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  1. I'm not exactly new to the forum but haven't been on for a few years. Figured I'd get back on to say hey to some of the newer folks and see what CP's you fellow growers are cultivating
  2. True! My (sub) tropical drosera live soley on betta flake! Regards Dan
  3. Manders youve probably been asked this a billion times but where did you get your warm white leds from?? Need some for a tank im doing but havent a clue whats good and whats not haha Regards Dan
  4. I have just pruned the dead of until this spring where I hacked three of my sarracenia flava back (as a bit of an experiment) and all three were really slow to come out of dormancy producing smaller pitchers in comparison to the others that hadn't been cut right back. Although I do find it looks tidier cutting them right back I won't be doing it again. Dan
  5. If this is the case It would be interesting to know any defining features of the true 'Melissa mazur'?
  6. Oh man the small ones are bad enough where I live! bet they take a chunk out of you when they bite!
  7. Looking good mate! Keep up the good work!!
  8. One of Ian salters minor var okefenokeensis One of a few nice okee seedlings i did, the cross is MKM5 X M18 Another okee giant from Ian M18 sending up some good sized pitchers! Nice little antho free minor enjoying the morning sun These two psittacina var okefenokeensis are by far the biggest in my collection the second one has the biggest heads i have seen on any psittacina, theyre bordering on golf ball size. I would be interested to see how big other growers psittacina get? Yellow flower form Brought as a gulf coast giant but I suspect some hybridisation as it occasionally produces traps like a courtii Dan
  9. danthecpman


    these are pictures of some of my sarracenia in summer including a scary pic of me with my s. brooks hybrid, also a pic of my brooks hybrid dormant.
  10. Some more shots of a rather under rated species, the purpureas..... Dutch clone, has nice wavy lids Veinless form, from ireland Intergrade form from pakim pond, NJ Var montana 'raybun Co. , Georgia' Var montana 'McClures bog, Henderson Co. , North carolina' Var venosa 'reedy Creek, Virginia' X Var montana Var venosa 'nr old dock, columbus Co. , NC' Var burkii 'Sandy Creek Rd, Fl' Var burka 'Cook's bayou, florida' the biggest purp in my collection regularly grows pitchers 7" in length and 4" from "ear to ear" Var burkii, chipola giant Var burkii f. Luteola produces the most fanned hoods i have ever seen. Var burkii 'Melissa mazur' Hope you all enjoyed the pictures! Dan
  11. The colour of the sphagnum is amazing and the dosera are beautiful too!!
  12. Plenty of flies here too, my poor alabamensis are toppling over through the weight of dead bodies, and the purps smell as beautiful as ever!
  13. A couple of my helis grown on a windowsill H. Nutans X heterodoxa H. Minor It really is great to see plants growing on windowsills with no special conditions! Dan
  14. I couldn't let a plant like that be sat there all homeless and all