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  1. Do you have a photo of the whole plant? Should be happy in Italian full sun even in periods of bad weather I would have thought.
  2. Kelkay RHS Horticultural Grit is safe and widely available. Melcourt bark is another option:
  3. Alexis

    Wilted brown lid

    It's because you've gone from relatively dark straight into full sun and they've become burnt. I can see it's very green. Leave it as it is and it will acclimatise. Future pitchers should be fine.
  4. Well even your Italian sun won't be as strong as in Alabama, Florida etc. It's just the buildup of heat you'll need to watch out for. Most people prefer glass because it's much clearer. Thickness doesn't matter, it's just whether you want normal or toughened. You'll probably want plenty of vents / automatic openers.
  5. Not quite! I need some turf to make a lawn next
  6. Rubras and a few more hybrids. 95% of them need repotting and dividing over the winter after which the order will be a bit less haphazard next year!
  7. Flavas and a few alatas in the foreground.
  8. Leucophyllas and leuco hybrids. Anthocyanin free plants in the foreground.
  9. Some trials in different Melcourt Growbark Pine mixes.