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  1. I found Jamieson rubbish for flytraps, so something else seems to have sneaked in. Evergreen is the best I've found.
  2. Nope, it's moss peat with added fertiliser. Avoid.
  3. Don't worry, once the pitchers have started they'll just grow as normal, whether or not a flower is aborted or damaged. Sometimes plants are weird and grow wonky or not as expected for many reasons.
  4. Yes I'm afraid. I'd uproot it and split it in half, and then carry on cutting until you reach white rhizome
  5. It's a bit difficult to quantify. Obviously the maximum available hours changes month by month and most will grow no problem and no less vigorously with less than optimum hours of sun. But maximum sun hours gets you onto a whole new level of colouration you just don't get if they're in shade for any part of the day. You can also give leucophylla what you think is plenty of sun and a lot of clones will just refuse to grow autumn pitchers, even though they seemed happy enough churning out spring ones.
  6. Cutting them off can result in shorter pitchers next season
  7. Every chance there are three separate, unconnected plants already. But you can just repot the bulbs together in one pot again.
  8. That plant looks very happy. No need to repot at the moment. In winter, when it's dormant, you can repot it. It'll spilt into at least three plants easy. Insects act as fertiliser. They photosynthesise like any other plant so can survive fine, but will grow faster and larger if catching insects.
  9. Interesting but I don't think the PPM of most planting mediums is indicative of being good or bad. Water high in TDS is due to calcium carbonate, sodium etc. So it is specific compounds that can cause problems rather than every dissolved solid.
  10. Sarracenia seedlings don't do great if they're crammed in like Japanese commuters and like being more spread out, but I've found VFTs aren't as bothered and can get to maturity just left to their own devices.
  11. Weird. I found it was really good - brown and mossy, just like peat used to be. The VFTs are fine in it.
  12. There was a discussion over Vitax a while ago, but it was a misunderstanding (Vitax peat is superb). Most peat suppliers won't catagorically confirm their peat is safe for carnivorous plants if you ask them. Personally I've found every brand to be absolutely fine, apart from Westland. But that was 10 years ago so might be ok now. It's a natural product at the end of the day, so there is always the chance some poorer quality product will be excavated whatever the brand.
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