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  1. This species is indeed in cultivation. Some of the people who found it brought back some seeds and sent them to growers. I've got a couple of plants from my portion of seeds, and I'm going to part with one, pm for details.
  2. I've got a few spare amps if anyone needs them... drop me a pm....
  3. Any idea which one this is, Mark? One of the BE ones? I've found boschiana a complete sod to grow at usual highland temperatures. I've now designated it a lowlander (18C min) and it's finally started to grow properly.
  4. And I can confirm I have two rooted plants of the father plant now- both growing happily! Trying to root the vine sections didn't work, but as the stems sat there refusing to root, they put out side-shoots, which I detached and they rooted in about 2 weeks.
  5. I've tried pushing it and pushing it with lowlanders, but even when things sit at 20C constantly for around 4 months over winter, there's losses. And I can confirm that keeping a whole greenhouse at 20C all winter is not for those who want to have a constructive discussion about their energy bills with their partners. I got as far as an intermediate/ upper on an ampullaria this year though (at approx 90cm tall.)
  6. cz plants buys in from both Borneo exotics and Wistuba. I've been very disappointed with cz plants this year, poor communication (my order was ignored for week), and eventually, I heard that 75% of the plants I ordered weren't even in stock- it then took weeks to get a refund. Wistuba is 100% reliable, but is only shipping for the next couple of weeks, and I've found it's much easier to establish small plants in Spring than it is when we're heading into winter...
  7. I think the national collection of Neps- at Chester zoo- in the uk has one. Or at least I know they HAD one.
  8. Hmmm, so no pressure at all on me to root these cuttings! Mark, I can't find the link I sent you either with those photos, but I think we agreed they looked about right. Can I offer this photo as an example of the sort of giant sanguinea we're talking about... I'm a bit worried about copyright on this one, it's not my photo, it's Alastair Robinson's from facebook, so if there' s anyone reading and wants me to remove this, just let me know.
  9. I've been trying cuttings of these in both lowland and highland conditions. Sometimes lowland conditions seem too warm to root these potentially intermediate things- sanguinea seems to do fine whatever conditions I throw at them. I hope our giant sanguineas turn out to be genuine big'uns... I've got quite a few that range in colour from red, to orange and green, no pitchers larger than about 10cm so far... but then they're only just starting to accelerate in growth now...
  10. Regarding its origins, one possibility is that its father was one of the giant sanguineas... not sure if any of these are in cultivation yet (although some of us have small plants from Ricardo's seeds of what we're hoping might be the right thing.) However, I've seen photos of sanginea pitchers from recent expeditions where the pitchers must be around 45cm.... I'll keep my fingers crossed for the cuttings, they're going to live in my ICU over winter, giving them plenty of light and warmth. Can't believe so many cuttings have just died on me... the shame....
  11. Bit embarrassed about this Mark, but from the several metres of vine of your putative "macfarlanei x Giant sanguinea", I still haven't got a single rooted plant. About 8 cuttings have new shoots, about 5 of them still look solid at the base, 2 even look like they've swollen and split a bit as if about to produce roots.... but frankly these are rubbish results from so much vigorous growth you sent me!
  12. I do feel that buyers are a bit harsh on the ebay Nep seed sellers. Ricardo (albermarlesounds) doesn't collect all the seeds himself- he knows a number of people who collect seeds for him when they can. Not all of them are Nep experts. Personally, I think that buying seeds that have been collected in the wilds is a good gamble, certainly better odds than the national lottery. Yes, I've bought naga seeds and got talangensis before- but then I've bought naga another 5 times and got naga 5 times- with plenty of variation- for just a couple of pounds per seed pod. Considering the huge range of Neps many of us have grown from ebay seeds, and bearing in mind that he rarely sells more than around 20 pods per year of each species so isn't exactly stripping the wilds of seeds- I think pretty much everyone wins; and complaining about occasional screw-ups and the inevitable hybrids that pop up in seeds from the wild seems a bit mean.
  13. That really is very impressive... where did you find such a beautiful clone? And grown superbly. veitchii isn't the easiest of species, so extra kudos there. (*Bursts into tears of envy*)
  14. As Mark says, an alternative to all my faffing around is just to buy the more expensive tubes. In my case though, I'm just incredibly stingy and I've already got half a dozen of these basic autovents on my greenhouses, so for the sake of 15 minutes work and a few broken drill bits (15p), it equates to decent savings (ie more money to spend on Neps). Another thing I wanted to do was have vents on my lowland house that only open around 37C, so in the example in the photos above, I actually cut off way more than 2cm of the rod. Hopefully this way my lowlanders can get lots of time in the mid-30s through the summer days, but not hitting 47C like they did last year- frying the growing points of everything that had been hung high up in a "hanging basket".