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  1. Yeah these are simple Drosera filiformis in my opinion
  2. From which carnivorous plant are these seeds?
  3. I have a lot of sundews and some nepenthes, here they grow so good :)
  4. Yeah is not that rare, and they use to occur after inactive periods. This has happened with some of my dionaeas and even some drosera
  5. Definitely if you bought them as adults, those ones are pygmy but they could have been bigger...
  6. Welcome! You got a really great collection there :)
  7. Hello!! So today I made a Nepenthes tree using a branch of orange tree. I did this because I need to organize my old nepenthes (around 5 years) Here you are some pics of the process :) I may add more nepenthes in the future as well.
  8. Hey!!! You are totally right, I can collect some water in winter but for the rest of the year I use reverse osmosis :)
  9. To package drosera you can put a plastic cup upside down and seal it with tape :)
  10. I have a similar story lol, I'm 19 also. Good luck with your growing!!! I had luck and didn't have to stay out without my cp. But I know anywhere I go on a future time I will carry at least one of them haha.
  11. I just wait until the flower is brown/ black (you will realize when they are ready because they drop easily) You don't need to do cross pollination, and to colect them I usually take flower by flower and smash it on a paper.
  12. Mmm I think the distance between plants is nice, maybe the depth may be short, but shouldn't be a problem mate!!!
  13. It's nice to see that you didn't lose your passion!!! Welcome