going like the clappers at the moment! Let's hope it lasts. Guy
  4. Thanks Dunc The best way forward is probably to get a hollow tube laid into the concrete base at the back and leading to the outside. This will give me the option of feeding a cable in for a heater if I decide to go for it at a later date. Guy
  5. Somehow I knew it would come to this. I've just ordered a 6' x 8' greenhouse with two levels of staging. A concrete base will be going down in a week or so, the greenhouse will arrive a couple of weeks afterwards. I'm not planning on keeping anything which needs year round warmth, but do you think it's worth putting a heater in to keep it frost free over winter? The plants I have at the moment are various Sarracenia, Drosera, Pinguicula, Dionaea, Cephalotus and a Heliamphora nutans. A mate with a heated greenhouse can overwinter anything which wouldn't tolerate going down to about 4C Thanks. Guy
  6. Guy

    Nepenthes capture and digest mice

    Fascinating, thanks for an excellent video and commentary. I'm sure I could smell the decomposing mice!! Guy
  7. Guy

    CPUK Site Outage August 2018

    Incredible! Don't you hate it when each party blames the other? Thanks for the amazing work to get it to where it is now. And very good luck when you start to swap things around. May you never have to go through this again! Guy
  8. Guy

    What happened?

    The forum's been dead for the last few days. What went wrong? Guy
  9. Guy

    Fake vft or not

    Try here, lots of choice Guy
  10. Guy

    Sarracenia Gluttony

    Nobody puts them on a diet in the wild! Just let them do what they do. Think of all the goodness they will be absorbing. Guy
  11. Guy

    Dead Darlingtonia

    Those are last year's leaves. It's juthatip soper. This year's leaves look great. Twice the size and beautifully coloured. Being new at this I didn't know whether or not to cut the old leaves off. So I played safe and left them on. Guy
  12. This was perfect when I bought it at the Hampshire Carnivorous Plants open day less than a week ago. It's now being steadily nibbled. Perhaps there are micro rabbits in the green house! Nothing else is (yet) having this problem. All advice gratefully received. Guy
  13. Guy

    Dead Darlingtonia

    A short while ago a huge Lilac tree shadowing my greenhouse was seriously cut back. There's now lots more light and warmth in there. And my two pots of Darlingtonia have died! Everything else is flourishing. Was it just too hot for them. Max temperature got to about 38C Thanks. Guy
  14. You've discovered my strong point--leaving things alone! Thanks. Guy