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  1. They got such an astonishing collection! by the way the new species shown is n. undulatifolia which was described in 2011 :-) cheers Lukas
  2. Hey Guys, wish you all a happy new Year! I thought why not use the chance of these few days off and give you some updated Pictures. So here we go: Here's how my selected clone of capensis 'wide leaf' looks now! Take a look at that amazing root system even tough this is plain MS without any Hormones. Here's a shot of one of my B52 Cultures. I really enjoy this cultivar! rapid growth on him. Can't wait to acclimatise these one day :-) This one's my main N. Glabrata culture with five shoots. I got one more of these guys. T
  3. Hey Guys, Thanks for welcoming me to the CPUK Community, @naoki For most CP 1/3 MS will work fine for Nepenthes i prefer to use 1/4. In my opinion they grow better with it. For demonstation purpose i would recommend you to work with some dionaea seeds since they have a thick coat they're easy to sterilize. Working with explants is much more tricky in my opinion and i still have sometimes some trouble with them while sterilizing. Hormones are not always necessary for example most of the drosera species will multiply just fine even without any hormones. When working w
  4. Hello Everybody, I just signed up for this forum. I am interested in Carnivorous plants and also do a lot of tissue culturing. With this thread i wanted to give you guys an insight in my work. Hope you enjoy it. I'm sorry for the bad picture quality but i'm still working on a proper setup to get some nice pictures. Drosera Capensis 'wide leaf' a selected clone of mine with very wide leafs A seedgrown culture of Cephalotus Follicuraris Some Drosera Madagascariensis Calli A Culture of Dionaea B52 which i got from Labflytrap Dionaea cupped tr