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  1. My flower is now out of its leaf and I think it might be male. If anyone wants some pollen when it opens, let me know :)
  2. Well I feel a bit like a proud mum! My ventricosa x talangensis (x maxima?) is growing its first flower and I'm excited and terrified at the same time! I've not been growing nepenthes all that long (about 18 months) and don't have many or anything rare but I love them all the same! No clue yet as to if its a boy or a girl!
  3. I know, I'm a bit worried about the radiator to be honest. I'm going to be able to pull the unit out a bit but if it's not enough, I may have to move them somewhere else sadly.
  4. I'm in Oxford and mine are in a south facing conservatory too. Fairly small though. I keep my humidifier at 75% overnight and 60% during the day and it's never turned off. At the moment I go through 2-3 litres a day but I'm sure when the heating goes on it will be more. The tank on mine is a 6.5ltr tank... As far as hard water goes, because my conservatory is used as a living room, I made the decision to use RO water to stop the dried deposits from using my VERY hard tap water from damaging furniture and sofas etc. (Just based on reviews and recommendations really)
  5. I got the lowii/ventricosa and the bloody mary from them... Great plants and very healthy!! The ventrata was from Amazon, and surprisingly healthy but the Gaya was a disaster. It also also from an Amazon seller (after the ventrata was so good) but it was meant to be a bloody mary!! It also took quite a bit of damage in transit. Finally bouncing back now though!
  6. They're great! You pump it out like petrol!! Free sign up and you can go anytime, day or night!
  7. I got mine from a local garden centre (Yarnton in Oxfordshire) for £7.99 but they do similar ones on Amazon!
  8. This is the one I eventually bought and it's working really well so far! A bit pricey at just over £70 from Amazon but keeps the humidity at a steady level! Having the warm mist feature is also really handy as sometimes the cool mist can be a bit chilly. I've been using the cool mist at night and the lowest warm mist during the day. It gets through quite a bit of water though (maybe 2-3 litres a day) but I get RO water from Spotless Water at 3.5p a litre so it's not too expensive.
  9. Hi, I have mine planted in tall Lechuza pots on metal type stands as I have nowhere to hang mine either... Longton pots fit on these too :)
  10. That looks great! Some of the ones I've been looking at have been very large and expensive, more designed for greenhouses rather than a living room...
  11. I think its time to invest in a humidifier! I have a ventrata, gaya, bloody mary and lowii x ventricosa, a few sarracenia and a vft. My humidity is around 30-40 daytime and 50-70 evening but I think it would be better a bit higher. They're in a smallish room that's south facing. My only issue is, they're in my living room so I would prefer something that isn't too big or noisy but I also want something that regulates itself (if that makes sense). I have no clue what to look for and would really welcome some advice :)
  12. I potted them when I first got them 2 or 3 months ago now... I guess the question is whether it's better to put them through the stress of repotting or leave them as they are... The ventrata is producing a new leaf maybe every 7-10 days now and the pitchers are forming well... Would it be better to wait until winter to pot them again? I really don't know what's best to do...
  13. Hi everyone, I've got a Ventrata and a Gaya and have had them for a couple of months now... They took a couple of weeks to settle but are now growing really well with lots of new pitchers. Having been reading as much as I can about them, I'm now concerned I've potted them in the wrong mix, even though they're growing well. I used a lining of spagnum with the main mix being Carnivorous Plant Repotting Mix (see photo). Am I better to repot them in something else? I'm worried that repotting them again will put them back and they'll drop their pitchers...
  14. Thanks for all the replies :) I'm going to hold off repotting until after dormancy (or at the end of it)... Question though... I would prefer not to split the plants up as I would rather have a larger display bowl of them... Would it be better to plant the plants further apart to allow for growth?
  15. Thanks guys for responding... I'm super happy with it and although a new pot would be nice, it seems so happy now that it would be a shame to upset it. Think it's probably best left until spring. I'm assuming the dormancy would be the same as it is for sarrs? I normally put my sarrs in a north facing porch and they over-winter great...