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  1. I remember I got 10 seeds from USA friend and only 3 germinated.... Anyway, yes, when the plant was small it was painfully slow growing .I found some old pics of the same plant in my facebook archives. No idea it is male or female. So far the plant is quite shy to flower though. Do u plan to grow N. truncata from seeds? 2016 year 2017 year
  2. This one is seed grown approx 7 years old. It grows freely outside on my balcony....
  3. dimitar

    Scaphosepalum ID

    If u post a pic including the leaves of the plant then there is a chnace to get correct ID. Otherwise most of these orchids look equal...
  4. Sadly enough u aren't the only one who ended up this way though.. I remember 10 years ago how the owner of this site was kicked from CPUK just because of this....
  5. Here is interesting comparison: left Cephalotus 'Bananito" ( Eden Black x self seed grown) vs its parent Cephalotus 'Eden Black' - right Cephalotus 'Bananito'
  6. Got this clone a few years ago from US as very small dying plant but it bounce back from the root. Clone from late Dennis Hastings collection...
  7. dimitar

    watering orchids

    It much depends on the orchids genera. However, for example: u can't water Cattlleya and Dracula one and the same way...or Pterostylis and Oncidium...
  8. Being repotted in orchid pot...
  9. Here are interesting pics to compare with. Two registered cultivars. Left is Cephalotus 'Bananito' ( 'Eden Black' x self ) vs. its parent Cephalotus 'Eden Black'
  10. True enough . Only I can add - make sure u can trace back your 'Eden Black' to Stephen Morley, otherwise u may end up disappointed...