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  1. Has anyone tried a zero water jug on there plants, are they anygood?
  2. Has anyone tried, experimented coffee grounds on there plants?
  3. Thanks I'll keep an eye out when doing so
  4. Excellent I'll get some, there for my drosera regia seedlings if they sprout I've read they need feeding soon as they sprout
  5. Think these would be anygood to feed plants? Insect based
  6. Is all silver sand lime free?
  7. Gratz

    Can't reply

    Seems to be working now
  8. I'll try that thanks for the reply
  9. Hi having trouble replying, just says saving and reply is greyed out, using phone thanks
  10. Hi I've noticed my brocchinia reductas are developing brown spots on there leaves. They are indoors near windows east facing and under led grow light from dark till around 10pm, misted twice daily with rainwater and soil just kept damp any advice would be great thanks