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  1. Depends where you live. A lot of sarracenia just survive outside and look pretty ropey.
  2. No need. Big clumps of blanket weed grow in my big water trays!
  3. Alexis


    It wasn't Westland peat by any chance?
  4. Sorry for the delay in replying! Mix in as a percentage of the peat
  5. They're not receptive to pollen straight away, so I suppose you'd bag them after a couple of days, hand pollinate and put the bag back. Or just wait 3 days, hand pollinate and then bag.
  6. People usually bag the flowers after hand pollination.
  7. Any perlite off eBay that isn't Miracle Gro branded should be fine. It's pretty difficult to find perlite that is mixed with vermiculite (it should clearly say in the description if it is) or that isn't safe to be honest. But if you are planting outside bear in mind the perlite will just float to the top in the rain, making its inclusion a bit redundant. You might be better with potting grit. RHS Kelkay is a safe brand and you can buy it at Homebase. Bag illustration:
  8. I've never seen anything like that through lack of air flow. I'd just spray them with BugClear and see what happens.
  9. Yes you probably could grow all of them. Try asking here, they'll know your climate better:
  10. Aphids. See your post about sarracenia minor
  11. Aphids. I can see two on the red shoot on the left! Spray with BugClear Ultra
  12. They have genetically different growth habits. Some grow redder traps than others, some only grow traps that hug the ground, others grow long stems and hold the traps up high. Growers like to collect different ones. Try an all red variety like 'Red Dragon'.
  13. You might be in luck and a passing ladybird ate them since the photo was taken! Bug Clear Ultra is safe and effective. It's going to be looking pretty tatty for a while though I'm afraid. Keep an eye on new growth and hopefully they'll be fine. Everybody gets aphids sometimes, even in greenhouses.