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  1. Hi Stephen, thanks for posting. I don't have a greenhouse, no. I am growing these in a sink in Fertile Fibre cocofibre and Perlite. Cheers from Bill.
  2. Hi pirks I'll try to tie them in as you suggest, many thanks! W.
  3. Hi I have a couple of S. leucophylla rooted cuttings. Each has two healthy pitchers on it but they are catching the wind like sails and rocking the roots and rhizome back and forth. I have seen this cause bad health with tree saplings in the past, and I wondered what to do? I could snip off the pitchers (there are healthy firm buds on the rhizome) and give it a chance to root better or I could put in a stake and gently tie the pitchers to it with twine. Any thoughts on which would be preferable or any alternative actions? W.
  4. D.filiformis var.filiformis. The shape of the "shepard's crook" when the leaves unfurl in spring, and the mad H.P Lovecraft tentacles further on in the season. W.
  5. Wort

    Hi from Wort!

    Hi pirks, nice to meet you. Sorry your "Betty's Bay" has not flowered, they are such bonny wee things! Hope they come through for you before they go dormant. W.
  6. Wort

    Hi from Wort!

    I got some of mine from Mr Hewitt Cooper, he's got the best selection ( of Utric's) I've seen this summer. I've had mine outside for the past 5 weeks, they've loved it bar the U.delicatula. It seems to be fighting a gelatinous slime mould or some such, I've separated it off from the others to be safe. Please let us know when your selection arrives, and what your "lucky dip" has produced. W.
  7. Wort

    Hi from Wort!

    Ooh, What'cha getting? My list:- Utricularia bisquamata "Betty's Bay" Utricularia longifolia Serra Araponga White flower Utricularia praelonga Utricularia livida Utricularia delicatula Whangamarino Swamp
  8. Hi, this is my first post and my second summer of successful CP growing. I fell in love with Sarracenia purpurea and a Drosera filiformis, and having successfully made it through a year of cultivation, I have become the owner of several more Hardy plants with which I am in the process of creating a sink display bog garden. I am getting addicted to Utricularia spp. right now too, but windowsill grower only! I have a Pinguicula grandiflora to exchange when I can get a moment to post in the appropriate page. Thanks for reading, hope to see you all around. W.