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  1. MOGO tends to clog up badly after a couple of years, it goes like clay ,really dense . I don't like the stuff at all .
  2. Slugs & Snails, any good ways of dealing with the wretched little bastards ?
  3. Click on the link
  4. Genuine giants (in my conditions obviously) Darwin, King Henry, DC XL..............Dissapointments, B52 and I have at least four of them.
  5. Here's my darkest plant ,if it perseveres with it's black traits ,I'll name it "Darkie French" as it came from France. My Eden Black didn't get so dark this year, however it's pitchers are getting bigger, with the one in the foreground 2" x 1" with lid fully open. Finally a controversial one, "Julie Jones" this is the very plant that Stephen Morley purchased from the woman herself.
  6. When do you lot think the best time is to divide Sarras, now or early spring ?
  7. Yep, 50/50 ,and you can use that for everything.
  8. They do fine, medium, and coarse, which is prefered, medium ? I like that they do it in 70 litre bags aswell.
  9. You can get "shamrock" in the UK with these people ,they're in East sussex
  10. I suppose it's preference, but a nice big bulb will stand up to winter better in my opinion ,then thrive when you divide it early spring.
  11. I simply find Provado very user friendly on CPs ,especially VFTs (Those damn spider mites), but I've ran out, though I think they sell it in Wilko's.
  12. Simple qeustion, is Provado still the same stuff, is it still as effective ?
  13. Use this, and this particular seller will ship to Croatia.