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  1. Don't stop reading until the end...
  2. Thanks to all! Pollination worked - pictures will follow soon... ;-) (Waiting for seeds to be ripe now!) @Yves: Hope to see you at Neuchatel at the 28. June?! Cheers Marc
  3. Thanks! Tobias told me that his big plant flowered out of the resting bud, but was rotting before flower opened... Might be a more critical point when flowering than what I am facing now!
  4. Hi Vince, got my plants straight from in vitro. I put them in a transparent cup which was filled half with perlite and closed it with the corresponding (transparent lid) for 1 week - opened it each 2nd - 3rd day. Afterwards, I opened the lid and just put it loose on top for 1-2 weeks then put it a bit more to the side (maybe up to half open) and then removed it after about 4-8 weeks! ;-) Perlite just stayed humid with a bit of water at the bottom (0.5 cm) and I water just when this level was gone again. Advantage of perlite is that it can dry fast if you see that plants need it dryer or tend to start rotting... They also push the old leaves down with new roots - during acclimatization you should try to remove old leaves because fungus develops quickly in this humid environment! Because they were growing fine inside that cup I decided to let them in there and just fertilize them from time to time and make a little whole about 1 cm from the bottom... Yes, I'll try to self it and sow it in vitro! :-) Cheers Marc
  5. Hi there, wanted to share some news from my P. elongata - it finally flowers!!! :-) and an overview of my two plants... Who is growing this species? What method do you use?? Cheers Marc
  6. Hi Ron, as far as I know U. campbelliana exists at Ilu Tepui and one form should also be in cultivation... ;-) Looks really awesome!!! Is it the first time that U. quelchii Ilu flowers for you? Cheers Marc
  7. Hi Tobias, I would guess that 1/5-1/3 MS with vitamines should do it, but I'm also just about to find out... Sugar I would choose between 2-3% and pH 5.5-5.7... That's like the standard for most CPs I guess. If you don't get any help here I would try this... Cheers Marc
  8. Hi Vince, thanks a lot for the nice comment! I agree, it's hard to choose a favorite amoung them. The clone 4 comes from the same source as my killer 1, but it's not the long bristled one - it's a striped clone from seeds that should get quite big too... ;-) My long bristled clone (alias killer 2) is flowering atm and not really showy! Yes, as far as I know BB comes from Cerro la Luna, but this one might be hairy outside... not as pilosa, but just a slight thin indumentum! Maybe BB as that too, I don't know, because my plant just got adult (again)... But they are both slow as hell!!! How is yours looking?? Cheers Marc
  9. Hi, your wish is my command! Some Heliamphora exappendiculatas from various locations Heliamphora neblinae 'mysterious giant' My favourite ionasii Klon 1 Another one clone 4 Heliamphora minor var. pilosa Auyan giant: gettin some dark color! my second clone from Auyan is growing much slower but has a nicer shape... also some of the pulchellas are gettin darker... Churi clone Amuri hairless clone Amuri clone Z10 H. huberi Amuri H. minor Cerro la Luna (possibly hairy) H. sarracenioides 'squat' is one of my favourite Helis at the moment, but also U. mannii is flowering like crazy! Cheers Marc
  10. Something to laugh about... Why the hell is this guy writing me such a PN after about half a year!!!? Who needs pills now?!?? (Sorry for this off topic - but I can't tolerate such a rude behaviour!!!)
  11. Surface sterilisation might not be sufficient - contamination can also come from inside (also the case for some Nepenthes seeds)... ;-)
  12. Hi Tobias, I would add some detergent (0.5% Triton-X) - that breaks the surface tention! You could try to wash them first with water and then sterilze them with two EtOH concentrations (1st: 100%, 2nd: 50%) with detergent and a last "wash" with pure (or maybe better 70%) EtOH (without detergent)... Slightly vortex in between the steps and dry the pieces on a sterile filter paper would, should be worth a try... Cheers Marc
  13. Well done Aymeric! How long do you grow these four plants already? Do you have more infos about your cultivation?? Especially how you deal with the two resting phases each year!? Questions over questions... Cheers Marc
  14. I payed nothing for an old (still working) fridge - just some time to pull out the cooling unit and place it into my terrarium!
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