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  1. P, grandiflora will start to come out of dormancy very soon as long as the cold holds off, Some of my temperate pings started to wake up just before the cold spell we just had, but now they stoped again. Lol
  2. Possible, is that P, tina? If so, my P, tina started flowering about 4 to 6 weeks after dormancy, but I do keep it under lights and about 20c.
  3. Looks like there waking up to me.
  4. Amazon sells gypsum, that's were I got my gypsum from.
  5. B52

    P. gypsicola

    Fingers crossed for you. I have 3 large hibernacula of gypsicola, I got about 3/4 weeks ago, from a very good seller on this forum, and looking very much to them waking up. I have them indoors under lights at the moment .
  6. B52

    P. gypsicola

    Hi Manders, is your p, gypsicola still growing or has it gone dormant again? Stunning plant by the way.
  7. B52

    N, bloody mary

    Ok, thank you very much.
  8. B52

    N, bloody mary

    Hi all, I got a N, bloody mary about five/six mouths ago, the plant is doing well and has grown about eight inches in that time. All of a sudden there seems to be two new plant growing at the base of the larger plant, is this normal with Nepenthes and should I just leave them or repot them? Thank you in advance, Andy.
  9. Nice healthy looking plants there Phil. I have plants in winter rest some coming out of winter rest and one flowering. Lol
  10. Nice, I hope there fertile for you. I have tryed pollenating Pinguicula moranensis to it's self 4 days ago just to see if it can produce fertile seeds, just got to wait and see now.
  11. Hi all, I'm getting white fungus growing on my U, longifolia how do I get rid of it, and do you think this product will help/be ok for u, longifolia? http://www.hantsflytrap.com/com08-sb-plant-invigorator-250ml-concentrate-537-p.asp Regards Andy
  12. B52

    U, longifolia

    Do you guys feed your U, loinifolia, if so what do you feed them?