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  1. The plan is to put my plants outside in a mini greenhouse. But due to rendering work on the house this plan was put on hold. Should be done very soon. The plant has only been indoor for a few weeks and is next to an open window.
  2. This is my p. Grandiflora, Shelby. It is only September and she seems to be turning a bit yellow. What should I do with the leaves? Is a West facing window ok?
  3. I havnt collected any rainwater yet. I buy distilled water for my plants. They seem to like it. I drink distilled water too, I prefer single malt
  4. Well it's looking more obvious now that its an alba form d. Capensis. I've really taken to it actually. Named it Gladys. Here is what appears to be a flower stalk ?
  5. Here are two pictures of the dew close up.
  6. Well i got this off Amazon and I regret it now. I'm unsure if it's an alba or a standard drosera capensis, as it's got plenty of dew but is white. Having said that there is some colour but in not sure if that's to do with the sun we have been having.