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  1. Alexis

    is this S. Leucophylla?

    Looks like S.x mitchelliana to me
  2. Alexis

    Help little spots on my Sarracenia

    Probably just a bit of sooty mold growing on the nectar. Nothing to worry about
  3. Alexis

    Problem with my sarracenia minor

    Just looks like stress from being repotted and then being put back in the sun. The seller's idea of full sun might not be 10 full hours like you. The next pitchers will be fine. I wouldn't worry
  4. Alexis

    Sarracenia Gluttony

    Seems a shame considering they'll be in a greenhouse maybe next year. You'll be rewarded with bigger plants!
  5. Alexis

    how to propagate sarracenias

    Looks tissue cultured. It'll be a bit difficult to divide yet because it'll be a mass of pitchers on a small piece of rhizome.
  6. Alexis,

    Are or were you the owner of ?

    I have 231 links to that site in the CP Photofinder that no longer work. Before I delete all of the links, I wanted to see if they are gone or moved somewhere else.


  7. Alexis

    Where's my rain?

    Rain, just because it's free.
  8. Alexis

    Where's my rain?

    Deionised water is perfect. Don't know where anyone has read anything otherwise.
  9. Alexis

    Where's my rain?

    All my plants are living outside while I prepare the ground for their new greenhouse. They're in the shade all morning just to try and keep transpiration low, so this year is a write off for colour (and storm Hugo flattened a few pitchers).
  10. Alexis

    When will my sarracenia open?

    Looks pretty unhappy. What did you repot it in? Where is it growing?
  11. Alexis

    Vitax Irish peat

    Clover and Klassman are decent peats. Melcourt Growbark Pine if you want to go peat free (or try a peat/bark mix).
  12. Alexis

    Vitax Irish peat

    I didn't know that. Supermarkets fall over themselves to recall a product that doesn't have milk properly labelled, but companies can sell peat with hidden fertiliser in it and don't care.
  13. Darlingtonia needing cold roots is massively overhyped in my experience. Mine just live with my sarracenia in the greenhouse and do fine. Same with purp ssp. purp. Either will be about 5 weeks behind their greenhouse brethren if they live outside.
  14. Alexis

    S. Flava seeds not growing

    I think you've got your stratification and sowing instructions confused. 5 weeks wrapped in wet paper towel in the fridge, then sow on moss peat and keep warm and sunny.