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  1. Open up a pitcher filled with insects and you'll find it's very wet in there.
  2. There are some purpurea ssp. purpurea populations in alkaline marl bogs, so they are tolerant of a wide range of pH
  3. Are you keeping it on a windowsill? If so, which direction does it face?
  4. Doesn't need repotting, it needs sun.
  5. Depends what you're growing. Most CP's need maximum light and glass or poly tunnel membrane are the best. Thicker toughened glass will keep a bit more heat in. White powder coated aluminium helps the light increase further.
  6. "The company operates a peat mine in Hungary from which it extracts the main source for its products. " Never heard of peat coming out of a mine! No idea if it's safe, you'll just have to try it.
  7. 1. Then cut down the apple tree. Or get some glyphosate if it's a neighbour's tree
  8. An aphid might have had a suck on the pitcher, or it might have been slightly damaged when it was very small. Let it carry on it might straighten up. Don't cut it - it'll still photosynthesise no matter how wonky. Some species, such as leucophylla can produce more pointy flower buds. Flavas are usually more ball like.
  9. Temperatures should be absolutely fine. Try increasing the level of water in the trays to increase the humidity and prevent any pitchers going floppy in the heat.
  10. You can't pollinate when the petals have fallen I don't think. The pollen lasts for ages so can you scrape out what is left in the umbrellas for future flowers.
  11. Most areas of Preston are high in TDS I'm afraid. Their water doesn't come from the Lake District like most areas of NW England. I would stick to deionised water, which you can get from most supermarkets.