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  1. S Krelbourn

    Lilium catesbaei

    Thanks picol, very informative.
  2. S Krelbourn

    Lilium catesbaei

    Wow! What a striking and unusual plant, definitely one to look out for. Does it have any special requirements? Phil
  3. S Krelbourn

    Sarracenia i.d. please

    Keith I believe this will be "Leucophylla Slacks x Schnells Ghost" ( this is as it appears on the handwritten label, far too neat for my handwriting!) from Ian Salter, I bought one at Mike's a couple of years ago from Ian. I believe there are several clones, mine is 1a. Phil
  4. S Krelbourn

    S. leucophylla GIANT Washington Co, AL

    Incredible, thanks for posting. I don't which would be more amazing, to see such plants in the wild or have one in a collection, there can't be many people fortunate enough to have done both! Phil
  5. S Krelbourn

    Stapelia hirsuta

    The original photo was taken a few days ago. I've just had a closer look today and if you look at the photo below you can see little white spots which are fly eggs and maggots, the flower smells of rotten flesh ( though I have no sense of smell so cannot vouch for this) but the flies seem to be fooled.
  6. S Krelbourn

    Stapelia hirsuta

    Stapelia hirsuta flowering for the first time, very pleased except I bought it as Stapelia gigantea and have just waited three year to find it isn't!
  7. S Krelbourn

    watering orchids

    I would avoid running them under a tap, I always let the water stand for a few hours to get up to room temperature and let any chlorine etc gas off.
  8. S Krelbourn

    watering orchids

    Sounds reasonable to me, dare I ask why you boil the water?
  9. This IS freestanding in the corner of the garden ;)
  10. If you want to maximise your available space ( don't we all) why don't you consider a freestanding lean toward (?). I built the missing wall out of wood and polycarbonate and it is approx 8 feet tall at the highest point ( don't have a tape handy) and it allows me two full length shelves above the main bench (3 if you include the space under the main bench , which I'm sad to say is currently just storage). Re attached pic seems a little dark on the right as I built it butt up to a beach hedge.
  11. S Krelbourn

    Echinopsis 'Tango'

    Thanks Karsty, but like most cactus, short lived, which of course only adds to their charm.
  12. S Krelbourn

    Echinopsis 'Tango'

    Echinopsis 'Tango' a plant I bought a good few years ago at Abbey Brook nursery and flowers reliably.
  13. Looking good Deltatango, I particularly like the removable mesh ventilation insert for the door. Guy, might I recommend you try finding a secondhand greenhouse, usually as good as new and a fraction of the price.
  14. S Krelbourn

    Selenecerius grandiflora

    Well done at flowering chrysocardium, I understand they are really tricky to flower, I have had one for a similar length of time , but no indication of a flower.
  15. S Krelbourn

    All staged out

    It really stands out, I have s similar O. de Kaleb x F 45 , but it has a lot of growing to do before it ( hopefully) looks like yours.