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  1. Thank you for your positive feedback! There are bases to respect (Hot and dry/ Hot and wet) and probably a bit of luck with plants...
  2. Nice plants Tuuagso!!! I like your hybrid N lowi x ventricosa!
  3. Hello all, I have a small collection that I wanted to share with you. So I present you my few petiolaris Sundews: D. caduca D. petiolaris D. fulva D. paradoxa D. dil. pet. D. lanata D. kennealliy x darwinensis D. broomensis D. Falconeri i hope you appreciate, Nicolas.
  4. Hello everyone, Firstly, forgive me please for the delay in replying to this post! After several weeks of negotiations CZ repaid me N. Northiana and send me D. regia and D. prolifera in better health. I didn't really understan how he wants to work and why he didn't send me healthy plants directly... I'm glad to hear that your order has gone well QG! Regards, Nicolas.
  5. I'm not the kind of guy to make a fuss! After several emails exchanded (2 or 3 after the order's reception) and after 2 weeks of waiting for an answer, I decided to alert the CPUK's members about this seller. I know this is not necessarily the case for everyone (fortunately), but I just wanted to share my frustration and what can happen with this seller.
  6. Really impressive your plants Vince! Congrats for the growing and the flowering of this Utri! I especially like the last pictures with a nice 3D!!
  7. Hello, Unfortunately I had the bad idea to pay directly on the Cz website. I'll wait and ask the seller (again) a gesture of good business sense (with attached pictures and the post's link)... I hope he will change his mind. I will keep you informed on the progress of this order.
  8. Hello, I would like you to be informed of how my last order went with czplants.com. I'm not used to complaining very much about the plants I receive usually, and always happy to praise the good service of sellers, but this time, I'm really upset and disappointed. I just want to share my frustration. I ordered for a total amount of 107.92 EUROS for the following plants : D. prolifera Adult, N. northiana 4-6 cm, D. adelae, D. regia 8-12 cm, DM. akai ryu, D. binata var. multifida f. extrema - (Evans Head), D. brevicornis and D. darwiniensis. But, what I have received is definitely smaller t
  9. I think it's Byblis liniflora but i'm not sure! Very nice photos! Thanks!!!
  10. Thank you very much for your welcome!!!
  11. Hi, This post to thank David for my order!!! Plants (Nepenthes) are in good health with good sizes. So I recommend! Cheers, Nicolas
  12. Hello everybody, My name is Nicolas. I’m 23 years old. I am currently studying Biology like plant research (Arabidopsis) at Montpellier (southern Mediterranean). I'm quite new in the CP world : I grow temperate carnivorous plants for several years like Dionaea, Sarracenia, Cephalotus... Recently I have built a terraria for lowland plants… I’ll keep you inform of terraria‘s advances. I joined this forum because it seems to be very interesting and lively… Best regards, Nicolas