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  1. It does. But now it looks not so red as before. I have no idea why. Today's pic
  2. @linuxmanactually I feed it a lot with died blood worms. They are not visible in the picture.
  3. Here is my 1.5 year old drosophyllum. It is about to bloom. I am wondering if it is not too late to for blooming and seed production
  4. @maxxima i am wondering what soil mix do you use?
  5. You are right regarding the leafs color on the photo: it differs from natural color. Leafs are green but the plant dries old leafs quicker then in period of time after dormancya and before flowering.
  6. I believe it is used to reflect sun rays in order to reduce pot heating. I do the same but using reflective scotch.
  7. Hello everyone, I have a Drosera regia which successfully passed winter dormancy and looked nice after that: The plant has been fed with a several flies. After that the sundew started growing its flower stalk and currently the plant has only 3-4 leaves at the same period of time. It dries the oldest leaf and grows up a new one. Before drying, it becomes covered with reddish spots and then starts dry as normal leaf from a leave tip. Is it normal? It is probably related to flowering.
  8. Hello everyone, This Monday me with my friend visited the small bog near the Minsk. Unfortunately, there are only Drosera rotundifolia and nothing more of other carnivorous plants. Seems that they started growing from hibernacula quite recently. They are veeery small and partially are inside the sphagnum moss. General view of the sunny open space of the bog: TDS: And a lot of plants:
  9. I use substrate which contains of peat and sand. Looks like I was faced with bad peat for CPs.
  10. Hm. It makes sense but I am not sure that I can check it any way. I've just ordered a new good checked peat from Russia. It may sound ridiculous, but it is difficult to find good peat in Belarus. I hope it helps save my plants. I will try to repot all plant from the peat to a new one from Russia.
  11. I bought the peat with simple white pack without any declaration. The seller told me that the peat is not fertilized. 2.5-3.5 Ph. I have checked it with my TDS and PH meters. My results: 77 ppm and 3.7 PH. As far as I understand it is Ok results. I use distilled water. To be briefly: all conditions for the plants are OK. But I am not convinced that the peat is ok. As you can see my sundews have sick red color... I don't think that is can be related to too much watering.
  12. Hi All, I recently bought a new peat which should be better that me previous one. Previous peat is quite quickly covered with green algae and moss. It was very annoying. I planted seeds of several species, they grew up ok and continue growing but very very slowly. At the same time I bought Drosera capensis var. alba and typical form, Drosera rotundifolia. It's been 1 month already and they look sick... Drosera rotundifolia after several days since planting. The same plants since 1 month from planting. Drosera capensis are without any change... They grow very slowly and their leaves constantly turn black. I use soil: peat:sand 1:1. Water and lighting are ok. Regarding my seedlings... They doesn't die but grow very slowly: 3 month since sowing: Note that there are no any algae or moss. It tells us that the peat should not have nutrients. Also I would like to show my friend's drosera aliciae that are in the same peat and sand. Also has sick red color and black growing point: Have somebody faced with such issues?
  13. Thank all a lot. Looks like actually Drosera ultramafica x spatulata.
  14. Hi All, Could somebody help to identify this drosera?