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  1. Hi all! So since recently I’ve noticed a lack of insects where I live probably due to drought, there really is nothing for my D. Regia to eat. Since I have 16-09-10 osmocote pellets I was wondering if I can use them by putting them on the drosera regia’s trap. I already use them to feed the sarr’s. Thanks in advance! ^^ Pier
  2. Hi everyone, thank you all for your replies! Excuse me if I'm replying one year late but I haven't been on this forum lately, anyhow thanks for the tips! Cheers, Pier
  3. Hi all! I wanted to grow utricularia reniformis for a long time but i don't know what substrate to use, should can I use 4 parts peat and 1 part perlite? Is it able to thrive in zone 9 conditions? how wet is too wet? thanks!
  4. Hello all! So I am searching for a seller in europe that sells Nepenthes Lowii and nepenthes in general, if you guys know someone that sells them please tell me!