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  1. S Krelbourn

    Sarracenia i.d. please

    Keith I believe this will be "Leucophylla Slacks x Schnells Ghost" ( this is as it appears on the handwritten label, far too neat for my handwriting!) from Ian Salter, I bought one at Mike's a couple of years ago from Ian. I believe there are several clones, mine is 1a. Phil
  2. S Krelbourn

    S. leucophylla GIANT Washington Co, AL

    Incredible, thanks for posting. I don't which would be more amazing, to see such plants in the wild or have one in a collection, there can't be many people fortunate enough to have done both! Phil
  3. S Krelbourn

    Stapelia hirsuta

    The original photo was taken a few days ago. I've just had a closer look today and if you look at the photo below you can see little white spots which are fly eggs and maggots, the flower smells of rotten flesh ( though I have no sense of smell so cannot vouch for this) but the flies seem to be fooled.
  4. S Krelbourn

    Stapelia hirsuta

    Stapelia hirsuta flowering for the first time, very pleased except I bought it as Stapelia gigantea and have just waited three year to find it isn't!
  5. S Krelbourn

    watering orchids

    I would avoid running them under a tap, I always let the water stand for a few hours to get up to room temperature and let any chlorine etc gas off.
  6. S Krelbourn

    watering orchids

    Sounds reasonable to me, dare I ask why you boil the water?
  7. This IS freestanding in the corner of the garden ;)
  8. If you want to maximise your available space ( don't we all) why don't you consider a freestanding lean toward (?). I built the missing wall out of wood and polycarbonate and it is approx 8 feet tall at the highest point ( don't have a tape handy) and it allows me two full length shelves above the main bench (3 if you include the space under the main bench , which I'm sad to say is currently just storage). Re attached pic seems a little dark on the right as I built it butt up to a beach hedge.
  9. S Krelbourn

    Echinopsis 'Tango'

    Thanks Karsty, but like most cactus, short lived, which of course only adds to their charm.
  10. S Krelbourn

    Echinopsis 'Tango'

    Echinopsis 'Tango' a plant I bought a good few years ago at Abbey Brook nursery and flowers reliably.
  11. Looking good Deltatango, I particularly like the removable mesh ventilation insert for the door. Guy, might I recommend you try finding a secondhand greenhouse, usually as good as new and a fraction of the price.
  12. S Krelbourn

    Selenecerius grandiflora

    Well done at flowering chrysocardium, I understand they are really tricky to flower, I have had one for a similar length of time , but no indication of a flower.
  13. S Krelbourn

    All staged out

    It really stands out, I have s similar O. de Kaleb x F 45 , but it has a lot of growing to do before it ( hopefully) looks like yours.
  14. S Krelbourn

    All staged out

    Great looking set up. Now it's all sorted it's time to think about building another greenhouse! what is the impressive looking large red sarracenia two thirds down the left hand bench? Phil
  15. S Krelbourn

    Selenecerius grandiflora

    Thanks Osmosis, to me one of the most unusual things is that it is planted in a five inch pot!. It has lots of aerial roots, but I don't know how much benefit it gains from them .