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  1. No they were not dead or diseased. I cut them off because I read that you should cut the old pitchers off in the middle of winter no matter if they were dead or alive to make room for the new pitchers in Spring.
  2. It is currently the middle of winter in Australia and my Sarracenia Psittacina is still not dormant, but my Leucophylla and all my Venus Flytraps are dormant and I don't know why. A few weeks ago the nighttime temp got down to -3C and today the daytime temp got to 24C. So the Psittacina still has its old pitchers (they are looking fine, not brown or anything) and new stunted non carnivorous pitchers. What have I done wrong? Edit: I cut off the old pitchers. Aviv
  3. I bought a ceph from ebay a few months ago. It was in a very small pot and I was too scared to repot it. But its health slowly started to decline. Some of the plant's pitchers turned yellow, moldy and eventually died. I knew there was something wrong so I repotted it. When I took it out of the small pot most of its roots were rotten. I planted it in a bigger pot in a mix of sphagnum peat moss and perlite. After I repotted it was growing well but then I found slow release fertiliser pellets in the old ceph soil that was still around the roots so I removed them. I would like to know if I did anything wrong and what it was. Sincerely Aviv
  4. I bought a Brocchinia reducta from ebay. When it arrived it had some fertiliser pellets in the soil. Should I take them out or leave them in?
  5. What about planting some Utricularia gibba in a small dam?
  6. The plant is Eden Black isn't it.
  7. Like soil without peat moss, sand etc. The reason that I am asking is because I grow a lot of carnivorous plants and I thought it would a cool idea to plant some Droseras in clayey rocky soil outside my place. Not much grows in that soil except some moss, Lantana and different kinds of grasses.
  8. Are there any carnivorous plants that grow in normal soil?
  9. Try organic neem oil, add 1/2 a teaspoon of neem oil to a spray bottle full of water, that should do the trick.
  10. It sounds like your peat moss has become anaerobic, that means that there is not enough air getting into the soil and that is not good because it can attract bad bacteria. I suggest you change the soil mix to a 2:1 ratio of peat and sand/perlite.
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