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  1. What a beautiful collection! The rajah is amazing!!! Syracuse
  2. Pretty peltata Zuzana! Others seedlings of peltata I saw were all bright red like yours. But mine was pure green at this size (shady place)... perhaps that's why it grew so fast? Here is the whole plant (click to enlarge): Louis
  3. Hello everybody! On this post you can show your peltata! I'm curious to see the different colors and shapes! Here is my plant sowed on 2008 wich clearly prefers warm conditions (it is on a higland terrarium now): The lovely N. surigaoensis: And the natural hybrid involving mindanaoensis and peltata: Louis
  4. Really nice collection with some uncommon species! Louis
  5. Really lovely flowers Christian! Thanks for sharing ;-) Louis
  6. Thanks to the best fan of my peltata Louis
  7. Thank you very much (and nice aquarium Dexter!)
  8. Hello everybody! Nepenthes peltata (again ) : Nepenthes surigaoensis Not a boring species! Hope you like them ;-) Louis
  9. Great report Zuzana! I love the Darlingtonia!
  10. Thanks Christer , I put this morning my maxima behind a bay window Louis
  11. Hello Christer! All of those plants are really gorgeous, you grow them perfectly! The pitchers of the wavy maxima was uniformly cream? It gets those nice spots when it increased? Mine also lost its beautiful bright leaf colour... Louis
  12. Wow! What a nice collection (and setup!). I'm a bit jalous of all of your seedgrown sumatrans plants! Louis