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  1. 20th /21st April 10am first weekend
  2. Deltatango301


    Sarracenia oreophila heavily veined form Georgia
  3. Deltatango301


    Sarracenia oreophila Potterton & Martin clone
  4. Deltatango301


  5. Deltatango301

    Flower bud appearing early for me

    It's going to be warm this week here upto 13 c most of the week so the greenhouse will be in the 20s as you say Ada if the sun is out.
  6. I have a flower bud just appearing on a Sarracenia  (A Cedric SX65) (Alex Ribault) the first of the year, this early is it global warming ? I am in Peterborough
  7. Deltatango301

    Rainwater issue

    The books say you can use rainwater that's under 100 TDS without fear of problems with your plants, mine comes off the greenhouse and garage roof and its 20-30 TDS in different parts of the country their tap water is under 100 TDS and can be used sadley my tap water is around 350 TDS so totally useless, as with many members last summer was a complete washout no rain for weeks so I also bought a RO system for a backup, so nothing to fear this summer, happy growing come on spring.
  8. Deltatango301

    BLACK Sarracenia

    The best I can do last summer with Blackadder maybe this summer will be darker
  9. Deltatango301


  10. Deltatango301

    Grow list missing plants

    By luck I had put a copy on Facebook in early November so only had to do small additions
  11. Deltatango301

    Grow list missing plants

    Seem we have had a crash or something similar my grow list is completely messed up
  12. Deltatango301

    Brown Patches on Pitcher Problem

    I think you need to change the medium you have your plants in to 50/50 dead sphagnum and perlite try that don't look like pests
  13. Deltatango301

    Stinky water butts

    I have some stinky Sarracenia over the last 2 weeks my plants have devoured lots of flys and wasps and are starting to rot at the tops....
  14. It's my cats proof door and let in fly screen Concrete base or slabs make sure you seal good under the base frame before you erect the frame and glass so you don't get rain inside. OK try and make your budget bigger mine is 6x10 and was glad I went for the bigger unit, auto windows are a god send.. i made some of my tables out of free pallets I am going to this winter make legs for my water trays so I can use the space underneath, and going to consecrate on Sarracenia so will be selling all my other plants, here is a image of my greenhouse it's a Elite.