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  1. Probably Southern Marsh orchid Dactylorhiza praetermissa (from what I can see). Clearly elongated from low light. Although I can't see all details clearly enough to be 100%. Orchid seed is like dust and can float around in the air for a very long distance. So could have come from nearby fields, or even other gardens as Dactylorhiza are not uncommon in gardens now (in which case it could be any of that group). Would have been growing there for a few years un-noticed, to have got to flowering size this year. Trev, probably not the same species as yours, as this one doesn't reall
  2. Or perhaps not. On closer inspection, you still get every post. But like you say issue not as bad. The default setting needs to be just seeing the topics. With changes possible if you want more. Not the other way round as currently.
  3. Cheers Yossu That is what I needed to know. I still think this should be the default setting, as I'm sure it's how most people want it. And you can use this without having to Log In, so useful for anyone just browsing the net. MUCH more user friendly than the current every single post setting.
  4. You need to remember that some of us are Dinosaurs, and don't have a clue how all this new stuff works and what it can and can't do, unless we are told / shown. Anything computer / internet related, seems to have change just for the sake of it. You spend nearly a year getting used to something and how it all works - then whoever, goes and changes everything and things that used to work no longer do and are now outdated. So you have to start all over again. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
  5. Completely agree with this. Seeing every single post, especially when photo's make a post really long - is a complete pain in the A### Can something be done about this, so we can see active threads and not every post! To be honest this is putting me off of even coming on here. And I don't very often now.
  6. Phil Green

    1971 advert

    Thought some of you might like to see this old advert I've just found in a comic from 1971. Anyone actually managed to train theirs with a pencil?
  7. You need to remember, Global Warming means that the planet as a whole is getting warmer. That doesn't mean that it will get warmer everywhere and by the same amount. It wasn't called British Warming Warm air holds more water, which means there is more to fall out. Like manders said - a good match to the models. On the plus side, our water butts are full. I haven't seen any moans about lack of water for plants this year.
  8. The old ones are the best. There was always a lot more truth in that show, than politicians would like to admit in public. Plenty of fodder for a new series now Any change in any situation, always makes the financial market 'get it's nickers in a twist' - they just don't like change. Things will eventually settle down. A drop in the value of the Pound, makes imports more expensive and exports cheaper, so benefitting UK manufacturers/exporters, which being as we are still in the 'free market' (for the time being) can only be good at the moment. If events lead to a fall in house p
  9. So much for that EMERGENCY BUDGET which was gonna be needed and cost us all loads of money. Osborne is NOW saying the British economy is strong and BACK TRACKING on that budget. Just one of LIES fed to us by the remain camp, now exposed! People seem not to have recognised that this was a referendum, NOT an election. Those in the 'out camp' were not being elected to run this country. They could only say things that 'COULD' be done after we leave. It is still down to the Government of the day to decide what actually does happen. If the remain camp want to remain bitter and ruin thi
  10. That just shows how little you know me - so please watch the patronising. Politicians are elected by the people. You get what you vote for. Like I said earlier, that is a very selfish form of economics, which can only end badly. But for the future generations after we are all gone (or most of us).
  11. They may be tropical, But.. We have over 40 species of ants in this country (many quite scarce). Most of us only ever see (are aware)of a few. You'd need to get this species identified to know what it is and from where.
  12. I'm actually quite proud and a little surprised, that the majority of the UK population didn't cowtow to the threats and blackmail thrown against them, by the political and financial elite. For far too long the politics of fear have dominated in this Country. Hopefully politicians will take note that this tactic failed and change how they operate in future. We now have the ability to make our own laws and spend our money on our priorities. How that plays out is down to all of us. There is now an even greater incentive for people to vote, because we now can change those people in charge.
  13. That is quite a statement - to claim that EVERYONE agrees on something. I certainly don't. The trouble is actually too many people and too many second homes. Not a lack of house building. The big trouble is that 'western' economies are geared up to ever increasing consumption. It's not enough for companies to make a profit on their trading. They have to make increased profits year on year, or they are considered failing. The 'poverty' line is constantly moved - again reflecting ever greater consumption. GREED is good, but there is something wrong with you if you don't consume va
  14. They are a direct contributor to our rapidly increasing population. Resulting in the every increasing loss of our Countryside. Adding to the pressures on our NHS, Schools, Housing, Roads (they will mostly be driving additional cars). Their children will also add even further to those same pressures and growing up in this country, they will have the same attitudes as other kids. It's also a fact most of these immigrants tend to come from countries where it is the norm to have more children than families here. We are a small Island, yet have more people per land area than many others and th
  15. Yeh, unbelievable - talk about blackmail. Vote as I tell you or I'll put your taxes up!! They must be really scared. I'm sorry, but there is no CERTANTY that our economy will be adversely affected by leaving. No one can say what the future holds. Economic forecasts are notoriously inaccurate! I really hope this blackmail tactic back fires on him. Until now, I didn't agree with him, but I had no negative feelings about him. How that has changed!