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  1. Wiser

    Winter pitchers

    Hi Tropicat, & thanks! You should be able to find details of my growing conditions in a couple of previous posts, but they are basically: 12C min temp, humidity min 70%, artificial lights for 5 hrs a day in winter and rainwater only. I grow all my plants in 100% sphagnum moss. Of course, some species like these conditions more than others.
  2. Wiser

    Winter pitchers

    Thank you! The spectabilis is from Borneo Exotics; I only know it as their 'giant' form.
  3. Hello everyone, A few pictures of pitchers that have developed over the winter months: N. macrophylla N. edwardsiana: N. peltata N. lowii & N. xtrusmadiensis N. jacquelineae N. spectabilis N. platychila N. mikei N. ephippiata Looking forward to the Spring!! Wiser
  4. Wiser

    Summer pitchers

    I only show the good ones! I have my fair share of problems and frustrations, I can assure you. Humidity is easy - I have one hydrofogger on a timer adding moisture every 2 hours during the day, and another set at 70%; humidity is usually well above this level. Keeping the temperature down in the summer is my biggest problem: I suspect heat-stress is responsible for a lot of the issues I've had over the years. The hydrofoggers help to some extent, but this year I'm taking the easy way out and doubling up on the shade netting over the greenhouse. In the winter, of course, I am reliant on heaters and no power cuts! Wiser
  5. Wiser

    Summer pitchers

    and this Summer's lowii...... Wiser
  6. Wiser


    This is my first foray onto this part of the Forum. I began experimenting with Bulbophyllums about 18 months ago, to accompany my Nepenthes collection in their new greenhouse; it seemed that they might appreciate the high humidity and summer heat more than many orchids. Keeping them sufficiently well shaded has been the main challenge. Here are some of the results: B. flabellum-veneris: B. frostii B. echinolabium B. arfakianum B. wendlandianum B. grandiflorum B. nymphopolitanum B. propinquum B. rothschildianum B. makoyanum B. lobbii Thanks for looking! Wiser
  7. Wiser

    Summer pitchers

    Thank you! A couple more to show you: N. rajah: N. trusmadiensis:
  8. Wiser

    Summer pitchers

    Thank you! It is Wistuba's 'Ivory coloured form'.
  9. Wiser

    Summer pitchers

    Very few, other than very tiny flies that N.inermis seems to be very good at catching. I'm more concerned about keeping pests out, so I have double door entry, no windows that open and vents covered with shade netting.
  10. Hello everyone; a few pictures of some of this Summer's crop: N. burbidgeae N. flava N. platychila N. pitopangii N. inermis N. sibuyanensis - upper and lower N. macrophylla (basal growth) N. jamban and a group photo Wiser
  11. Wiser

    Xmas pitchers

    Hi lilacina, The klossii is a Borneo Exotics specimen. Difficult to answer your question about xtrusmadiensis: the plant in the picture is the product of a basal cutting I took from the parent plant about 7 years ago - but it was a big basal cutting. Some species/hybrids grow well for me - xtrusmadiensis is one of them - others don't. I wish you luck with yours! Wiser
  12. Wiser

    Xmas pitchers

    Hi. Actually, I'm not sure. It was quite a large plant when I acquired it in 2014. After sulking for a while it started growing quite vigorously and now has a leaf span of 2ft.
  13. Wiser

    Xmas pitchers

    Hello! Yes it is the Candy Stripe variety. If memory serves me correctly, it came from Chrisitan Klein.
  14. Wiser

    Xmas pitchers

    Hi everyone, The weather outside is frightful - but at least it's mild. Good for the heating bill. Here are a few winter pitchers: N.macrophylla N. trusmadiensis: N. aristo: N. klossii: N. peltata: N. veitchii (1): N. veitchii (2): Wishing you good growing in 2016! Wiser
  15. Hello everyone, Too much sun and too little rain in this part of the UK, but here's a selection of this Summer's crop: N. robcantleyi: N. jamban N. rajah: N. peltata: N. burbidgeae: N. truncata x ephippiata: N. inermis: N. sibuyanensis (and N. sanguinea) N. truncata: N. spathulata x hamata: N. hamata: and N. lowii (just opened): Hope you enjoy! Wiser