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  1. bux

    N. madagascarensis as a windowsill plant

    you are right, you can grow it 'dry'. I've noticed it likes well drained soil, also the leaves may get brown spots if you mist too often. You've convinced me to try it on windowsill :-)
  2. bux

    Nepenthes Northiana help.

    Your plant looks good.
  3. bux

    N. madagascarensis as a windowsill plant

    Hello Chimaera, It's possible if you acclimatize the plant slowly: first use a clear Orchid pot as a cover to provide good humidity. The room temperature should always be minimum 20°c, better 22°c or above. Fabrice
  4. bux

    Need N. campanulata pollen

    Hello, The first flowers of my female N. campanulata are now opened. Therefore i'm looking for N. campanulata pollen ! Thanks, Fabrice
  5. Try it and let us know. First of all, I would provide a very opened mix and keep it just moist. Fabrice
  6. bux

    Nepenthes hamata

    Still very small but nice. You have time until you need to repot it
  7. bux


    Look suspicious for me like most seed offers on EBay : Too much species from many different countries available at the same time... I usually buy seeds from cultivated plants. Fabrice
  8. bux

    My new indoor setup!

    Hi, I had a try with two of this growing tents for Nepenthes some years ago. Positive thing: a lot of space! Negative thing: you need a lot of water to keep the humidity high enough ! Fabrice
  9. bux

    Advice for led lamp

    Hello Marco, What about Lumen, Kelvin, lifespan ? .... Fabrice
  10. bux

    Horticultural sand

    ...and far less heavy ;)
  11. bux

    unidentified Nepenthes

    I would say the same but based on the last photo (lower pitcher) Reminds me of a plant sometimes sold as "alata" Fabrice
  12. I would try first from a EU provider. Far less complicated and faster. Fabrice
  13. I can't comment about Araflora but: Whatever the method used to propagate plants someone can produce bad or good quality plants, this has NOT to do with in vitro or not. Before i focused on Nepenthes, i have produced many Sarracenia in vitro and they were in general very strong and heathly, usually flowering only after 2 years ex-vitro. I have always found most Sarracenia growing like weeds - in the greenhouse - if, like said above, grown in good conditions. Fabrice
  14. bux

    ID Nepenthes flava x ?

    Nice to see you there gab ;) This idea has gone through my mind too :)
  15. bux

    ID Nepenthes flava x ?

    I've done it today ;)