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  1. I have two identical aluminium greenhouses next to each other , one has safety glass and the other thin twin walled polycarbonate glazing. The polycarbonate glazed greenhouse is always a few degrees warmer and the plants more advanced. I cannot comment on the upvc frame. Hope this is of some help. Phil
  2. Thanks for posting Aurelien, a great project, a true labour of love. I am also just a tiny bit jealous!
  3. Sorry Steve, got a bit sidetracked there, never used neem oil , so I'm not sure how it affects cps. The general consensus being the purer the substrate you grow the cps in the better. Repotting would also help eliminate the eggs and larvae of the fungus gnats. I suppose it also depends on how many plants are affected. Phil
  4. Good point, well made Stephen. I only have a couple of capensis which are potted by themselves, the rest are self sown in the sarracenia pots in the main greenhouse. I only seem to suffer from fungus gnats in the winter in my indoor seedling grow box, the few potted capensis do help, but they need backup! Phil
  5. That's progress for you, far superior to the traditional gloopy coils I've used before. Next stop Amazon. Phil
  6. Great idea Gary, sounds a much neater solution than stringing them in unsightly horizontal coils. How do you manage to fold them into v shapes without becoming entangled in yards of gloopy yellow fly paper, I only have to give them the gentlest touch and I feel like I'm never going to escape( it can't be a pleasant end , even for a fungus gnat). Do you have Ninja origami skills? Phil
  7. I know it's not pretty, but I've found good old fashioned, low tech fly papers, as sold by Ronnie Barker in Open All Hours, seem pretty effective, though of course they need stringing horizontally near to the top the compost for best results (they can also be bought from Amazon - other online retailers are available) . Phil
  8. I keep a few echinopsis in my greenhouse over the winter, I keep them dry and it drops below freezing on occasion and they have been ok for the last few years, in fact they flower better than the ones I keep indoors. Phil
  9. For years I had an oxypetallum and though I could grow it, it never flowered for me and eventually ended up on the compost heap!
  10. Unfortunately the flowers only stay open fo a few hours. On the plus side it does seem fairly easy To grow and flowers every year. I don’t have much of a sense of smell, but i’v Been told it’s quite a pleasant scent. this is what it looked like in the morning...
  11. No, I did think about it, but they are easy to propagate from cutting. I didn’t think Judy would want anymore growing across the ceiling!
  12. I repotted my selenicerios grandiflora into a ten inch pot this year and it has rewarded me with eight flowers opening together.
  13. The seeds are from the same pod, so the genes are there. Good luck!
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