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  1. Hello, registration will close next tuesday, June, 23rd at 11.59pm. After that date we cannot accept any registrations. Please register, if you still haven't and would like to come. Regards, Christian
  2. Hello, those of you, who have already paied should have received a mail with an entry card for the botnical garden. Please check your Spam folders as well, it might have landed there. If you did not receive anything, please contact us at I would like to ask those of you who have not yet paied to send the paiement as soon as possible. If you are unsure about registering, please have the following deadlines in mind: Conference Dinner on Saturday: 10.06.2018 Plants Sale: 15.06.2018 Excursion: still about 7 places left Regards, Christian
  3. Hello, we are happy to have Kamil Pasek as a seller as well! Christian
  4. Hello, here is a list of people, that will be selling plants during the EEE (in alphetical order, Subject to changes!) Thomas Carow ( Marcus Erbacher Oliver Gluch ( Peter Harbarth Holger Hennern Gert Hoogenstrijd ( Mathias Maier ( Henry Mattner - Team More Moor ( Kamil Pasek ( Michael Pley Nicole Rebbert ( Maik Rehse Florian Sandmann ( Matthias Schönherr Günter Seiter Boddez Tony ( Ludo Verdyck Markus Welge Nicky Westphal David Winderickx Andreas Wistuba ( In case i missed one of your homepages, please let me know! Regards, Christian
  5. Hello, i am happy to let you know the lectures for friday and saturday. I hope to fix the missing ones for sunday soon and will of course let you know as soon as possible. Friday 15.15 - 16.15: Aymeric Roccia - Phylogeny of the Genus Pinguicula Friday 16.30 - 17.30: Mateusz Wrazidlo - Exploring the carnivorous flora of the Lost Worlds of Venezuela Saturday 10.00 - 11.00: Dr. Miroslav Srba - Half way to understanding the genetic background of fenestration in Sarracenia Saturday 11.15 - 12.15: Dr. Simon Poppinga - New insights into the ultrafast traps of Utricularia and Aldrovanda Saturday 15.15 - 16.15: Dr. Jan Schlauer - The Quinones of Arachnopus – Chemical Taxonomy of the ‚Indian‘ Sundews Saturday 16.30 - 17.30: Dr. Andreas Fleischmann - Sticky carnivorous plants and their inhabitants: mutualists, kleptoparasites and herbivores Sunday 13.30 - 14.30: t.b.a Sunday 14.45 - 15.45: t.b.a Many thanks to everyone who already registered. At this moment we have 62 registrations in total There are still places left for everything! Regards, Christian
  6. Hi Yaron, i got your registration and if you have already paied everything will be fine :) Sorry, i should have mentioned the proecdure. We will check at least once a week the payments and will sent out confirmation Emails thereafter. So, please allow us some time to check and get back to you after your registration. You will then receive a binding "booking confirmation", so you can be sure, that everything is in order. The actual tickets will be sent out 2-3 weeks before the EEE via Mail. Regards, Christian
  7. Hello, we have been busy in the last weeks with organizing the coming in EEE. We are happy to tell you, that you can register from now on. Here are some more informations about it: We have added some more pages to the section about the EEE on the homepage of the German carnivorous plants society ( There is a section called "EEE" on the menu on top. There you can find the following information: Program : Excursion : Lectures : List of hotels : The lectures are not yet complete and will be added soon. There may also be some changes in the times of the lectures. We are working on getting this ready and hope to be able to add it in a week or two. Registration for the EEE is 10€. If you want to go to the dinner, this will be 35€ (drinks extra), the trip to the Wahner Heide on Sunday will be 10€. You can pay either by PayPal or direct bank transfer. Whenever possible, please transfer the money to our bank account, as this is a bit easier for us. Attention: the entrance into the botanical garden won't be free with your membership card! Only those who register for the EEE will get free entrance into the botanical gardens for the time of the EEE. the annual general meeting of the GFP will take place at the lecture room in the Nussallee. That's not inside the botanical garden, so every GFP-Member can go there for free. the registration for the dinner on Saturday ends on June, 10th 2018!! only 55 people can participate on the trip to the Wahner Heide. This will be strictly first come, first served. Participation on one of the dinners (Friday or Saturday) or the excursion is only possible if you register for the EEE If you want to sell plants, just click the option in the registration form. You will than receive further information from us. You can register by clicking on the following link: Registration If you have any question, please let us know by sending an email to Regards, Christian, Alexander und Marcus
  8. Hello, i am happy to let you know, that we have put a section about the EEE online. You can find it on the homepage of our society: Homepage of the GFP There is an item called "EEE" where you can find some information about the EEE: So far there is a list of Hotels in Bonn as well as the programm online. We will hopefully update the lectures soon. We also hope to be able to start with the registration in some weeks. More information will follow. If there are any changes i will let you know via this thread. Regards, Christian
  9. Hello Dennis, we are still working on some details and hope to be able to give some more detailed information in 3-4 weeks. What i can already say is, that the conference will start on Friday afternoon with lectures and a dinner at the evening. We will have the plants sales on saturday and sunday as well as lectures on both days. The conference will finish on sunday afternoon. On Saturday there will be a conference dinner. Christian
  10. „Karnivoren 2018“ The new GFP-Calendar with more than 50 pictures Dear all, the new carnivorous plants calendar of the GFP will soon be ready to be shipped. You can now order your copies. The calendar contains more than 50 pictures. You will find a detailed description for each picture on the rear site of the cover. It has a wire-O-binding to hang it on the wall, and a transparent plastic cover right in the front. The calendar is in landscape format (44 x 32cm). It contains all German nationwide holidays. As we had a great response last year we now increased the number of copies to 250. We would be really happy if we could sell them all again! Please do not hesitate too long and order your copy very soon to make sure you get one. The procedure is the same as last year People from Germany should use the online formular. Just click here, fill out everything and send us your data. Please order your copy by mail. Please send an Email to Benedikt Schmitt to order your copies: bestellservice[at]carnivoren[dot]org The price for one copy will be 15€ + shipping. Costs for shipping: Inside Germany: one calendar: 5,80€, more than one: 7,99€ Outside Germany: each calendar 8€. Please ask for shipping if you want to order more than one as the prices vary greatly depending on the country you are living in. We would like to thank everyone who has given us permission to use the pictures. Such a project would not be possible without your pictures! Also, we would like to thank everyone who ordered our calendars in the past. It is very important to see that there is an interest in them. You keep the project alive by believing in our work and therefore maintaining interest in the calendar. Just imagine, that's the 11th birthday of our GFP calendar. That's huge! Many thanks!!! Kind Regards, Benedikt, Sandra and Christian
  11. As announced yesterday at the end of the EEE in Leiden, the next EEE will take place in Bonn, Germany. The Botanical Garden of Bonn and the german carnivorous plants society is looking forward to seeing you all in Bonn next year. The date for the meeting will be: Fr. 29.06.2018 - Su. 01.07.2018 More information will follow, for now please just save the date. Please feel free to share the dates in your local carnivorous plants societies! Regards, Christian
  12. Hello, here are some of my pictures from this great event! Christian
  13. Christian

    Carnivorous plants in Brazil

    that's it. I hope, it's not too much at once :) Regards, Christian
  14. Christian

    Carnivorous plants in Brazil

    Drosera spiralis: