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  1. Tommyr

    Can you help me ID

    Looks like an Adelae to me. Easy plant!
  2. Sounds like they need dividing. Do it next late winter/early spring.
  3. Tommyr

    Opinions please!

    I cut ALL of my pitchers off at dormancy time. Except for Purpurea and Doodle bug.
  4. I wonder if Diatomaceous Earth would work? Food grade of coarse.
  5. Tommyr

    U, longifolia

    I grow one and it's currently going through a growth spurt. I grow it in a west window, water level up to the top of the pot which I allow to occasionally go half way down the water container then I refill it.
  6. My rainwater off my roof is typically around 1-3 ppm.
  7. Maybe shade them during the hottest part of the day?
  8. Well they are vines after all and this happens with them. You could always take a cutting near the top and start a new plant, it's very easy to do.
  9. Tommyr

    this season

    What a cutie and the plants are really nice too!
  10. It's pretty normal. Leaves don't last forever. Clip off the yellow leaves if they bother you.