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  1. I have a similar story lol, I'm 19 also. Good luck with your growing!!! I had luck and didn't have to stay out without my cp. But I know anywhere I go on a future time I will carry at least one of them haha.
  2. I just wait until the flower is brown/ black (you will realize when they are ready because they drop easily) You don't need to do cross pollination, and to colect them I usually take flower by flower and smash it on a paper.
  3. Mmm I think the distance between plants is nice, maybe the depth may be short, but shouldn't be a problem mate!!!
  4. It's nice to see that you didn't lose your passion!!! Welcome
  5. Does anyone know if Cephalotus follicularis can be self-pollinated or It has to be strictly crossed pollination
  6. Hi :) I'm Jorge from Tenerife(Canary Islands) I'm 19 and I have been growing carnivorous plants since 12. I'm glad to be finally on this forum and I hope we can share knowledge together Digestive glands Nectary glands