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  1. livida spreads like wildfire. VERY easy plant to grow!
  2. Tommyr

    Drosera Andromeda

    They are VERY easy to grow from leaf cuttings! But it takes approx. 3-4 months until you see baby plants. I've started 4 pots so far that way over the past 2 years.
  3. Normal growth habit. Time for a re-pot it seems.
  4. It doesn't sound like you did anything wrong. Some CP dealers DO add a 14-14-14 osmocoat pellet or 2 in when they re-pot. I believe Green Jaws does that and California Carnivores too IIRC. When I re-potted my ceph a few weeks ago half the pitchers died but about 5 new ones started growing almost immediately.
  5. Maxsea works fine for most CPs. California Carnivores recommends Schultz cactus fertilizer for pings now. Youcan also put one Osmocoat 14-14-14 pellet in each nepenthes pitcher as well once a month. Also Sarracenia. Add a little rain or distilled water though if you do.
  6. They work great. I have one as a backup just in case we go through a drought. They DO work.
  7. These are so easy to grow. Mine grow in a west facing window. They sit in a shallow tray of rainwater at all times. They get some afternoon Sun. I'd say stop spraying them. How much BRIGHT light do they get? I would stop messing with them and leave them alone. It may be too late by the look of them right now. Hard to say. Time will tell. You may want to get another one in the meantime. They need bright light to produce dew as well. Lack of dew means not enough light.
  8. My scorps produce gemmae in Nov. / Dec., I keep them in a room that I let get kind of cool. mid-upper 50's F.
  9. Yup Nov. / Dec. for scorpioides. Although my grandiflora went into summer hybernation this year and made a few gemmae.
  10. That's kind of a tough one. I'm really liking binata at the moment.
  11. The dying trap probably just reached the end of it's life cycle. Plenty of room in that pot for another year I'd say. Repot if it's been in that soil for at least a year or 2.
  12. You just need to harden them off. Google "Hardening off plants".
  13. Mine is in just long fibered sphag moss. I keep the water level nearly to the top all year.
  14. I keep the water level almost to the top of the pot on mine. It gets some direct Sun in the afteroons.
  15. Any BT product will help. Ask for BT at the garden center.
  16. It's totally normal to have some stay green. I'm waking mine up the past 2 weeks from fridge dormancy. Been doing it for over 12 years now with no problems at all.
  17. Buy a package of "Mosquito dunks" at the garden center. Put one quarter of one in your watering can. This will kill the larvae in the soil and stop future generations. It is all natural and safe. But give it some time to work. Use sticky traps and manually kill the adults.
  18. Looks like an Adelae to me. Easy plant!
  19. Sounds like they need dividing. Do it next late winter/early spring.
  20. Tommyr

    Opinions please!

    I cut ALL of my pitchers off at dormancy time. Except for Purpurea and Doodle bug.
  21. I wonder if Diatomaceous Earth would work? Food grade of coarse.
  22. Tommyr

    U, longifolia

    I grow one and it's currently going through a growth spurt. I grow it in a west window, water level up to the top of the pot which I allow to occasionally go half way down the water container then I refill it.